Live with Your Story: Wine Cork Picture Frame

I’ve been bringing more of who we are into the decorating of our home. I want the pieces in my home to tell stories about us. To reveal our personalities.
Wine Cork Picture Frame

This is my wine cork frame! I altered it from this cheap old ugly plain wooden frame…
Ugly Old Picture Frame
I painted the frame brown, added a layer of Rock Candy Distress Crackle Paint, and then added the corks using Glossy Accents. Lastly, I topped it with the Tim Holtz Metal Clock and Spinners. I decided to use a flower-shaped light blue brad, just to lighten it up a bit.

The Story

What does the frame say about us? Mainly that we drink a lot of wine.

But also, each cork is a remnant from a relaxed evening of sharing with, story-telling with, and laughing with someone I love.
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I also happen to love the design and look of wine corks. I love the art and the typography. I love the texture of the cork.


Right now there is a wall of three framed photos of my kids, lined up straight — an old school decorating style. It’s quite out-dated. I’ve been wanting to make a collage of framed photos and art for that area but I need more frames. I’ll be altering a few more old ugly frames for this project. I’ll share as I complete them!

  • Katherine

    I love the frame you created but I have to tell you I ADORE the last photo in this post! You are so happy and so in love! What a great pic to put on the wall!!!!!!

  • Thank you! I love that picture too, but it never occurred to me to put it up
    on the wall! Thanks for the idea!

  • Allie Duckienz

    I am always so very impressed that you can find so many Vegan wines! The wines that I find all include egg or shellfish in the process! As I am allergic to both it is not so nice. So pleased that you get to enjoy your wine! Great frame too!

  • Iceteeeeee

    We rented a cabin once where they left you a bottle of one of their local wines and then had a gigantic glass container (like a huge vase) for everyone to leave their corks in. It was on the mantel and looked really sharp! There was a winery nearby, so people had many different corks.

  • Oh, Allie — I’m only actually sure that one of my wines was vegan. I’ve
    heard that it’s really hard to find out which ones are and aren’t and was
    discouraged from even trying when it comes to wine and beer. Actually, I
    thought it was mainly beer that was difficult. I didn’t realize it was very
    common with wines. I’ve never heard of them using egg or shellfish in the

  • That’s awesome. I do have a decanter and a metal basket that holds our corks
    as well. They’re so pretty!

  • Dedra Long

    You had me at wine cork, lol! You know I don’t drink wine, but you also know my fascination with wine corks. Love the frame girl. You rocked it!


  • joy

    I absolutely LOVE the frame… but most of all, I love the story behind it.  Very cool!