• Marina D-K

    This tool looks so cool. So many decor ideas as well. Any idea when this will be out?

  • Wendy C

    I really like that! That looks so fun and easy to use!

  • I don’t know! Sorry!

  • Lauren

    Any idea what the MSRP is for the starter kit and the additional punches? Am loving your videos, great job as always!

  • I don’t. Sorry!

  • I have this. It is awesome. It is very easy to use and storge is better than the Lucky 8 Punches. I bought it as a special of the day on HSN in October or November. HSN is selling it exclusively for about $60.00 until February. I am disppointed that Martha Stewart contiues to not make an appearance at CHA and thank the people that have make her very rich. Maybe you can send Nancy Nally on a quest.

  • I understand, though — isn’t she over 70 years old? I’m amazed by what that woman still does!!