Organization for Mixed Media – Paperclipping 260

stamping 3 (1)

Today we dive into four of my cube drawers, a basket, and a shelf to see how I organize and store all of my mixed media supplies (minus the organization of stamp-related supplies).

We also look at how I situated my entire mixed-media area to work together, including this cabinet of cubes, my painting easel, and my mixed-media scrapbooking table.

stamping 1 (2)

And lastly, we see how fast, easy, and convenient it is to find and gather the supplies and use them on a scrapbooking page. Because it really doesn’t matter if your room is beautiful and looks organized if it does not make your process flow.

Our spaces should help us create more.

stamping 7

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Shine On,

  • TFS your tips :) Great LO!

  • cindi

    Just finished watching the video! I absolutely love the way you did those stenciled leaves on the lo. Who makes it, I couldn’t tell?

  • It is a Dina Wakley design for The Crafter’s Workshop. It’s a great stencil!

  • Cyndi

    Wished I’d seen this when Michaels had a great one day sale on those storage units. Love the way you have your stencils stored. And also love the way you mixed the colours to stencil those leaves, lovely! Thanks!

  • Cyndi, they’ll be on sale again. They go on sale all the time. :)

  • Cyndi

    That sale was even better than the usual sales! In hindsight I should have bought something. I went back to Michael’s today and they didn’t have that specific cabinet. It’s touch and go around here with supply. You have to be quick. I should pay better attention to the flyers but my schedule isn’t always agreeable to sales.

  • Terri Cannell

    OMG, this is such a clever use of these divided drawers. I have one that has remained empty because I haven’t known what to to with it… I’m putting all my mist bottles in it tomorrow! Thanks for the tips.
    I’m working on making my crafting space my friend, and not my foe! :)