Paperclipping 258 – Organization for Making and Using Kits


A Season of Scraproom Organization Videos:

Do you love content about organizing for scrapbooking?

What about scraproom video tours?

Whenever I watch videos of people’s scraprooms I always wish I could look in the drawers and containers and see how it all works, down to the little details.

I want to see them use their space and know how it helps the actual process of scrapbooking.

Doesn’t this sound like a dream?

No single video really has time for that kind of detail.

Plus, a good quality video with that kind of detail is not easy to shoot.

It requires a level of expertise…

Wait!…expertise that the producers of Paperclipping have.

Yeah, that’s right.

We are starting a season of videos that combine scraproom tours with organization help and a view of the process of using the organized space for easier, faster, and more inspired scrapbooking.

scraproom 4

My room is not quite ready for a general overview tour.

When we do that video, we will share it for free for anyone to see.

All the rest — the ones that really dig into the drawers and containers and the process — will be Paperclipping Member videos.

In fact, the first one is already waiting for you!

We added it to the Member’s Area on Saturday.

We’ll continue to add two more every month and, for this season, with a special focus on up-close and
extra-personal organization and process.

I cannot wait for you to watch the first one.

Click here to learn about a Paperclipping Membership so you can see all the videos and be a part of the detailed tours of my scraproom.

scraproom (1)
Shine On,

  • Becky Gotch

    Great to see how you organize your stash to make the kits up. It has made me want to go and reorganize my stash! I wouldn’t do it exactly the same as you as I don’t have themed albums, but I like the idea of looking through my stash and pulling pieces together to make kits up. I think I would just have loose themes like summer, vacations, spring, etc which would work for me. Great video :)

  • Yes, that is what I started out doing before it occurred to me to match them to my story albums. I liked it. :)

  • Cyndy Blewett Recker

    Love this!! I love organizing and looking at people’s scrapping spaces. Very excited for your new “season”. So excited to start making little kits for my story albums.

  • Scrapana

    So very inspired Noell! Thank you!

  • Yay! :)

  • Awesome! Thank you. :)

  • Cara

    You are so organised!!!! Great video, as usual, thanks.

  • Inkfanatic

    Hi Noell & Izzy :D
    First, I have to say that I always really enjoy watching the video’s you two produce. Such high quality, very professional, and really I find myself smiling while I’m watching them. So they are a joy to watch :D
    Next, THANK YOU Noell, for introducing this idea to me. I always find myself reorganizing, and purging, and generally haven’t found the right system that would work for me, to corral my supplies. That said…I did comment on your ’30 second scraproom’ challenge (issued prior to the episode)…because, in general, the things I find I use the most, are easily within my reach. So I guess what I’m doing now, works in a way. But I don’t ‘feel’ like it’s properly organized. I think it’s just not organized in a way that works for how I scrap.
    NOW, after seeing you demonstrate how you organize & use your kits, and work on your Story Albums, I feel like this is for me! It just never really dawned on me, that I tend to scrap much in the same way. I feel like I could go through my supplies now, and put what I would tend to use together, in the same drawer/folder/kit, and this will not only motivate me to get more pages done & stories told, but in a quicker way, without feeling rushed. I like to take my time, and it will allow me to spend more time creating, rather than sorting through and deciding what I want to use on what.
    LIGHTBULB moment, JEESH!!! (ha ha)
    So, HUGE Thanks!! I’m sooooo excited now to get to it!