My Top Favorite December Daily Pages

I haven’t photographed many of my pages in these albums. Maybe I’ll catch up on that this season. For now, these are my favorites of the pages I have photographed.

36 Merry Days Nov26 6340

And just to avoid any confusion, I call mine my Merry Days albums. They aren’t daily and they’re not just of December. One of them covers 36 days from November 26th (my birthday) to Christmas day.

36 Merry Days Nov26 closeup

36 Merry Days Nov26 6341

Cute fabric on packaging chipboard. Since the fabric is sheer I only adhered it underneath the sticker where it could be hidden. Love!!

36 Merry Days - inside cover

The photo does not show this off at all. I love it in person. It’s a silver glittered snowflake ornament on a gold screen-printed transparency.

36 Merry Days - inside cover

The ornament was missing a “leg” and it looked weird on the tree. But it’s asymmetry is perfect at the side of a page.

36 Merry Days: 4th_back

Turned this little guy into a pocket page. See the comments card inside the pocket? I covered the other side with paper and added my journaling with the date number.

36 Merry Days- Nov. 27

It’s all the glitter and the three colors that make me happy when it comes to this page.

36 Merry Days- Nov. 27

I attached the die cut paper to a transparency to make it sturdy.

36 Merry Days: Nov. 28

These photos capture the magic of Christmas for me. Great photos stand well on their own.

36 Merry Days: Nov. 29

I did a glittered scalloped page like this in a previous album and it was a favorite back then, too. I had to repeat it. Still love it.

36 Merry Days: Nov. 29

Some of my very favorite Christmas products of all time were these stickers by Creative Memories many years ago. I love how whimsical and “Whoville-ish” they are. I wish I could find current products like this.

36 Merry Days: Dec. 1

I enjoyed getting my hands colored with this. Sprays, stencils, stamps, distress inks, embossing. All fun and I love my results. The only thing I don’t like is that the white is a Mister Huey and whenever I touch the page it rubs onto my hands. It doesn’t take away from the page itself, at least.

Wish I had a white opaque spray that didn’t rub off, though!

A few more of my favorite pages are in a video tutorial but I have not yet photographed them. If you are a Paperclipping Member, you can find that episode in the Member’s Area. Look for Paperclipping 183 – Interactive and Dimensional Minibook Techniques.

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  • it’s me faith

    I’ve got to get myself to do a mini book…. all the ideas are there…. I’ve just got to let loose and just do it…..

  • sherly

    love it all!

  • Every page is eye candy, Noell. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • They’re SO FUN!! Don’t let yourself miss out any longer!!

  • Thank you!

  • Thanks!!

  • Cheryl M

    This is absolutely beautiful! Such inspiration to get me in gear!

  • Teri Terrific

    I so enjoy looking at your creations. Thank you.
    BTW: you might try spraying a clear matte over the white; I use clear matte over glittered things as well.

  • Such yumminess NOell!! Thanks for sharing, and i LOVE all the red…such a rich color. Great motivation for me! I have my Christmas “box” all loaded up with pretties and ready to go come DEc. 1. One thing that will be hard that day is we are attending a funeral. my good friend’s mom passed away. :( I’ll find joy in it somehow though, as we celebrate her life. :)

  • Stefani

    I recognized those Creative Memories stickers and thought, HEY! I HAVE THOSE, TOO! I love them. Cute pages!

  • Love these pages and the gift border!

  • Kristie Sloan

    Noell, that gift package border is darling! It’s so fun to see such an assortment of ideas on your wonderful pages! Love how you even included an envelope in there. (I sometimes wish I had something with the address of a place we once lived for just a few months!) Thanks for sharing with us!

  • C.Robin

    Hi Noell,the book is lovely thanks for sharing .

  • Red is such an amazingly striking color. I definitely like it to be prominent in my Christmas stuff!
    I’m sorry about the death of your friend’s mom. I think the most healing funerals are the ones that truly celebrate the life of the person you’ve lost.

  • Thanks for the recommendation. I don’t even know what a clear matte spray is. What do you use?

  • I don’t know if I have envelopes for our homes other than the current one — which I’ve saved consciously for. We’ve lived in 4 other homes before this.

  • Kelly S

    I never thought of putting a die-cut page on a transparency–what a great idea! I am always looking for ways to make fun and different pages for my December albums. I am definitely going to do this! I have a piece of white snowflake die-cut paper that will be perfect!

  • Skyeisle

    The scalloped and half circle page, the die-cut on transparency, all the glitter and the simple color palette are delightful. I am an appreciative new listener and subscriber. Well actually though a senior I’m new to paper crafting as well. Thanks to you and Izzy for bringing so many smiles to my face and knowledge to my noodle!

  • Welcome to Paperclipping! I get so excited to find young ones like you are watching and listening!! I hope you’re enjoying your new hobby. :)