Memory File Techniques – Paperclipping 191

paperclipping 191

Do you have any big stories or events you’ve delayed scrapbooking because you can’t figure which approach you should take?

Maybe it’s a yearly trek with the ladies to a scrapbooking event and you have loads of pictures of the clan traveling together, scrapbooking in the lodge, cooking the meals, and sight-seeing with your cameras. Don’t forget all that ephemera from the stops you took along the way.

Do you scrapbook it by year? Or do you do a page about the fun ride up with everyone squished in two minivans, plus another page about the lodge and its environment, plus another page of all the ladies scrapbooking, etc.

But if you want to make sure every lady and crazy fun moment gets included, you’ll end up with a full-page collage for every single aspect of every single trip.

That could mean five pages for each and every year!

What do you do?

You put it off for another time, right?

No, no, you don’t do that anymore.

memory file 14

Now what you do is get a Memory File box designed by Heidi Swapp. Or you could purchase the equivalent office supplies and make them all scrappy and cute with your current scrapbooking product.

This format is great because you can take a linear approach, such as documenting your event by year, and still be able to highlight all those different activities that happen within each year. This is because the file folders are dimensionally and spatially open — meaning you can make multiple miniature books that you open or pull out for each part of your story.

memory file 10

memory file 1

Here are a few common events the Memory File system could help you with:

  • birthdays
  • Christmas or other holidays
  • visits to grandma and grandpa
  • visits from the grandkids
  • sports
  • dance
  • drama or choir
  • high school
  • your business
  • your job
  • reunions

I’m using the Memory File to document my yearly trips with Izzy to CHA. We put together a video that shows the three folders I have so far, how I sectioned them out for the different aspects of our trip, and a few techniques I came up with to make them interactive so I could fit my massive number of photos.

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memory file 6

memory file 12

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  • Iceteeeeee

    What a great episode! I am going to use the Memory File system for our summer trip. I plan to do a good bit of the basics at home, then bring it with me to work on during the trip. Each folder will encompass one day and I will finish up with pictures when I get home. So excited about this!

  • Gail/Pookiesmom

    I haven’t had a chance yet to watch the video, but I did look at your Flickr photos and I must say I LOVE your memory files!  I think Heidi has once again “hit it outta the park” with her memory file product line.  I have already picked up a few things from the line and I can’t wait to “create something pretty”.  I am loving her “Observations” class too.  Thanks for sharing your projects Noell….just stunning! (and how fun to have a “system” in place for all your CHA pictures)

  • slcspagirl (Sandy H.)

    NOELL! I got so much out of this video presentation…I saw Heidi demo her product (online) and thought it was such a great concept, but you really make it your own work of art! Are you taking her class at BPC? (I wanted to, but no $$ right now.) This is my favorite member video tip of late because you showed HOW to use Heidi’s or your own product to achieve the same result. I already know you are a smart lady, and very innovative, but there was so much content to gleam from this particular presentation which can be transferred to many different types of projects and approaches to memory keeping. I want more like this…what are you doing with the concepts and learning you have access to and HOW you are making it work for you! Excellent mini class/demo. Thanks for sharing. I feel more confident that I can just go buy that box of folders at Costco and create something with them on my own, after all. YOU ROCK!

  • Hi, Sandy! Thanks for all the kind words! I am not taking Heidi’s class. I’m currently enrolled in 2 other classes at BPC and 4 months into them I’ve hardly had any time to visit the classroom at all! So I decided not to add another big class at this time.
    I’m sure it’s a blast, though!

  • Barb S

    Even though I saw your CHA demo video of this system with Heidi Swapp, I didn’t think I would use it, at least not right away.  This video changed my mind, and gave me some great ideas.  Thank you!  My daughter suffered a miscarriage this year, and she wants me to put together the cards she received, some of our thoughts and the ultrasound photo.  It wasn’t really suitable for an entire scrapbook, and the cards are too big for mini-books.  This will be perfect — attractive, keeping everything together, yet she will be able to look at everything easily and then store it away — a memory they want to keep, but not always be reminded of.  I love your creative ways to make your own flip books, too.  I can’t wait to get started now!  Again, thank you!

  • I’m sorry about the miscarriage, but this does sound like a great foundation for that with the cards and everything. Thank you for sharing. I’m sure there are others who have similar situations who will benefit from reading this. :)

  • Susan Manohar

    Loved this video Noell! You gave me some great ideas for using the folders. They are gorgeous, aren’t they? I didn’t think I’d like the other bits of the system (besides the folders), but now that I’ve seen you use them, I need to get some myself! Thanks for the inspiration! :-)

  • Really brilliant ideas for when you have a lot of photos to scrap! Thanks!