My Top Twelve Favorite Scrapbook Layouts from 2012

Yesterday I shared the audience’s favorite video tutorials, talk show episodes, and blog posts at Paperclipping in 2012. Today I thought I’d share my own favorite pages I made in 2012. It’s good for your scrapbooking self-esteem to post all your favorites together in one place. Try it! :)

Woodland Fairy
A multi-page layout.
Woodland Fairy

Woodland Fairy

Woodland Fairy (closeup)

Side Benefit of Dance
It’s so simple, but I love the photo and all the little details. These straight-on pictures of layouts never really do that layout justice, though. They’re always better in person.

Side Benefit of Dance

Side Benefit of Dance (closeup)

My 3rd Birthday
Another multi-pager.
My 3rd Birthday

My 3rd Birthday

My 3rd Birthday

My 3rd Birthday

My 3rd Birthday

My 3rd Birthday

We Made You Play!
Happy colors.
May 2012 6371

We Made You (closeup)

Your First Convention
I love the turquoise leopard print with the pinks and purples in the perfect pearls and the strong black in the photos!

I share this technique I created for getting that iridescent look. Members can find it in Paperclipping 193.

NYCDA (closeup)

This story just cracks me up and I love the colors I ended up adding to the initial blue, green, and brown.

Almost (closeup)

Finding Freedom
Butterflies. Monochromatic blue-greens. This one made me want to do monochromatic more often.
Finding Freedom

Finding Freedom (closeup)

You probably didn’t notice the subtle butterflies on the journaling…

Finding Freedom (closeup)

The Peaceful Nature
No journaling on this one because it’s part of a “list album,” where each page is one item of the list of favorite things we love about my parents farm. I am in love with all the techniques on this page. There are quite a few and I show how to make this entire background from a white piece of paper in Paperclipping Member Video 201.

The Peaceful Nature

Dream Child
I don’t have a full picture of this one yet, but it’s a favorite. Sorry! It will debut in a video tutorial for members soon.

Paperclipping Sneak Peeks 1

Another sneak peek of a favorite I can’t share yet. :)
Paperclipping Sneak Peeks 2

I must say, I love these products, and I just love them together in the telling of our story of dancing in the Flowers scene of the Nutcracker. It’s like Elizabeth Kratchner designed that ruffled crepe paper knowing a scrapbooker would be dancing in this scene and would want to scrapbook it.


Paperclipping Sneak Peeks 3

I love red. I love peppermint designs. I love Trinity’s picture.

Marzipan (closeup)

Paperclipping Sneak Peeks 4

I share the assembly and/or step-by-step instruction for the techniques of many of these layouts in video tutorials for the members this year. As a new member you’ll get access to the archives of over 200 video tutorials.

Click here for more info!

Which of these are your favorites? Have you made a blog post of your own favorites from 2012?

  • Lissa

    All beautiful layouts! I’m feeling inspired – especially by that peppermint red!

  • Thanks, Lissa! I love that red, too! I’m actually preparing a birthday party for Trinity and using my Cameo I’ve cut out a bunch of red peppermints to attach to white circles! So much fun — hopefully I’ll share them soon!

  • Bec Kilgore

    Love them! You already know how much I love this site and the Roundtable. Looking so forward to what 2013 holds.

  • Bec Kilgore

    I think I am having Roundtable withdrawal.

  • Shawna

    Beautiful layouts!!! Thank for sharing them with us again.

  • Martie Rollin

    Thank you for sharing your family scrapbook with the rest of us. Every page is an inspiration, even for us card makers! I’m learning to make mini albums and your ideas will serve me well there, too. Keep up the good work!

  • Gina Anderson

    Noell these are beautiful layouts. I love love love those Nutcracker layouts and the simplicity but specialness of them and also the monochromatic one. That one is definitely an inspiration layout for me. I’m intrigued by the one of your family…can’t wait to see more. Thanks so much for sharing.

  • C.Robin

    Hi Noell, beautiful layouts thank you for sharing. Happy New Year

  • Carol

    Love the ‘almost’ the best in the world story and how awesome you have the birthday card(S) from your third birthday. I really like your layout with the fairy papers, too.

  • kirsty

    Just absolutely stunning.. they are so natural and realistic.. they are life.. they are examples of scrapping booking that are achievable by many.. so you are sooooo talented cheers kirsty from down under Adelaide

  • Thank you! That fairy layout was some of the most fun I’ve ever had scrapbooking. And I can’t tell you how much it means to me to have a little collection of cards from my early childhood. :)

  • What a nice compliment, thank you. I appreciate it! :)

  • Shazza

    Hi Noell! I always marvell at you scrap pages….the techniques you use, the design, colors and some amazing photos. You really are a natural at scrapbooking without gowing over the top! I love the 12 layouts that you showcased…and my favourite is ‘Finding Freedom’ ……just beautiful! :) Cheers Shazza from Melbourne Australia x

  • Cindy Wick

    My daughter was home from college when the layout with Trinity and her peppermint costume went up. She and I looked at it together and decided that was probably one of the cutest costumes we’d ever seen! I love the layout too, but REALLY love the way you document her (and the rest of the families) stories. I have such a different style than you do but every time I’m here I’m inspired to go tell a story too. :)

  • Thank you, Shazza!

  • Thank you, Cindy! That costume is amazing. You know how if you turn a peppermint design it gives the illusion of spiraling outward? Their costume had the same effect when they did certain moves! It wasn’t distracting — it was subtle, but definitely there and added to the dance.

  • Looking forward to the Roundtable resuming.