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Three questions for you…

  • How well do you know your scrapbooking process?
  • Do you know your process so well you’ve arranged your supplies and space in a way that facilitates it?
  • Does your setup help you flow through your scrapbooking, moving you along from one step to the next without much pausing to find or move things?

If you answered “no” to any of these three questions, here are a few things you can do to start yourself on a path toward an easier, smoother workflow…

Five Steps to Making Your Scrapbook Setup Work for You

The next few times you scrapbook, pay attention to this…

  1. Are there any steps that slow you down, cause you frustration, make you bored, spark confusion, or make you hunt for several minutes? Do you end up with piles of stuff? These are the areas in which your setup is not helping you and is actually making scrapbooking harder for you than necessary. Make a note of all these things.
  2. In each of your trouble areas, pay attention to what you are needing/looking for, especially in terms of categories. Are you looking for a color, a supply type, something to match, etc. Devise a plan to corral items by the categories you find yourself looking for.
  3. Do you need a clean spot to spread out your project? Choose a simple, out-of-the-way landing spot for the items that pile up in your way.
  4. Do you need to get through a particular step more quickly? Ask yourself this: Are your supplies arranged spatially in the same way and order in which you scrapbook? Think about the items you tend to use together or around the same time. Are they nearby each other so you can quickly gather most of your supplies in one quick swoop?
  5. Some of your supplies might be easy and even enjoyable to get to. What is it about these storage solutions that work well for you? For example, I like things open at the top so I can easily see down or reach into them. Lids sometimes repel me, but drawers attract me. Once you know what type of storage draws you in, move all your regular-use supplies into that type of storage. Reserve any storage type that repels you for items you rarely need.

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I’ve been sharing all these details about my organization and setup, and how they help me in my scrapbooking process for a few months now by focusing on specific parts of the process and digging into drawers and containers, grabbing what I need, and scrapbooking with those items.

This week I decided to show you a broader view so you can see how it all works from finding the right kind of pocket page or page protector, to locating the products that will help me tell my story, to making a home for that layout in the appropriate story-album.

We showed this all on video — all the details of where things are, how they are stored and organized, how they help me find things and make choices, and how the setup moves me along from one step in my process to another.

I hope this video, combined with the last five-or-so video tutorials and organization-related articles, have given you lots of ideas for how you can fix your own setup to assist you in your personal process. Whether you realize it or not, you have a workflow, and you’ll be at your best when your space mimics that workflow.

Today’s video, along with the others, are part of the Paperclipping membership. As soon as I’m ready I will share a video tour that is free for anyone that gives a broad overview of my space and system. But you’ll want a Paperclipping Membership to really dig into the details and to see how it all works.

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Not yet sure if my solutions will help you with your own difficulties? Tour these links from my on-going season of organization for several helpful tips you can use right now, a good sampling of what you’ll see in the videos, and a new way of thinking about organization…

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Shine On,

  • Teresa S

    Great use of brads. Beautiful layout of your Dad.

  • Cara

    I’m definitely going to do what you suggest with my page protectors. Great idea thanks.

  • Awesome! It’s the first time I’ve ever felt good about my page protector/pocket page organization!!

  • Terri Cannell

    It’s nice how you’ve chosen mainly white and neutral storage products. I think it helps to make your area serine -that it’s neutral but light.

  • Thank you. I love all the white storage. It feels so clean and calm and allows me to have little pops of color without it feeling like spastic. :)

  • Terri Cannell

    lolz.. you’re funny :)
    Here’s an inspiration for my grown daughter’s bedroom/my new craft room i found on Pinterest. It’s very calming, like you say. Her room is currently lime green!