Mini-Books that are Technique-Driven AND Fast?

Live 6395

Can artsy + technique-y minibooks be easy?

Oh yes, they definitely can. Easy and fast!

Paperclipping Members will remember my Task-Batching video tutorial for making mini-albums. I showed you how you can use it for any level of intricacy of mini-books to complete your project in a quick amount of time. That’s what I did with this book.

I’ve been saving up ephemera from live music events in my photos+stories+ephemera binder and was able to assemble the mini-book in a few quick sittings. This type of story is a fun opportunity to go nuts with the color and the inky techniques, so a book like this proves that with the Task-Batching process you can take on anything and finish it quickly.

Just start by making a bunch of backgrounds. Then add your photos + ephemera. Once done you can decide if you want to spend much more time adding many embellishments to bling it up, and then go in with your journaling.

Live 6396

For my cover I used a transparency over an inked up piece of cardstock with the simple title, “Live,” (as in, live music).

Glitter Alphabet
Dylusions Ink Sprays – Lemon Zest * Vibrant Turquoise * Bubble Gum Pink * Crushed Grape * Postbox Red.

While I haven’t decided to share the whole book (seems like a lot), here’s a sampling…

Live 6397

Trevor Hall’s passion for music makes him our very favorite, so we’ve seen him three times and plan for more. He’s not a mainstream singer (he’s vegan meets Hindu meets Reggae) so we get to enjoy him in small intimate venues. On one particular night I snagged a note off a dinner table stating the table would be moved for dancing. You can see our tickets on the right.

One of my favorite things in this book are the lyrics you see in many colors underneath the small ticket page. Trevor Hall had just finished writing a new song and didn’t have one of the verses memorized yet so he typed it up to sing to and then handed it to me when he was done.

Since it was on simple typing paper I adhered it to cardstock with gel medium and that allowed me to spray it up with all kinds of color without it falling apart. I did it quickly with some of the gel medium thicker in parts than others, and I sprayed it while much of the gel medium was still damp. The thicker wetter gel caused a really cool uneven look. For an example, look at the blobby spot next to the word, “stand,” — the last word on this side of the page.

You can also see that effect dripping down toward the very top of the lyrics down near the bottom ring of my book.

Live 6398

The left page on this picture is the backside of those same lyrics and you can see that this side was even wetter with the gel medium when I sprayed the color so it has even more variation in the saturation of the color!

On the right is a little rectangle of one of my tie dye techniques — a technique I’m absolutely THRILLED to have developed, since I’ve always been a sucker for tie dye. I haven’t gotten to the final journaling step and this is where I’ll be journaling about a local band, Black Carl, that deserves national attention. Behind the tie-dyed journaling page is their photo, some flair, and a VIP wristband from when Izzy and I shot some video for them while they played at the Rhythm Room in Phoenix one night.

Note: the pink and orange page holding the flair buttons is made with Alcohol Inks: Raspberry * Sunset Orange * Gold Mixative.

Live 6399

One the left is a photo of our favorite musician at D’Vine Wine Bar and Bistro (Kyle), along with a traveling guest musician who joined in and gave us a really great performance. On the right is the lighter given to me from one of the band members of Slightly Stoopid. We like smaller concerts and this one was on the bigger side, but we were at the very front, so was still pretty intimate for us.

You can see from just these few pages (and some others I shared here), there are a lot of messy techniques in this book, but that didn’t make it a hard or slow project. It was shockingly fast to put together. For fast mini-booking, remember to batch your tasks instead of going page by page:

  1. background pages
  2. photos + ephemera
  3. embellishments
  4. journaling

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  • KatieK.

    Just wondering if you could share the page size & placement of the binder rings. If its in the video, I apologize. I have had some difficulties getting to view it. I just finished making the base pages for a mini & wasn’t sure if should use 2 or 3 rings. I liked how mine & yours looks with 2 but some of my smaller pieces seem to need more anchoring. So maybe my rings should have been closer together.