Paperclipping 163 – Layer and Texture with Color

I’m excited to share some art and color techniques that you can use to add depth and sophistication to your scrapbook, mini-book, and art journal projects! Please click on the trailer above to see a preview of this week’s episode of Paperclipping. You can also download it if you prefer.

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Below are the photos of the mini-book I made to demonstrate these color techniques…


Kiss 1

Kiss 9

Kiss 2

Kiss 3

Kiss 4

Kiss 5

Kiss 6

Kiss 7

Kiss 8

Kiss 10< Supplies
Caged Bird Die Cut by Tim Holtz
Chain Link from Tim Holtz Idea-ology
Metal Word Sticks from Tim Holtz Idea-ology
Distress Inks – Old Paper * Barn Door * Aged Mahogany * Walnut Stain
Heart Wings Die Cut by Tim Holtz
Stickles – Christmas Red (for the heart)
Glossy Accents
Metal Adornment Charms by Tim Holtz Idea-ology
Making Memories Shimmer Alphabet Stickers in Metallique and Sienne.

(Links lead to my affiliate store. I make a small commission if you purchase something after clicking on a link. Thank you!)

Kiss Paint Cloeup

Want to know how to get richly layered colors and textures with your paints, inks, and color mists? Get your Paperclipping Membership to get the video now!

Kiss Texture Closeup

  • Javajen1

    This is an awesome mini book!! I love everything about your book! This inspires me to make my own! Thanks for all you do, Noell!!

  • Thank you! I appreciate hearing that! :)

  • Scrappinshonie

    I love love love this mini book. I’ve been trying to think of what to include in a mini book for my hubby and this totally inspired me! Thanks! :)

  • Yay! Thank you!

  • It’s time to get messy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
    Well, not now, it’s 11.15pm, but sure during the weekend hehehe

  • This is so sweet Noell. It sounds like Izzy is quite the guy! I LOVE your book. All the layers and the little windows are awesome as well as the cool Tim Holtz products you used! The video was very informative…I have never tried any of those paint techniques. Thanks Noell!

  • Iceteeeeee

    As always, you inspire me! Thanks for the great technique ideas. I love how your book turned out.

  • KikiK

    Interesting!!! Love your mini book! I wanted to ask a question. I went back to episode 106 just to make sure if you mention it already but no… So… here is my question… which white and black (but especially white) do you prefer? titanium/zinc/something else white, mars/ivory/something else black or it doesn’t really matter? Thank you in advance!!!

  • Thanks, Jenn. Yes, Izzy is amazing!

    The paint techniques are ones I’ve acquired in my own experiments! Have fun!

  • Hi, Kiki! While I have specifics of other colors I prefer, I don’t remember
    ever looking for anything specific with white or black. I’m not home to see
    which I have now or I would check for you. I would just get whichever looks
    purest to my own eye. ???

  • How, totally, cool! LOVE your “LUV” album! =)

    Also, was catching up on the PRT show today and it occurred to me to share a show with you (you may already know of it, but just in case)… It’s call CraftCast (and is an iPhone app/podcast series) with Alison Lee (here’s her web link:

    I’ve been a listener for awhile and love the show — she’s just a hoot! Plus, her guests are so inspirational (and talk about a lot of cool stuff related to the craft industry — cool stuff that we can bring into scrapbooking — especially, if we’re creative, like you are, Noell)! Your mention of Copic markers made me think of this.

    Also, one last thing… Have you seen this? Yup. It’s a Moleskine, but check out the size. I heard of it from Misty Mawn (in a class I took from her recently) and she uses one for her art journaling. Oo-la-la! I’ve ordered one, too — can’t wait to get some acrylic in mine! Anyway, though you may be interested, too.

    Well, I’ve been listening all afternoon as I paint and I feel like I just want to give you a big HUG — ’cause it was sort of like being in the same room talking with friends (it’s always like that — it’s why I’m such a huge fan of the show, too). So, HUG!

    Take care!

    – Liz

  • Totally, Liz — I’m interested in checking out both! Thank you for the tips!

    And hugs back to you. Someday we’re going to meet in person and it’ll be so

  • Carmenchernandez

    Thank you so much you have made me want to pull out all those paints I bought years ago but never use!!! Now I can mix my perfect color background I can’t find at stores.

    Also thank you so much for your other mini book “class” it really helped me see how you design and your thought process.

  • Donna

    Love your mini book. It is very sweet

  • Eniko DeLisle

    Really clever and fun to look at…great ideas & designs!