New Products from Alison Kreft via Webster’s Pages at CHA 2013

See new products from Alison Kreft via Webster’s Pages at CHA 2013. You’ll see some new images and icons not previously used in scrapbooking papers before. At the same time, you’ll be thrilled at the return of screen-printed transparencies that went away when Hambly closed its doors. You’ll also love some of the other accessories to these two great paper lines.

These are some of my favorite paper lines from the show!

  • yey transparencies!!!1

  • Karen Hanim

    I really love the look of transparencies but I find that I don’t really know how to use them. Could you do a video on different ways to use transparencies?

  • You’re not the first to request that, and now that I know they’re in full force again by Alison I’ll bump it up the priority list. :)