Leading and Anchoring – Paperclipping 287

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In need of a layout idea to try?

This week I picked two design principles and made them the crux of my scrapbook pages.

Any time you’ve run out of ideas you can pick a design principle and let it inspire the direction of your page.

Not only can this get you moving forward on a layout, but it can also be a great way to practice or explore the design principle.

So my tip today is: Pick a design principle and use it to jump start and inspire your design.

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The last time I did this I chose the principle of harmony, and in the process I learned more about my own taste and visual preferences.

This time I chose two principles — leading the eye and anchoring — and combined them to make the main design elements of both of the pages I scrapbooked in the newest Paperclipping video. I then showed (in the video) comparisons to other pages where those principles were used more subtly, or where I took the complete opposite approach.

The 6 total layouts I featured in the video show you just a sampling of how versatile design is. And that’s just one reason why design is so super cool.

So, do you want to try this design principle exploration?

You can choose your own design principle to focus on today, or you can watch my video and go with the design principles I chose. You can scraplift my layouts, or you can use the principles and the ideas to inspire your own design.

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Shine On and have fun paperclipping!

  • Jan Johnson

    Love videos like this. I feel totally clueless when it comes to design principles and embellishments, so it’s nice to get to walk through them a few at a time. With enough of them, the process just might penetrate my poor left brain.

  • Thank you. So if I understand what you’re saying, you like the heavy focus on two principles side-by-side in this one? Maybe I can do that more often. I did it in my mini video course, Scrapbookers, Unite, where I showed how harmony and contrast work together, even though they’re opposites. I loved making that course. So yeah, I’ll see what I can do to make more videos that that highlight two or three principles together. Thanks for the feedback!

  • Side note: here is info on that mini video course that is basically about how Harmony + Contrast = Unity. I mentioned it vaguely in the post and then here in the comments. It’s called, Scrapbookers, Unite.


  • Jan Johnson

    Thanks for the link.
    While I’m thinking about it, I’ve been meaning to share a “tip” with you. On one of the podcasts you said you had trouble remembering whether the right or left brain was the logical one. Here’s what finally worked for me…Left and Logical both start with “L” and the Left brain is the Logical one.

  • Juleann Hammond

    Really enjoyed the video combining 2 design principles. I’ve been a member for a few years now and it’s so worth it! I often go back and view older videos when I need direction. Really like the idea of combining 2 principles on one page, I hope this isn’t the last video on that theme. As always you’re very inspiring, good job. Of course Izzy’s awesome video work deserves mention. Thanks for all you two do, more than once it’s made my day.

  • Gabrielle McCann

    Looking forward to watching!

  • As always, love the design principal videos. Could you do a similar one for two page spreads? Am I the only one that still likes to do 2-page layouts? I usually have 6-7 photos for my story. Sometimes I make a pretty one page layout like this and put a pocket page style next to it (without really using pocket pages) but most times I want a full 2 page layout and I find it difficult to draw they eye across both pages!