Multi-Photo Layouts in a Themed Album – Paperclipping 243

paperclipping 243

The newest episode of Paperclipping focuses on two different topics…

1) Making layouts look consistent in a themed album.

  • Adjusting older layouts so they match the album.
  • Making new layouts match the album without compromising how you want to scrapbook right now.

2) Layout ideas for lots of photos.

  • An eight-photo layout idea.
  • Two four-photo layout ideas.

Two of the pages we work on in this episode are 2-page layouts.

Plus, the themed album I share is a great idea for scrapbooking something you do a lot and have way too many pictures of. For example, if you make lots and lots of visits to Grandma’s and it’s a bit overwhelming, you might want to do what I did. You’ll get a good look at it in the video.

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  • I’ve finally been able to watch this! Great ideas. Thanks :)

  • vintageplaid

    Multi-photo layout discussions are helpful to me since I have a lifetime of stories to tell and many shoeboxes full to do it with! Also, I love incorporating multi-media techniques into my scrapbooking, so appreciate the tips.
    A question to consider…what is it about older layouts that make them look older? colors? page design? papers or embellishments used? I don’t think it’s the fact that the photos are older. So how do we make our layouts look timeless? Or is that even possible?
    One other thought–Noell, your hands look like your mother’s…only younger!

  • vintageplaid

    not multi-media…mixed media! No videos or slide shows in my layouts!

  • vintageplaid

    I guess I am asking what makes them look dated…not just older.

  • Do you know my mother??!!!

    Oh wait…ROFL – it took me about 5 seconds after typing that to realize you’re referring to my mother’s hands in the photo of one of the layouts. OMG, that is so funny!!
    To answer your question, I think it’s a lot of things, but mostly it’s trends: trends in color schemes, trends in patterns, trends in embellishment types on the market, and trends in the way we set up a page. With certain things, other scrapbookers are going to notice how dated a page is more than non-scrapbookers. In my opinion the best way to stay timeless is to focus on traditional design concepts for setting up a page and to use colors that aren’t way out there, like neon colors. :)
    I actually think this is a complicated thing and I might have something different or additional to say later on.

  • I’ve been wanting to do a video topic that addresses a part of this, though not all of it. Thanks for reminding me. I don’t know if it will fully answer your question, but hopefully it will give some additional insight on top of what I just wrote in my reply.

  • vintageplaid

    Big LOL!! No, not stalking either!! Because we see just your hands so much in the videos, seeing just your mother’s hands in the photo triggered the connection.
    I think a timeless/classic/trendy discussion would be very interesting. On a previous PRT episode someone made the comment that in five years everything we do today will be dated anyway, so don’t worry about following trends…do what appeals to us. At least that way I have a better chance of liking my work five years from now, if I really like it today!
    Now that I am thinking about this, I will be more aware and intentional about purchases and designs. I have bought a couple of collections because I thought they were very retro in color and style and would go well with old photos I want to scrap. It will be interesting to see if I think the same thing five years from now!

  • Jennifer G.

    Most of my pages are multi-photo layouts. The more photos the better! Thank you for the ideas.

  • Maribeth

    My style is completely different than yours, but i love that I can still learn an incorporate the design principals. Loving that I became a member.

  • Nixmom96

    I’m a regular multi-photo layout page maker. They are my favorites. I like the idea of an album that has multiple layouts over many trips to the same place highlighting different things. Sometimes I feel like I’m doing the same layout over and over. I’ll be rethinking some of them now. Thanks!

  • I feel great whenever I fit tons of pics in a LO :D

  • Melissa LaFavers

    I would love to hear that discussion. I wonder if as we develop our own style and keep true to that, adding in only those trends that fit us, that’s what makes our layouts timeless? I know that when I first started scrapbooking, I did a LOT of copying and scraplifting as a way to learn. The pages that are more my own, the ones that I did with my own particular style and preferences, those are not only the most appealing to me, but also the most timeless. That’s what I think, anyway. :)