PRT122 – You Can’t Tell Me What to Do

This week we’re talking about using non-scrapbooking items in our scrapbooks… Come listen!

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The Panel


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  • Hey Paperclippers:

    1. Use Chipboard Packaging as the Base of a Mini Book: I made a mini book album out of beer cartons a million years ago; well maybe 5 or 6 years ago; since then my husband actually stopped drinking altogether but we all still love this album. We put it up on youtube and its had something like 40 thousand hits. (with mixed reviews). Here’s a link: P.S. That same cropodile still works and my husband borrowed it and left it OUTSIDE for 3 months and it still works!


    3. I have a scrapbook crush on Jana – I listened to some of her interviews on Get It Scrapped’s Masterful Scrapbook Design.

    4. I took a class at Donna Downey’s inspired event where we made a mini book from Home Depot stuff. Jennifer Stewart taught it I think; she is fun & would make a good PRT guest btw.


  • robbieandmelissa

    From Melissa Gross
    Great episode! I have to admit that I’ve never really associated the hardware store with scrapbooking, even though my husband and I are fairly handy around the house (we recently remodeled our laundry room, laid ceramic tile, painted the walls, installed new baseboards, light fixture & shelving, etc). Home improvement projects of any size always seem to require at least 5 to 10 trips to Lowes, and now I’ll be noticing items to use in my scrapping! Of course, first I just need to thumb through the workbench in the garage, which should yield lots of fun new supplies.

    One group of items that I use frequently is office supplies – paperclips, binder clips, staples, file folder labels, hole reinforcers, index cards, post-it notes. During a major office supply organization/clean-out last year, I created two layouts that I blogged about here ( and here (

    I’m totally bummed that I did not get one of those little accordian books in with my Kindle, which I received as a birthday gift last week!

    I agree that getting family members involved can result in some great additions to your supplies – my husband came into my craft room one day holding a little white mesh bag and said “Do you want this for your scrapbooking? It doesn’t have an onion-y smell.” He was cooking supper and had just emptied the bag of pearl onions . . . and he wanted know if I could use it before he threw it out. Just gotta love a man who can see scrapbooking potential in an onion bag!

  • Jana_NJ

    That mini was interesting ! I believe we can create mini albums from almost everything.Thanks for the sweet comment.

  • I love that you came upon the idea to use these office supplies while you were decluttering, and then you got to work on the layout right away. That sounds like the way to do it!

  • Mary L.

    This is unrelated to this particular episode, but I wanted to be sure that you saw this news story in case PRT continues to reference “Imagine” in future episodes:

    I’ve been thinking all day about how this affects my feelings about the discussion and the book–I still think there is much good and thought provoking stuff there, but it certainly calls his “research” into question. And I was quite persuaded, as was Izzy it seems and I’m sure many others, by Mr. Lehrer’s resume and (now former) employer. No more physical copies are shipping and the e-book will no longer be available. I have always admired what I perceive to be your and Izzy’s creative integrity and at the very least Mr. Lehrer does not does not deserve your continued promotion of this now questionable book.

  • Leslie Williams

    The news does make me question the validity of the entire book… I wonder what else besides Dylan quotes were fabricated. What do you guys think? Do you think the book still has the same value as before?

  • I think it MIGHT hold the same value for me – it all depends on whether the science and research is right. My opinion is that most of it at the very least is probably valid (not faked), just because of everything else I’ve learned about creativity. I hope to see that people will look into the other claims so we can know if/how much is accurate. I also want to look in my book and see how much citation he has.
    I expect there has always been dishonesty in writing but now the world is in a good position to identify the lies.

  • lilkoala3- leslie

    Very good point about being able to identify dishonesty more easily.

  • Alissa

    This episode inspired me last night to use some scraps for a layout. I had a piece of paper that was a little bigger than 81/2 x 11 but it had that barcode/title white strip in order to be the right size, but I creatively figured out how to cover it up and used some more scraps. I know I wouldn’t not have thought of this paper in this way before hearing Jana talk about using scraps. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Also, I am terribly disappointed in the other post about Jonah Lehrer regarding the faked quotes in “Imagine.” I think the science is sound, but the entire thing calls into question his integrity. I still loved the whole discussion and read along though that you did.

  • Jana_NJ

    Way to go Alissa

  • Cindy_deRosier

    About a second before Izzy said something, I thought to myself “I think Noell has said that she doesn’t like people telling her what to do in every single episode of the Roundtable!” I totally cracked up when Izzy read my mind. :)

  • Jersey Girl Anne

    I really enjoyed the guests you had on this episode. Although I enjoy the “more popular” guests you have ,it was fun to get to know some new gals and their in put on scrapbooking. There were some great points made by several of your guests and I need to stop buying so much stuff and use what I already have. Thanks for these great shows!!!!