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Organization Solution: How to Use Supplies that Never Seem to Go Away

We all have a certain supply type (or two) that taunts us whenever we come across it.

It was the supply we thought we’d never have enough of…Until that time came that we very much did have enough of it because suddenly there was a new kid in town, and we definitely could not get enough of that new supply.

So what is your old scrapbook supply that never seems to go away?

Mine was hot circa 2005 and fills two jars: ribbon.
ribbons_post 3

My Organization Theory: Move It to Use It

I discovered this truth after having changed my supply setup a number of times.

When supplies get stale and lose their enticement there is a simple way to make it attractive again: Re-categorize it.

In other words, Store it with new companions that help you to see your supply differently.

Let me show you what I mean…

In 2005 or so, ribbon was hot. So I stored it as, “RIBBON” in ribbon jars because at that time, whenever I made a page I thought, “I need some ribbon on this page!”

ribbons_post 4

But now it’s 2015. I never think, “I need ribbon!” anymore. More like, enamel dots.

I’ve been looking past and around these two jars of ribbon, no longer even noticing that they’re there.

You see how quickly an organized space can become unhelpful to us? As our interest in products change, so must the way we organize them if we want to keep them relevant and helpful in how we create.

It no longer makes sense for me to store my ribbon as “RIBBON.”

Above: A drawer for embellishments I do think of whenever I scrapbook. At this time, enamel dots, decorative tapes, and sequins work great when organized by what they are because I think of them that way. When the time comes that I no longer automatically think of them, I will move them to a new spot that make them easier to use again.

If I re-categorize and move my ribbon to a place where I’m going to easily see how it will help me on a page, then I will actually use it again.

Here’s how I moved my ribbon today so that I will better use it agin…

The Most Awesome Way to Find Supplies Ever

I funnel my scrapbook supplies into kits that I make for my various album stories and themes, and I store them in a way that is easy and exciting to use them. But you could also do this with kits you purchase from kit clubs.

I have now dispersed all my ribbons among my various kits…

ribbons_post 2
Above: Kit embellishments drawers for the ballet stories (left) and for relationship stories (right).

When I decide to do a ballet layout for Trinity, for example, soft rosette ribbon that I once ignored will call to me from the ballet kit.

Because I re-categorized and moved my ribbon, it no longer matters that I never think of using it. I’ll run into ribbon every time I scrapbook now, and because it’s with other supplies it matches, it’s easy for me to see how I can use it up.

ribbons_post 1
Above: Kit embellishments drawers for stories about myself (left), stories about my boys (middle) and stories from my life in the Philippines (right).

Organization isn’t just about making the room look tidy. It should help you to better use your supplies and your space, and facilitate your crafting.

What is your lingering supply you forget you have, and never use? How can you store it in a new way that is more likely to help you use it?

PRT240 – The Importance of Memory Keeping

This week we’re talking about how important memory keeping is…

The Panelists

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Paperclipping 259 – Organization for Stamp-Related Supplies

stamping 5

In this today’s episode I show you how I organize all of my supplies related to stamping — including specialty papers, embossing supplies, Perfect Pearls, Stickles, and much, much more.

You’ll also see how this assists in my process as I scrapbook a layout from these supplies.


Come away with three big general organization concepts that will benefit anyone, and lot of specific organization ideas for supplies you might have.

The video is available now in the Member’s Area and on iTunes for Members only.

Not a member? Why the heck not? ;)

Check out membership information here.

stamping 4

Shine On,

Update: The Loss in My Family Last Week

In case you didn’t hear the message Izzy left on the Paperclipping Roundtable…my family had some very sad news last Wednesday. My dad fell asleep while he was driving and passed away after rolling off the highway and flipping his car. Fortunately, no one else was involved or hurt.

I have had great comfort and peace throughout this shock as my siblings and I have been poring over a lifetime of photos and wonderful memories that our dad gave to us. (I’m the one on the far left, below…)

Noell, Erin, Ted,  Chad 1976

Because of our focus on memory-keeping through photography and video, Izzy and I had a lot we were able to share with my family, and we will be forever grateful that our memory-keeping hobbies had motivated us to capture so much.

I’ve also felt much comfort from friends, family, and people we don’t necessarily know ourselves, but who know us. Encouragement and condolences from Paperclipping Members and listeners have touched my heart. Thank you for your thoughts and best wishes.

How This Affects Paperclipping Members and Roundtable Listeners

So here is how this affects you, my dear devoted listeners and Members, as I have been away from home to be with my mother and siblings, to prepare for the funeral, and to help my mom get this new phase of her life in order…

The Paperclipping Roundtable – Izzy and I plan to do a special Roundtable episode next week. It will just be us, and it will be shorter than usual. In that episode I want to share what I learned and observed regarding memory-keeping since my Dad passed away.

The Member Videos – In all the years we have run the membership, we have never been late on our two videos per month. That is going to happen for the first time this month of February. Please accept my deepest apologies. We were scheduled to start shooting the first of the two videos on the day of my dad’s accident.

Everything is already set up and ready for that episode, so we will start shooting in the next couple of days, but one or both February videos will be late.

If your membership expired between February 18th and Feb. 28th, Izzy has already extended your membership for an additional month so that you will get your videos. He changed each one manually — so he was our hero this month!

Much appreciation for your patience while you wait. Please click here if you’ve been needing to renew, click Add/Renew Subscriptions, and in the drop-down menu choose Paperclipping 1-year renewal for $28.

I also have an article that I had ready to publish to the blog last Thursday. I will publish that this coming week instead. If you have a problem supply that is older and you can’t seem to use it up, you will enjoy seeing this organization-based solution that I will share.

And one last thought before I go —

In 2007 I wrote an article on capturing the relationship in your family. I kept thinking about it during my time with my family. It was the beginning of a change in perspective in how I shoot photos of people. Eight years later, my perspective on this has grown, and I look forward to sharing more on this in the future.

Grandpa is becoming acquainted with Aiden's complete charm.


I appreciate all of your support and kindness through this painful time.

Shine On,


PRT Announcement

Unfortunately, we won’t be producing a show this week. Noell’s father passed away and she’s visiting her family to help with the funeral and other things.

We’ll be back on our regular schedule as soon as possible (very soon!).

All the best,

P.S.> Thanks for all the kind words you’ve been posting on the site and in the forums. We really appreciate it.

PRT239 – Every Bit of Them

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PRT238 – Yellow School Bus

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No Roundtable Episode This Week – Technical Difficulties

Technical difficulties prevented us from being able to record the show this week.

We apologize if you’ve been hitting the refresh button on your iTunes account. We had the show and the guests all ready, but a temporary bandwidth problem prevented the guests voices from coming through. We will be back on our regular schedule next week!

Thank you for your patience.

Paperclipping 258 – Organization for Making and Using Kits


A Season of Scraproom Organization Videos:

Do you love content about organizing for scrapbooking?

What about scraproom video tours?

Whenever I watch videos of people’s scraprooms I always wish I could look in the drawers and containers and see how it all works, down to the little details.

I want to see them use their space and know how it helps the actual process of scrapbooking.

Doesn’t this sound like a dream?

No single video really has time for that kind of detail.

Plus, a good quality video with that kind of detail is not easy to shoot.

It requires a level of expertise…

Wait!…expertise that the producers of Paperclipping have.

Yeah, that’s right.

We are starting a season of videos that combine scraproom tours with organization help and a view of the process of using the organized space for easier, faster, and more inspired scrapbooking.

scraproom 4

My room is not quite ready for a general overview tour.

When we do that video, we will share it for free for anyone to see.

All the rest — the ones that really dig into the drawers and containers and the process — will be Paperclipping Member videos.

In fact, the first one is already waiting for you!

We added it to the Member’s Area on Saturday.

We’ll continue to add two more every month and, for this season, with a special focus on up-close and
extra-personal organization and process.

I cannot wait for you to watch the first one.

Click here to learn about a Paperclipping Membership so you can see all the videos and be a part of the detailed tours of my scraproom.

scraproom (1)
Shine On,

PRT237 – The 30 Second Scrap Room

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