• Terri Cannell

    WOW! A bunch more CHA videos just appeared as I was reading your blog… right before my eyes! You guys are AWESOME! I am enjoying your CHA coverage so much.. thank you, thank you, thank you for the videos. Seeing the products this way is the next best thing when you can’t see them in real person yet. I can really tell what they are like – their size, thickness etc. not to mention getting the back-story about them from the designers and seeing all their great inspirational pieces. I’m making a wishlist based on what I’ve seen here in the last few days. I’m a long time listener and non-shmo. Please don’t go changin’! … love the videos, roundtable, blog.. all of it.

  • Coffeebreakjackie

    When is the Washi Tape going to become available. It is interesting to me that I have not found it in the “big Box” stores liek Michaels or JoAnns. In fact they don’t even know what I am talking about!

  • Lisa M. Zepponi

    I wonder what the price point is for the tubes of washi tape? I do like that you can get different patterns in one tube.

  • KC was cute but I would have rather seen Stephanie Howell. Love all the colors.

  • Jennifer Harrison

    You two are awesome! I felt like I was at the show! What a wonderful way to get excited about some of these new products and I even seen some stuff that I had not really paid much attention to before like the metal pendants and melting pot stuff. I have a melting pot so now I think I need to try and make some cool jewelry! Again thank you so much we all really appreciate all the videos!

  • Wendy C

    Again, love the videos and happy to see KC was there.

  • I wanted to get both Stephanie and KC in the video. Unfortunately, Steph left the show quite early. :(
    Maybe next year.