Multiply Your Color Mediums – Paperclipping 228

paperclipping 228

Do you like getting more out of your products?

Me, too. It’s one of my favorite topics to get ideas for…

  • Rejuvenating old products
  • Getting two uses for a single product instead of just one.
  • Punching and die-cutting in a way that results in useable off-cuts
  • Creating additional items with the residual spray and paints that fly and drip while you’re creating something else.

Three of those four things not only save you product and money, but also time, because you’re creating two items to scrapbook with at once.

A Tip for Electronic and Die Cutting

When placing your dies or cut images, position them in a way that the off-cut with the negative can be used in another project. I ALWAYS do this.

I made a video that shows examples, techniques, and resulting pages. Paperclipping Members can find it in the Member’s Area. It’s Paperclipping 212 – Get More Out of Your Electric and Manual Die Cuts.

Spray Mists, Paint, and Other Color Mediums

Every time we spray or paint we lose a lot of our medium. This is totally unnecessary and you can get a second or third creation from each spray and paint session!

I made a video tutorial this week that demonstrates this. I show you how you can create a second or third item to eventually scrapbook with while you’re spraying or painting something else. And you don’t even have to know how you’ll use those second or third items.

How does that work? Watch the video!

The video is now available in the Member’s Area and on iTunes.

You’ll need an active membership to see it.

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  • Cornelia/Sorken

    I recently used a similar patterned paper (as your first one) when I tried a droplet technique. I find it easier to get it to look good on a subtle patterned paper than on a plain cardstock. It adds another layer and more interest. Thanks for another inspiring video!

  • Teresa S

    I am a late comer to PRT and have been enjoying listening to the back episodes along with the newer podcasts. This evening, I took advantage of your special offer and purchased a membership. How could I not? With the downsizing of the scrapbooking industry, it is more important than ever to support this craft and its experts. Thank you Noell and Izzy; I look forward to digging into the video library!

    P.S. A big shout out to Nancy and all the guest panelists!

  • ReneeH20

    Genius idea! I am going to do this from now on. I love that your videos consistently take whatever concept you are presenting from basic to the unexpected. Your take on scrapbooking is really unique and the videos are well worth the cost of membership. Well done – again.

  • Than you, Teresa!! I hope you love it!!

  • You stated so well what I always try to do. It makes me so happy to hear my goal for the episodes reflected back to me. Thank you!!! I’m glad you enjoy it!