Make An Impact with Numbers – Paperclipping 238

paperclipping 238

I don’t mean numbers, as in numerals.

I mean numbers, as in the number of items you use from the same package of products, like in the picture above.

Have you ever used a whole bunch of items from the same package, even though that was probably not the intention of the designer of the product?

Or does that sound kind of strange? I do it a lot.

Why You Should Pile an Entire Package of Embellishments on One Scrapbook Layout

Ok, I don’t ever use an entire package all at once. I do use a lot, and I have even used all but just a few. Here’s why…

  1. Designing a page is faster when all or most of your supplies come from a single package, rather than from various packages from all over the place.
  2. You can make a real visual impact by using a whole bunch of the same or similar items. There is power in numbers, not just in life, but in design as well. :)

You’ve heard of the design principle, repetition, right?

A powerful and easy way to achieve repetition in your design is to use a bunch of items from the same package.

Just be sure you do a few things while you’re at it…

  • Use variation for contrast.
  • Gather the items together.

Yes, I found them doing this (closeup)

Use variation for contrast

It will probably be boring if your items are all exactly the same. Make sure there is some sort of contrast between them – size, color, shape, etc. Or mix something else in if your package of items have no variation.

Gather the items together

You want to use the items to bring the eye to your focal point. Scattering them all over the page will not do that. In fact, scattering them (spacing them out) will not create the powerful impact I’ve been talking about either.

So be sure to gather them close together or overlapping. This way your gathering either acts as a stopping point for eye, or to lead the eye to something else, like a photo.

Both good things!

Are you ready to try it?

Link us up to your results in the comments area!

Not completely confident with the idea yet?

If you want some examples in action, I did a video that shows a whole bunch of different ways to do it.

I mean — a whole, whole bunch. :)

I also give lots of tips and guidance for what to keep in mind as you do it.

The video is now available in the Member’s Area and on iTunes, and Paperclipping members can go watch it now.

But you must be a member to watch.

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Enjoy making a big impact with your supplies, and have fun paperclipping!

Shine On,

  • Bethany Rielage

    Awesome video! It always amazes me how you can pack so many great ideas into just 15 minutes! Having watched lots of other scrapbooking videos, I have come to really appreciate the quality and the editing of your videos. I never feel like I’m wasting my time, and I always come away with great ideas and inspiration to go scrapbook. I also think it’s really nice that you took someone’s question and turned it into the next video. Thanks so much!

  • dana325

    Interesting! I do tend use the following sequence. Photos > Paper > Journal > Embellish. I use embellishments sparingly for a bit of pop and they do tend to hang around and I get tired of them. And then I feel bad about buying new ones. I will definitely try pulling a pack of embellishments and changing up my sequence.

    My scrapbook is mostly pocket pages and I try for one page a week as a default so I can keep the size of the book under control. My pockets are pretty full of photos and journaling and I don’t have many empty ‘filler’ spots these days. I am noticing that I am using up my small embellishments but I am having a hard time using some of the fun larger flat embellishments I have. I’d love to see some ideas for using larger embellishments in pocket pages!

    Watching your and Shimelle’s videos have inspired me to add a few 12×12 layouts back in my books..which I haven’t done in several years!

  • LisaDV

    Another absolutely awesome video! I really admire the way you relay design principles and functional information in such an easy user-friendly way. Thanks so much!

  • Karen Hanim

    I loved this video! I has given ‘new life’ to my scrapbooking. Here is my first result.

  • Gabrielle McCann

    Such a cool idea, thank Noell!

  • Awesome! Those frames look fantastic like that! I like that you added some detailing into the biggest frame, too. Thanks for sharing! :)

  • LOVED this video! It inspired me to pull out a package of frames I’ve had laying around for a long while. And this is what I came up with. Thanks for yet another useful video, which inspired my creativity.

  • Ugh… Layout didn’t show up on my previous comment. Here it is…