Paperclipping 144 – How To Mix Styles

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Below are the projects I shared in today’s episode…

Electronic Love Letters

The journaled introduction to this book: In Nobember 2006, as some of us prepared to take a trip to K.C. for Christmas, there was a a sudden jump in emails between us — Buckland siblings and spouses and our parents. With most of us spread out across the country, many of thee sometimes funny and sometimes emotionally supportive emails became a fun way for us to reminisce, become re-acquainted, and to remain tied together as friends and siblings.

These are some of my favorite of the sillier and playful emails. Much love to my parents and siblings.
A note on the supplies: I assembled the main pages and embellishments on this album about two years ago I think. I only finally added the photos and emails (on white cardstock) last Saturday. I’m so sorry that most of these products are no longer available. I can tell you that the two aqua-green inserts at the very beginning and end of the book are product packaging from Prima and are current.

It’s All About The Details

12×12 layout
You can read the journaing for this layout in the article in which I originally posted it.


What are your favorite styles? I think mine are probably vintage (although I never do a pure version of vintage) and an “artsy” style (which can be broadly defined). I would love to hear which styles you would love to mix into one project and whether you’ve attempted before! Please share by leaving a comment.

  • Great episode!

    My style? I'm still looking for it :)
    Lately, I've realized that I tend to use graphic style, I mean squares, grids, etc, although I try to soften it a little bit with my corner rounders, flower/flourishes, etc

  • mjgreer

    I am a member and I can't get this episode to download in itunes, anyone else have this problem?

  • Are you actually seeing the title of the episode? Sometimes iTunes hiccups
    for me and I have to click around and then hit refresh. Try clicking on
    another of our episodes and then hit refresh. That's how I got it to work
    download an episode of another show I listen to when it wasn't just pulling
    it up for me. Also, you can try shutting iTunes down and then opening it
    back up again. Let us know if that works for you or not.

  • mjgreer

    It shows up and it downloads for 5 minutes or so but then it tells me that there was an error and something about a possible corrupt file. I have restarted itunes and my pc but get the same results after trying to download 6 times this morning. I was hoping it was not just me :) Is there another way for me to view this episode?

  • KikiK

    For me it downloads 89mb and when I see the feed is still gray with an “!” icon which means hasn't downloaded (I searched my hd too; isn't there) Tried the restart but didn't work. I downloaded it from the members area but I haven't got it in itunes yet.

  • KikiK

    Great episode! very usefull, food for thought I could say…
    I don't have a particular style (I think!) It all depends in the mood and on the subject/story… I could say shabby chic, artsy, journalistic (although I don't share those layouts online…) or anything goes

  • Okay, thanks to both you and Kiki on this. Izzy is looking into it. Sorry
    for all the hassle and thank you for trying so hard!!!

  • BTW, you can watch the hd (high def) version here:

    Just scroll down until you find the list of episodes and click on the hd
    link to the right (the sd version is broken but we'll get it fixed).

  • allisonLP

    It won't download in iTunes for me either – i've tried everything. it looks like it's downloading then when it looks like it's done, it didn't download at all. An exclamation sign shows up next to the episode saying the file is corrupted or a file type that iTunes cannot play.

  • KikiK

    you're welcome :)
    today it downloaded perfectly (and quickly!)
    a note: other times at the normal feed when you released a members only episode there was a trailer. note for this one. thought you wanted to know…

  • KikiK

    a note: other times at the normal feed when you released a members only episode there was a trailer. not for this one. thought you wanted to know..

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  • I LOVE your use of cardboard with stuff over it! Such a great way to add texture and subtle background focus.

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