Organizing Cutting Supplies – Paperclipping 262

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What is your biggest challenge when it comes to cutting supplies and organization?

For a lot of people, it’s how to store the extra leftover cuts you don’t end up using in a project.

Do you struggle with where to put them? Or do you have a place for them, but find they never get used?

Maybe your biggest problem is that the cutting tools pull you out of your flow, so you don’t even use them much. Do you find that you neglect your electronic cutting machine, or your die cutting machine?

The reason could simply be that the location of these machines and their supplies breaks up your workflow.

So what is it for you?

When it comes to punches, die cutters and their dies, electronic cutters and their accessories, and all other related supplies including the leftover cut pieces, which of these gives you troubles?

Leave a comment and let us know!

Then if you’re a Member you can watch the episode we just released this morning that shows how I set up the cutting area of my scraproom. You’ll see how it supports my workflow, and you’ll see what I do with my leftovers.

Lastly, you’ll see me assemble the layout in the image above as I share lots of design tips for creating a unified page.

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  • kalexa1

    I have a couple of A4 boxes for storing cuts for projects/specific items. Also a ‘scrap bag’ which is just a carrier bag for any scraps that are too thin/small for a die cut but can be used with say punches. Finally a pile of large pieces, random in nature. I want my own craft room….now please! lol.

  • Elsie Wilson

    I have repurposed two tray type boxes from our grocery purchases from our discount club. They are about two feet by three feet and are perfect for those larger pieces of my stash! Smaller pieces are in plastic shoeboxes…easy to see inside! For projects in progress I use square scrapbook plastic boxes to keep everything together and yet visible through the box.

  • hdc77494

    Got this from Adobe the other day. If you go to her site there’s a detailed tutorial on how she built this killer desk. Hacking an Ikea storage cabinet with plexiglass fronts is a great way to store stuff but still see it. The desk is 16′ long in a one room apartment. She uses a Graphtec Craft Robo-Pro.

  • reneecrops

    I simply use large 14 3/4 x 16 inch hefty bags. It’s super easy to gab and go somewhere for a crop or the park. I wish it would be easier to use my Cricut. I have to say I hate purchasing the software and I can never find what I need. (So need a Cameo) I’ve gone back to my Big Kick because I can use any dies with it. I’d love to hear what dies other Big Kick users love!!

  • I have a little tray on my desk that I’ll tuck extra cut shapes into if I feel they can be used on a different project. This is great for test runs and cuts that are not quite the right size. As for using my cutting tools… I go through phases where I use one tool a lot… and then I totally neglect it! I guess it adds variation to my layouts! ;)

  • Tammy Dameron

    I just recently got one of those clear boxes with the smaller boxes in side it where you can store smaller items such as small scraps, photos or what ever. I use it to store my die cuts from punches or the machine. The little boxes are perfect for the tinny cut outs. For my scraps I have 2- small buckets for the tinny scraps and then a larger bin I keep my larger scraps filed in color. I have been working for weeks in my craft room getting it cleaned and organized. My closet was such a mess that I pulled everything out of it so now you can’t walk in my room. But the closet is looking much better! I have not had the money to buy much storage like I wish I could. I have over the past year bought some things at the $1 Store or at the Thrift Store or at Michaels when it was on SALE & had a coupon if I was able to have the money to spend at the time. Wish I could get those cube shelving units but cost so much so I have had to be very creative with my storage and make almost everything so it has taken me longer to organize. I don’t have as much craft stuff as most but my husband thinks I have too much! It’s only b/c I try to recycle what I can and reuse so I have to make room to store those items too. I probably have more recycled junk than craft supplies but if it was not for some of the boxes and stuff I have kept I would not have been able to make my storage. I also know how chipboard is so popular now and you can use it for so much but I do not buy it. I use food boxes as my chipboard. I try to save in any way that I can so then I can use my money for other items like inks, stamps and paints.. stuff like that. I have even made my own modpog. I have also made my ink stamp cleaners. Anything I can make to save me money I will do. This goes also for other items in my home as well. I have also made my own washi tapes.