My Current Active Scrapbook Albums


These are the albums I’m most actively adding layouts to all the time right now.

I scrapbook whatever I feel like at the moment, and then I slip the page into the album I want it to go into.

Here are topics of the active albums (shown above):

  1. Everyday Life #2 – The kinds of stuff we do from day to day.
  2. This is Us – I’m just about finished with the final details of this album and I’m excited to start the 2nd This is Us! These highlight the personality of our family relationships.
  3. This is Trinity – This highlights Trinity’s personality. I finished a This is Aiden album a while back and I haven’t been as active doing layouts on him recently. His and Blake’s This Is albums are in the living room cabinet.
  4. Celebrations – Right now this holds a big mix of things we celebrate, like holidays, birthdays, and accomplishments, including business accomplishments. I’ll eventually separate some of these into different albums.
  5. Everyday Life #1 – This one’s just about done. It’s time for me to go through it the same way I showed in this month’s episode! Fun, fun!
  6. Nancy Holt Hyman – This is a heritage Album of Izzy’s deceased mom. I’m not really working on this much right now so I need to move it out and replace it with something else that is more active.
  7. Dancer – Trinity’s dance album. This one in particular tells the story of her transition from a once-per-week ballet dancer to a 20+ hour/week company dancer.
  8. Yesterday & Today – I started this album with Ali Edwards’ class. It has stories from my childhood, and stories that compare my childhood to my current family life.

Active — Just LESS Active


One of these is actually complete. The rest are all in-progress. Since I add to these slightly less often than the others, they’re out in the living room cabinet.

  1. At Home – This is all about our home, including our yard and neighborhood.
  2. Extended Family – Pages with Grandma’s and Grandpa’s, extended families. As this gets fuller I’ll separate grandparents into their own album. For now I also have pages about our friends in here because I needed to buy another album.
  3. Izzy and Noell – Pages about Izzy and me together and our personality as a couple.
  4. This is Aiden #2 – Right now there are only 4 pages in this.
  5. This is Noell – It’s all me!
  6. This is Aiden #1 – This album is finished, except that I want to add an explanation inside the cover.
  7. This is Blake – Another personality album, this time about Blake.

I love having these different topics I can add to. I love the focus of topic when I look through the scrapbooks, and stories that develop within them, too!

Another benefit of having themes is that it’s easy to tell what parts of the story I’m missing.

* * Remember * * With the method that I shared in video episodes 175-176, you don’t have to plan these out ahead of time. It’s about being spontaneous with the scrapbook layouts you feel like doing, and then pulling it together with a few easy steps at the end!

More Info on Scrapbook Albums

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