• Barb S

    I love this line…so inspirational for those of us on a budget, too, because there are many great ideas in it…beautiful and versatile as well! Thanks Noell and Izzy for taking us to the show!

  • Mel LaFavers

    I guess the only question is, when can I have it? ;) Seriously beautiful things I cannot wait to get my hot little hands on. So much versatility! I really love this line.

  • Nancy Sinclair

    Love this line, I have pre-ordered it from a tv channel here in the UK that is at CHA, I must say I got a better look at it from your video than I did on the TV!!

    You hair looks fab to Noel, I am growing mine out and love the way you wear it.

  • That’s awesome to hear that you were able to see more from Izzy’s video work than from the TV station! I’ll pass that onto him. He does have professionals in the TV industry who are members of his video membership! :)
    Thanks for the hair compliments! I do love to wear pigtails — it’s an easy style that keeps my hair from tormenting me! :)

  • Cute. Maggie must be pinching herself to have a paper line.

  • Lisa M. Zepponi

    She is so cute! I like her new line and I am SOOO happy she showed some boy LOs!