Monochromatic Color Schemes and Starters – Paperclipping 221

paperclipping 221

Want an idea that will help you pick out your colors and papers more quickly and easily?

How about an easy method to help you match patterned papers from different lines so you can use your scraps and get more out of what you’ve bought?

It’s super easy to mix and match papers when you go with a monochromatic scheme because when you pick just one color — blue-green for example — and then you can use lots of different versions of it from lots of different lines, including your leftovers. Light or dark, bluer or greener, warmer or cooler; most all versions of a color will play nicely together in a color palette.

But it doesn’t have to stop there…

Toy Time (closeup)

A Cheater’s System for Mixing Papers with Lots of Different Colors

I have a little cheat for how you can create a palette packed with lots of different colors. It’s a system that uses monochromatic color schemes as starters to make it very simple to create a varied color palette that looks complex.

This week I’m sharing this system in a video tutorial that goes way beyond the basics of monochromatic color. In this tutorial I share…

  • the mood that monochromatic color evokes so you can use it to better tell your stories
  • how to change the mood when you want monochromatic color but not the tone or feeling that monochromatic color naturally creates
  • which versions of color will NOT go well together
  • how you can use monochromatic color schemes to mix and match supplies from all types of lines, old and new
  • how to use monochromatic color as a starer to more easily create a color palette with lots of different colors

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Hopefully this episode will help you use a lot more of your products, match your mood to your story, and mix your patterned papers a lot more quickly!

Shine On,

  • Irit

    I really enjoyed this video. I love monochromatic payouts, but never thought about starting there and going on to a colorful one. Def gonna try this!

  • Oh good! I always try to take concepts in a different direction from you typically find around the scrapbooking world. The monochromatic starer for a varied color scheme is really fun. I hope it works well for ya!

  • I completely agree with Irit :)

  • Love this episode, great concept :)

    BTW, your hair is so long!!!

  • Trying to get it ballet-bum length! :) so glad you like the episode. Thank you!

  • I new it!!!! hehehe You look great :)

  • Katherine Kelley

    Happy summer Noell. I was guessing you were growing the hair for dance. You are a great role model for adults to keep pursuing dreams and new skills.

    I learned some new ideas from this video however I am going to watch it several more times as I’m sure there is more I can pull from it. I am going to ‘test’ out my new skill with paper I find in my scrap dish and any photo or even a magazine photo cut out. I take notes and post them on my crop room wall as reminders.

    Was that heart under the grunge snowman covered in crackle? Did you show us the technique (how you decorated the heart) in a previous video?

    The son/sunny layout – what kind of adhesive did you use for adhering the crepe ribbon? Is that from another episode? If so, I’ll just go back and watch it again. I have some Glitz yellow crepe trim – looks similar – still sitting in package. Maybe I could find my party decorating box to find some white crepe ribbon. Trying to avoid buying more if I can just use what I already have.

  • Thank you! :)

  • Thank you, Katherine!

    Yes, the heart is crackled (so is the snowman). I showed how to do this with the color stain in Paperclipping 210 – Add Techniques to you Paper Scrapbooking. It’s about 8 minutes into the video where I show it. In #210 I painted the hearts white first, but in this episode with the snowman the I did not paint the grungeboard.
    For the sunshine layout I used pre-made paper by Dear Lizzy/American Crafts. I think it was designed for the Neapolitan line — or maybe 5th and Frolic. So I’m not sure if it’s available anymore but I have thought about making some myself. I’m pretty sure it’s tissue paper, not crepe paper, but I’m sure you can use either one! The only thing I worry about crepe paper is that I think crepe paper color runs when it’s wet. ???