Look What I’m Bringing with Me to CHA!

Izzy's Steadicam
The camera man has attached new gear to himself for the Craft & Hobby Association Trade Show! Izzy actually purchased this for his cinematic projects, but hurray for scrapbookers — it will make our video tours of all the new and upcoming scrapbooking products even better. The video will be smoother!

Noell & Izzy at D'Vine Wine and Bistro

I’m blogging this from the road. Izzy and I are excited to bring to you the fun and excitement of the next four days! You can expect lots of videos to begin going up here on the blog later on Saturday and over the next little while with videos of the scrapbook industry’s newest products. Be sure to come back often to keep up!

And while I’m here, I can’t help posting a closer look Izzy’s newest tool!
Izzy's Steadicam

  • Love it when the ladies get to benefit from the guys new toys! lol have fun for us!!

  • make sure noell video tapes you videotaping cha with those gadgets. You may be mistaken for a swat team member. Have a great time and safe travels. I look forward to the videos.

  • can’t wait for the videos! Thanks for sharing!

  • Awesome! Can’t wait to see all of the newest products out there!

  • Anonymous

    anxiously awaiting the SMOOTH footage from the show! How exciting!!!

  • Rahel

    so so so so so freaking antsy to see your vids :D wish i could be there live, but you guys really do an awesome job with sharing the new lines with us girls that can’t go.. ;) i am going to continue re-loading the page – about once every 2 seconds ;) heeeheeeee

  • Odettectmh

    Woo hoo! Can’t wait to see some videos!