Let’s Talk: Two Peas In a Bucket is Closing

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The signs have been there for a while now. I had my hopes that American Crafts would buy Two Peas, but it turns out AC was busy purchasing We R Memory Keepers.

We will be talking about both of these pieces of major scrapbooking industry news on the Paperclipping Roundtable next week (we’re on vacation this week, so there will be no show).

In the meantime, let’s have a conversation. What are your thoughts?

Leave a comment and let us know.

  • Gabrielle McCann

    Thank you so much – will need to get onto this!

  • Gabrielle McCann

    Kim if you scroll down a bit further, you’ll find a comment by ‘vintageplaid’ with step-by-step instructions. I’m about to do this but I’m starting from not even using Chrome as my browser!

  • Paperkraftd

    I have a somewhat cynical yet oddly hopeful hypothesis: what if they closed the boards so abruptly to get us all jonesing for them? They would probably get a lot of peas willing to pay for a subscription service to maintain their content after being without it for a week or two. I know I would. I don’t see anything that currently exists filling 2peas shoes. Plus, we are already invested in 2Peas content in a way that can’t be immediately replicated. Maybe they are counting on that. Just a thought (a girl can hope)…

  • Gabrielle McCann

    I would love to think that is true, but I think it’s not. I’ve heard that they have been having trouble paying their bills for quite a few months. And this is why there was less and less stock in the store as manufacturers stopped supplying them

  • Davida

    Thanks for the tip! Works perfectly :-)

  • Cindy

    I’ve been reading the comments and I would love to see a forum here. But if you do it, you’ve got to make sure its user friendly. I’ve been part of scraphappy for 3 years and NEVER used their forum until it switched to FB. Now that it’s in a format that I’m somewhat familiar with, I post all the time and am very active. Looking back, I’m surprised I stayed a member so long, hating that message board so much. It wasn’t the people or Lain (who is great), but I just could never get it to work right and every time I signed in, I had to ask for help. So anyway, as a consumer, that’s my 2 cents. But both of you guys are pretty good with technology, so you probably could put something together. I would be willing to help pay for it BTW. :)

  • Cat Burchmore

    Noell I can definitely see why you need the roundtable discussions on the blog, but you could have a message board post that directs people to the blog, not allowing comments within the forum itself. I also think that you would definitely need help. Whether you had a paid for service, or advertising of some sort that helped to pay for an assistant or something. Or perhaps what might be a good idea is to have a featured member each month that shows off their work and they moderate for the month. I know that’s something I wouldn’t mind at all as I’d love to be showing off my work haha! Just trying to think of ways you might make this work. For me I would say my home is the SC message boards but I did use 2 peas a lot too and I’d love to see you guys expanding – as long as it made sense for you :)

  • Cat Burchmore

    I agree about the format being user friendly. One of the reasons I did like the 2peas board was that since the re-design I really liked the design and layout. I also love it over at Studio Calico and that was a big part of my decision to subscribe. However there are other places I haven’t because I don’t like or can’t work out the set up. For example we have a UK forum (someone previously mentioned) called UKScrappers and I just hate it because I don’t like the colours, the layout and it is so hard to actually get to the place you want to get to! So I gave up using it…

  • Gabrielle McCann

    I have another problem in that my OS is too old for the current version of Chrome! Guess I’ve lost the videos : (

  • vintageplaid

    I am truly sorry to hear that. Such a disappointment. :(

  • karag

    Can you download the latest version of OS X? It was free for me.

  • Julianna

    Noell, a site that might be an interesting model for you to look at is apracticalwedding.com – it’s a blog, that specifically decided not to set up forums (for all the reasons mentioned here) and instead is fostering community through lively discussions in the comments sections. One way they make that work (I think, as a reader/member) is by having daily blog posts so there are lots of opportunities for discussion. I don’t know if this fits your plans for paperclipping or not. Another thing they do that could work really well here and address the “start your own topic” concern is they have “happy hour fridays” that are essentially open threads, where people post their own questions in the comments and various conversations get going. Lately they’ve started off the ‘happy hour’ threads with a weekly roundup of links from around the web or relevant “classic” blogposts from the sites own archives – this could be a cool feature here, a roundup of interesting things in scrapping that you’ve come across that week or things like your picks of the week that aren’t always scrapping-based – cool reads, new sites to explore, etc. All food for thought!

  • Melissa LaFavers

    I didn’t think about traveling, Gabrielle, even when I have a trip planned myself.

  • Libby Gordon

    Tracie I totally agree. I can’t imagine how they feel right now; I’m sure they didn’t need the inevitable pile-on. I

  • Melissa LaFavers

    I think it’s so important for all of us to love the art we create, and scrapbooking, memory-keeping, is a form of art. I know that there are pages I’ve seen that don’t appeal to my own personal style, but I always feel really glad to see people committing their memories and their personality to the page. I used to do a lot of scrap lifting, myself, but I almost never do that anymore because I’ve become comfortable with the style I’ve developed. Yes, I sometimes wonder if people like it and wonder why they don’t. I think we all feel that sense of wanting to be validated sometimes. But even when I create a page I’m not terribly digging, which happens less often that it used to, I remind myself: this is about luxuriating in my memories and celebrating my creativity, not about who likes what.

    And I heartily agree with you about Paperclipping: there’s such a diversity of styles and approaches among the guests on the Roundtable, and I do appreciate how the instruction Noell provides in the videos for the membership can be adapted to whatever our own style is. One time, she did some layered stamping, and it was so inspiring to me, I made this beautiful page about my Mom moving to to live with us. It’s one of my favorite pages because it’s so ME. But it was definitely inspired by Noell. :)

  • Anne E

    They may have closed the forums to stop the site crashing so often as they try to sell their remaining stock. I am sad to see it close but glad they kept the paid classes live so that I could download them. I hope everyone involved is ok.

  • My Digital ScrapRoom

    That is definitely encouraging! Thanks for your input. :)

  • Melissa LaFavers

    That sounds awesome!

  • Gabrielle McCann

    I’ll have to get in touch with Apple as my version is several versions behind. Serves me right for not keeping up to date. Just tried on my iPad but no luck

  • Genger

    Sad for two peas as well. I have to say that I was a little turned off by all the cattiness so I chose to limit my post to specific questions even on the scrap boards. I never bought from them because I was blessed in Austin with an Archivers, Big Box Stores, and LSS. Then I moved to Florida and reality set in. Now, I order online. My morning consist of coffee and Feedly. I love looking at blogs and vlogs. Noell, can we possibly see something like a blog hop listing. Not sure if that make sense but that is how I found so many wonderful designers. I loved those post on 2 peas. I build really “large” databases for a living so I would be happy to help design something like that. I wish you and Izzy the best and encourage you to be wise in this time. I look forward to the roundtable and I don’t want to wake up one morning and see a post like I did from 2 peas.

  • Carol

    Beth, we are in Great Falls…Military. We have been to Billings once, but plan on heading to the zoo with our kiddos sometime in the Fall.

  • Christi in MA

    I’d be interested in subscribing to a a message board only membership from Paperclipping. I don’t like watching videos so I am a schmo (lol). Seriously, I skip over videos all over the internet. It just isn’t my favorite medium. I’d rather read than watch to learn.

  • Heidi

    I think that this would be a good opportunity for Big Picture Classes to pick up some new (to them) awesome instructors!

  • Heidi

    Chel — I was thinking something similar. I would love to help out Paperclipping in anyway I can (and I’m sure there are plenty of others who would too) — to give back for all that we have gotten in return over the years from Noell and Izzy.

  • Noell, I immediately thought of you and paperclipping when I heard the news. I am excited for the paperclipping forums more than 2peas. I find that the paperclipping audience has always had very valuable and higher quality discussions than anywhere else I have seen in the scrapbooking community. It’s more of an actual discussion that values multiple ideas rather than just one way. I am also a huge fan of you and Izzy! You guys make a great team and business partners in the eye of the consumer!
    Krystal in Eureka, Ca

  • Jasmine Myers

    You guys are so awesome to open your own forums and gallery!!! Thank you so much! I’m going to tell the Facebook group I started about it. Any chance we can get a For Sale or Trade board on there? That was my favorite. :)

  • cindi

    I agree, that does sound awesome!

  • cindi

    Check out Spitcoaststampers! I am both a stamper and scrapbooker and this website is great and friendly!

  • cindi

    There is a scrapbooking forum as well as NRSB!

  • MelissainSC

    Those videos are also company assets and there may be legal reasons as to why they cannot just transfer the rights back to the creators. There may be negotiations about that but they would not be able to say anything about that until there was a final agreement. There may be creditors involved.
    Let me say, however, that I know nothing more than anyone else who received an e-mail knows. I’m just guessing. I could be completely wrong.

  • urmysunshine

    ACOT used to have a huge community and big creative team. They had quarterly on-line crop weekends that were the most fun I have ever had with scrapbooking and paper crafting. Threeish years ago they abruptly shutdown their team and ended the crops. Same deal – the CT found out the day the public did. ACOT hasn’t been the same since from a community perspective.

  • Brenda Budinger-Weschke

    But if they wanted to supplement the cost of the forum then why not have a subscription model that would help support it and why not reach out to the community they built for help. I would much rather pay a subscription than lose this resource.

  • Hey, Brenda — you must not be on our mailing list. We started an awesome forum + gallery yesterday morning. We decided to provide it for free and hope that it will ultimately lead to more members (which it already has). Hopefully it will pay for itself.
    Go here to join us: http://forum.paperclipping.com/

  • Shimelle Laine

    I’m sorry I’m not really in a good position to comment as much on this topic as might be expected, but I am focusing on acquiring the rights to my materials right now and also I just don’t really have any more information than anyone else. :) But I’ve had a couple emails directly mentioning this specific comment, so I just wanted to address it. :) Yes, my income depended on sales, and if the series didn’t generate sales, it wouldn’t have continued. But they weren’t done free in the first place. Without being independently wealthy and just having no worries for any budget in the world, I just don’t know a way anyone could do a series that required that number of production hours purely on the hope it would make a bit of commission. Does that make sense? Glitter Girl was a salesperson when translated to any other retail situation, so think salary + commission, and if the salesperson doesn’t make their own salary and then some back for the company, it wouldn’t make sense to renew their contract.

    I’m not sure this is really that relevant at all, but of course I am in a transition phase and considering what will be best for me going forward, and while my love for the craft is pretty endless, there are some opportunities I have to turn down simply because I need to pay my rent. I hope that’s pretty reasonable, especially because the alternative would be that I’d have to go back to a more traditional job, leaving me no time to work in the crafting world.

    And more importantly, I’d just like to say thank you to all the support the scrapbooking community has shown me over the years and in this past week. I cannot say thank you enough.

  • Shimelle Laine

    I haven’t seen the thread you reference, but this particular problem was addressed pretty effectively a few years ago with changes in our working format. So although it did have its time, it hasn’t been an issue recently.

  • Yes, that makes sense, Shimelle. I hope you find a way to continue to be full time in the scrapbooking world!! Big hugs!!

  • AllisonLP

    So two peas now has an etsy store with tons of their exclusive flairs and wood veneers.https://www.etsy.com/shop/ItsLikeThisLLC?ref=shopsection_shophome_leftnav

  • Bec Kilgore

    Hmmm, I was able to open the workshops I had paid for on Sunday. I did download the .pdf files. Guess I didn’t download the Chrome extension for videos soon enough. Now when I click on the workshops that I paid for it takes me to wood veneers in the store.

  • Bec Kilgore

    I am a dope! I hadn’t logged in using Chrome. So hopefully I can download the videos. Sheesh.

  • Cindy

    Thank you…thank you…thank you…Chrome works !!!

  • Robin

    Will this work for the glitter girl videos? I tried to download them thru you tube and thought it was working, but then all of a sudden the videos I thought I downloaded disappered.

  • JenClark74

    I can’t even get logged IN to 2 Peas! Every time I get to the Workshops page, and then click on “Log In” to try to access my workshops, I get a message saying the page isn’t available. This is the same message I’ve gotten since they announced their closure. I’m using Chrome, so I don’t know what else to do. I’m VERY upset that I won’t be able to download my workshops…I had several. Any suggestions?

  • Denise P

    I did not know that…that’s a bummer! They are changing things right now as far as perks go…real bummer for me. They used to give points for the message board but since reinstating them, they haven’t…really sucks since I love them for the bonuses they offer. They’ve already reduced the daily limit and taken away points for reviews (unless you are a verified buyer) and now no points on the boards has really left them with little left to take away.

  • Kmloughran

    Ohmygoodness Katy, Thank you. I was lamenting the loss of this content. I have videos downloading in the background as I type this. A big cyber hug to you!!


  • As someone who started an Online Crafting Supply Company in 2010, I have noticed a few things about this industry. For one, YouTube is a great way to stick together and find out about new products and techniques. Second, if you don’t sell your inventory QUICK you will have old stock so much faster than any other type of business. The trends come as quickly as they go. Also, you have to have super competitive pricing along with lightning fast shipping and a great attitude. Lastly, the one I struggle with the most, is exposure. With more exposure, you should be able to get more sales and lower your prices while keeping a sustainable business. Two Peas had the exposure, so they must have messed up somewhere else. It is sad though. Personally, even though I knew about Two Peas, I never placed an order on their website simply because I was able to find their items at other places for less and most of what they carried was not my style. I gravitate towards Tim Holtz, Graphic 45, Prima Mktg, etc. One more thing, there are many different styles of crafting and it is very hard to cater to everyone’s style. So, I can definitely see what someone else was saying about there being “niches”.

  • Laura

    I would have been shocked had American Crafts — or any reputable company, for that matter — purchased Two Peas. And if they had, I’d bet quite a bit of money that they would have made some major changes to the discussion boards at the very least. The disrespect, hatefulness, and toxicity of at least the NSBR board there was a major point against it. The hatefulness often spilled over to the other boards as well. I know that it’s negative reputation was known far and wide, and I honestly think the owners should have done something long ago. Their allowing things to go on to the point that people were threatened, posters cyber-stalked each other and then called another poster’s employer in order to get them fired, and all sorts of other nasty things was irresponsible at best and probably significantly hurt their chances of being purchased. Their reputation preceded them, that’s for sure. :(

  • Laura

    Absolutely correct, imho — they didn’t care about the sense of community and not only did they do very little to foster it, they allowed things to get out of hand far too often.

  • That is nuts. Did 2Peas not do anything about the Peas doing the threatening and stalking?

  • Peafectionist

    Is there any way for me to collect the digital pages I created? The computer I used to create them no longer exists. My Digitals on 2 Peas (so sad they are gone) was my backup copy. I was diagnosed with a very painful autoimmune disease almost 6 years ago. For at least a year I couldn’t sit at my desktop. After that I’d us my iPad to look at my creations, my family, the life I lost. Sadly I don’t have access to those family photos, digital, I used in my scrapping.

    3P’s may have given us the warning to get those things we’d paid for and our creations, but the email address I used was my work address. I no longer teach kindergarten, I would not have gotten the update.

    I will have this painful illness for life, if there is no cure, which is currently the case.

    I apologize for this lengthly message. I hurt in 2 ways. Illness and loss of the tender digital photos of 10 grandchildren i created digital scrap pages for and I lovingly stored on 2peas.

    I’m so sorry for the 2peas team. You were a big part of my life, you served many creative lives. I wish I could have helped, I barely help myself.

    *******Is there any way I can get my creation files back, I can store them on my iPad?
    The work email I may have used was
    jprobert@dsdmail.com. Other email no longer used:
    Current email: jacklynprobert@me.com
    2peas name: peafectionist

    THANK YOU. Jacklyn

  • Jacklyn, I’m so sorry. We have no connection with 2Peas, so there is no way for us to help you. I don’t know if there is some way for you to get in touch with the owners, or not. I’ve never talked with them, myself, so I have no help I can offer you. So sorry!