Organize Your Scrapbook Supplies: Journal Blocks and Spots

Journal Blocks and Spots

This is where I keep my journal blocks and journal spots. I’m a fan of sorting things by function — at least as long as you search for things that way. I often get to a point in my scrapbooking where I want something small to journal on, or something unique to frame something else (and not necessarily journaling).

So this basket from Ikea is where I go searching…

Journal Blocks and Spots

You can see I have spiral-bound journal blocks from My Mind’s Eye and Making Memories…

Journal Blocks and Spots

…as well as journal spot stickers from Jenni Bowlin, scraps of lined patterned paper, and even a restaurant feedback form, which I thought I might eventually use someday and still figure I will.

May 2011 4179

And up here it goes, very close to my containers of word + date items, and tags.

Nov2010 1537

How Do You Store Journaling Blocks?

So what’s your secret? How do you store these items? Is it working for you?

  • I keep my journalling blocks in a plastic container with a lid.  While it works for the journalling blocks, it ultimately doesn’t work.  That’s because I store it on top of a lidded box that contains my paper scraps.  Since I have to move the container to get to my scraps or even put scraps away, I end up not using my scraps.  I know…LAZY.  I need to figure something else out…probably for the paper scraps, too.

  • I keep my journaling box in an overflowing ziplock bag inside my embellishments’ box. I would like to take this opportunity to point out that on my blog I offer dozens of free printable journaling spots. You may find them here:

  • Whether we think it’s lazy or not, those barriers are real! I am the same
    way so I only keep lids on a few things that I rarely use! Isn’t it funny
    how we can be like that? It’s good to pay attention to those little blocks,

  • Yes, there are TONS of free digi journal blocks for people to check out at
    Avital’s link!!

  • AllisonLP

    I have never bought journaling blocks.  I usually use journaling stamps and make my own journaling spot.  Hence, I don’t store them anywhere, I just make them as I go.  The exception is if I have a paper kit and it comes with journaling spots, in which case, they stay with the kit. 
    I do however need a new solution for my stamps.  Right now they are in 3 small portable drawers, and if I get 1 more stamp, I’m going to be out of room!  I’m thinking about the long Clip It Up rod, or CD cases.

  • Do you know how many different journaling stamps you have, Allison? I’m just
    curious. I had no idea anybody scrapped without journaling blocks until now.
    I’ve never used a journaling stamp. It interests me to find out how
    differently other people do things.

  • HeatherC

    Mine are a mess — I have most in a drawer that I can pull out and use — need something bigger

  • They don’t fit in your drawer? How big is the drawer?

  • AllisonLP

    I have 3 sets of journaling stamps in all different shapes and sizes – round, square, rectangular, tags, tabs, with at least 4 stamps in each set.  I have lots of other stamps as well, and my new favorites are by Ali Edwards, and I love to use those as my journaling and just add a little bit of my own handwriting or a small typed bits of info, which is exactly what I did on my last layout – see attached.

  • PattiP

    I have a small basket with a handle that sits on the corner of my scrap table. It doesn’t get a lot of use these days since I’ve gone mostly digital, but I just used it this weekend. I also keep 4×6 scraps of white card stock there. This weekend I grabbed one, printed an overly by Ali Edwards on it, then hand wrote the journaling for a traditional layout I made about a play that my grandkids and I went to this weekend. I didn’t want to store the playbill but I wanted to scrap the event because the children had so much fun.

    I have to have things open and easily accessible or I don’t use them. The Organized and Inspired Scrapper helped me figure this out. I got to take the class when it was offered at BPC, but I think the book is available again. It really helped me create a workable scrap space that fits my needs well.

  • Ruth Allmart

    I do the same thing Noell except I have mine in a drawer that I can pull out and take to my work table. The only problem is I never seem to have the right colour or shape that I’m looking for! I’ve been keeping my eyes open for more neutral ones that I can add colour to. I also need to sit down andmake my own using the many stamps and punches I have :)

  • Ruth Allmart
  • KatieK.

    Oh I am so relaxed looking at your few journaling spots… I have way too many. Partly because I keep a big supply for the albums I make for work but I really really need to divest myself of that stock of paper. I struggle between keeping them with the kit they came with or sorting them by color so I do both. I’ve been inspired by yours and others postings to pare down. It really does open up your creativity and time. Less is more.

  • That is such a cute layout! Love how you used all the stamps (plus the
    buttons, clouds, dragon fly, etc!)!!

  • I do have quite a bit of neutrals. But I also trace my wrong-colored ones
    onto neutral paper and then hand cut because I like the cute shapes. Or if I
    have a cute shaped one with a pink outline (for example) I will cut away the
    pink outline. I actually do a LOT of altering of my products, including
    journal blocks and stickers.

  • Debra

    Similar to you – altogether, except for October Afternoon’s journalling blocks, they go together…but by themselves if that makes sense. I found I was looking for them in particular and didn’t want to sort through all the journalling block options I had. 

    Is it working – yep. What’s my secret? If stuff’s annoying me, it gets moved and changed until it works. Sometimes it takes a while to even realise something’s annoying me in the first place – that’s normal, but then I just go about adjusting things (over time) until they’re sorted. A friend told me once that she just wasn’t enjoying her scrapbooking and then she actually thought about why. She realised she didn’t have good light and she was straining her eyes. She bought a lamp and all was fab after that. I think we have to be conscious about these things if we really want to make our workflow work. It’s hard to enjoy time at my desk or whatever if my work space doesn’t support my work flow. It’s important because then the whole process just flows and is so much more enjoyable.  Everyone talks about scrapbooking and crafting and that it’s FUN, it should be FUN, it’s FUN so don’t make it so hard. FUN. FUN. FUN. Phooey. It’s real life. It’s photos and photo organisation (oh man). It’s finding the time. It’s why do I love it so much, but I don’t want to DO it? It’s not all fun. Let’s face it, we don’t live in crafting utopia and where all is perfect and nothing that’s fun doesn’t enter the room. Like everything else in life, we have to put in the hard yards to get to the bottom of things – including why we have so much crafting stuff, but we don’t scrapbook or something like that. I’ve done my yards, so I’m enjoying my fun part. There are always yards though, I think it’s just the nature of it. It’s life, after all. Just annoys me when people flick the yards and then say they have no FUN. You’ve gotta do the yards to get the FUN, that’s the way it works! That’s the way life works! Moving on…. :o)   

  • Terri C

    I have read ‘The Organized and Inspired Scrapbooker’ too, and it helped me discover that I love open and sort of visible storage, like your basket, for my journaling stuff too. I use baskets for my bling and flower packs (which are so inspiring to see out). I have larger basket for my newish stuff and things I’m thinking I’d like to use soon. I have my ‘ugly’ stuff, like punches and tools either in drawers or a box. If I had everything I own visible it would be just crazy! The trouble I’m having with the recommendations from the book is the purging part! I know I hang on to things that are not my taste anymore, thinking ‘you never know’. It’s kind of like that with other areas of the house (my life) as well. My challenge this spring/summer is to lose a lot of the clutter because a clean simpler crafting area would be so much more inspiring to me than the overflowing business going on in my craft area now!

  • Allie

    I use a combination of journalling blocks and journalling stamps. I keep the paper ones in a poka dot box that makes me smile and the journalling stamps are together in my acrylic stamp ring binder and my wooden ones on a shelf with other stamps. I think I am going to move them all together now after reading this post. Thanks everyone!

  • Very fascinating comment, Debra. I hope you don’t mind if I quote you in a
    future Paperclipping blog post to see stir up a bit of discussion!

  • Yes, yes, I promise you will be happier! :)

  • Debra

    No problemo… :o)

  • I have a large plastic multi-drawer unit that I store all of my journalling blocks in.  Love to have them all together!  And it’s super easy, as I can just open the drawer & quickly rummage through to see what will work for my project.  :)