How To Get More Impact With Less Effort


A couple weeks ago during Paperclipping Live!, an audience member suggested I place a flower underneath the metal clock that I would be adding to my page as an embellishment. I love the idea of placing a metal clock on top of a soft flower — that is exactly the kind of contrast-layering that excites me. But I didn’t want to do it this time. Why not? I explained to the audience that because the paper underneath was a busy floral pattern, the flower would have little impact. It would look fine, but it’s curving petals would only be minimally detectable above the curving lines on the patterned paper.

Then I showed some patterned paper with graph lines — monotone paper with straight lines that would contrast with the curving organic lines of the flower — and explained that setting the clock on top of a flower, on top of the graph paper, would have great impact! It would definitely be worth it in that case!

This is a concept Izzy and I use for business decisions, and it’s one I have often used while scrapbooking, but I never thought to actually verbalize it until that night during Paperclipping Live! At that moment I decided to make it another of my scrapbooking mantras . . .

Invest in actions that cause maximum impact with minimal effort.

You have a finite amount of time, resources, and attention. How can you focus on the actions that will make a difference?

  • Ignore the temptation to keep adding embellishments, just because you have embellishments that match the colors or the theme. If the page looks good with what you’ve already placed on it, call it done and move on.
  • Use fewer photos on your scrapbook pages — just enough to tell the story. Satisfy yourself with enjoying the rest of the photos on your computer, on your blog, or as a framed slide show.
  • When deciding whether to fix something that isn’t as perfect as you wish, determine how impactful it would be to “perfect” the problem. If it would make a huge impact, it’s probably worth the effort. If the impact would be small, then why bother?
  • Buy scrapbook items that are versatile for a number of layout subjects, rather than specific themed subjects. Buy letters stickers in classic fonts, and in colors like black, white, or brown –colors that will work on any page, with any color scheme.

Next week’s video tutorial will highlight one product I have used again and again, in multiple ways, and with multiple styles. It is a tiny little embellishment that has had enormous impact!

This episode will be for the Paperclipping Members. Now that you know the topic, you can decide if this is the right time to get your membership, and whether a membership will be the impact you need to make your scrapbooking even more personal and more unique. Take a look at the details here.

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  • Paperclipping Live! – This live scrapbooking show is every Tuesday at 6:30pm PST. Are you free?

Last week, one of the Paperclipping Members, Karen, was feeling stuck and unhappy with a few layouts. She took advantage of my offer to Paperclipping Members: If you have a design problem, you can send me a picture of your layout and a description of what is bothering you. I will share your page with the audience during Paperclipping Live! and give you some personalized design tips. You don’t have to be present during the live show — there will be a recording for you to watch when you’re available!

Sometimes we can use a little help applying the principles in the videos to our own projects. I want to make sure our members get as much out of the videos as possible! And if you’re not a member but have been enjoying all the other stuff we have going on around here, I want to thank you for participating and contributing your own thoughts and ideas!

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  • Loved your tips — and love even more that they can apply to many life situations, not just scrapbooking. Thank you!

  • Awesome, Thanks!!!

  • Tonysfrenchgirl

    Have had to miss Paperclipping Live for a few weeks (long story) and am anxious to get back and see your tips. Love the ones you posted today!

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  • Gab

    I am now working on Wednesday mornings (Tuesday night your time!) so sadly will miss Paperclipping Live for the next few school weeks. Can't wait for the new video!