Paperclipping 145 – Gather Your Old Products

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In this new members-only edition of Paperclipping, you’ll see several different ways to gather up and use old products in creative ways.

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Below are the layouts I featured in today’s episode…

PB & J

12×12 layout
Journaling reads: 3 yrs old – July 19, 06

Aiden, you are showing me that you’re growing up. Yesterday you wanted to help me make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Someone stopped by so I left the kitchen before it was done so I could visit with our guest for a few minutes. When I came back, there you were with an entire sandwich in your mouth. You stopped eating to announce, “I can do it myself!”

And you sure did! Peanut butter on half the bread. No jelly. I even asked if you wanted jelly and you said, “Nope!” with such confidence.

“Is it good?” I asked. “Yep!” you announced. And you ate it like it was the best sandwich you’ve ever had. I was so proud of my little 3-year-old boy.

Today when I was about to pour your soy milk into a cup you made the same announcement, “I can do it myself!”

. . . And you did.

Note: I use a combination of new and old products. Here are the ones I was able to find still available online:

  • bouncy ball paper
  • vinyl Thickers These vinyl ones are goopy and don’t stick well but they look awesome if you glue them with a good adhesive. Just beware!
  • The white flocked polka dot paper is a favorite of mine but it seems to be sold or clearanced out. I found this brown sheet available and on sale. I’ve also used and loved this black flocked damask paper for a formal look and for Halloween.

* * *

T Is For Trinity

12×12 layout
Journaling reads:
A conversation with Aiden, age 5…

a: Mom, I want a “T” on my forehead.

(after hearing him mumble, “Trinity . . . Trinity . . .” I made a guess)
m: You want a “T” on your forehead for “Trinity?”

a: Mmm-hmm.

m: T for Trinity? Because you love her?

a: Yep. I love her.

* * *

Silly Random Thoughts

12×12 layout
Journaling from four different occassions: Aiden – ages 3 and 4
1)”I know what kiwis are made of. Salty, juicy pineapples. With hair all over it.”

2) August 2006 –
Me: Tomorrow I’m getting you a new carseat.
Aiden: A booster seat?
Me: Yes!
Aiden: So it can make me fly?

3) When you want a vitamin you ask for, “That thing that is kinda like medicine and kinda like candy.” (Aug. 2007)

4) Aug. 2007
Aiden: Look! I wrote, “Yoga!”
(shows me scribbles on his spaceship)

Me: Do you mean “Yoda?” Like from Starwars?

Aiden: No. YOGA.

Me: You mean the exercise I do?

Aiden: Yes. It’s your job.

Here is a pink version of my stamp die cut paper, and here’s a blue one with a different pattern.

* * *


12×12 layoutt
Journaling reads: The over-sized set at Grandma Gertrude’s retirement home inspired your imagination, which we can see by your pursed lips, surely meaning something big is happening in your inner world of kings and queens.

Type charms

The first layout I shared in this week’s tutorial was featured in Papercipping 120 – Circular Anchor Flexible Template. You can see the photo of that layout by clicking the link and scrolling down.

* * *

I’m excited to see what old products you’ll give new life after watching this week’s episode!

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  • allisonLP

    Another awsome tutorial! Love the examples. I always buy multiple packs of letters because I don't want to run out, but now I'm not afraid to run out, since I'll still have use for the left overs!


  • Robin W.

    Great inspiration! You made me want to dig out some old supplies. I kept thinking, 'why didn't I think of that', as I was watching your video, but I never do. :) Thank you!

  • Hey, Allison, I def. recommend buying multiple packs. Two packs more than
    doubles your ability to use them, in my opinion. I always regret it when I
    only get one — at least with classic fonts and colors that match

    But yeah…no more worries about all that waste, right?

  • deanna_munger

    Hi Noell! I'm so happy I'm a member now :) I'm really happy with getting to watch all the tutorials.

    Last night I got to check out the Live show – it usually falls during family time but our schedule was different last night. It was fun! I tried to leave a comment on the show but I don't think I found the right place. So, I'll leave it here.

    I have been using the Dewdrop Chalk and Metallic inks to ink the edges of things. I like it because it's a softer surface than regular ink pads and you don't need an additional tool – you just ink straight from the inkpad. I have been thinking about branching out into Distress Inks though and would love to know if you think the look is different. Here's an example of a Chalk inked edge (the tag closeup shows what all the cards look like close up).

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  • Great layouts. Pulling out those older stashes can be such a boost to your creativity!

  • I LOVE the Silly, Random Thoughts layout. ADORABLE!

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