Layered Diagonal Flexible Template – Paperclipping 211

paperclipping 211

Ever feel like people don’t spend as much time gazing at your scrapbook layouts as your pages deserve?

What is it about some pages that cause people to stop and really look?

Well, it can be a number of different things, but one of the big characteristics that draw people in are layers.

When you have layers, you have some things hidden, only partially peeking out.

And that causes mystery.

People love a mystery. Just look at the popularity of the TV show, Lost. It was one mystery after another that kept the audience coming back, episode after episode and season after season.

Hyman (closeup2)

Layers Suck People Into a Scrapbook Layout

The more layers you have on your scrapbook layouts, the more time someone needs to spend trying to “solve” all those layers. And the longer you can keep them at it, the more they’re interacting with it and making an emotional connection.

So if you want to engage people longer and get them to connect with your scrapbook layout and your story, try creating some layers.

Want a little guidance or inspiration?

In this week’s episode of Paperclipping I share a new Flexible Template: Layered Diagonals. It’s a template for creating layers on your pages. If you’re experienced with layers, this might give you a new way to make them. If you’re new to it, it’ll give you some direction to give you confidence and get you going!

You’ll see me put together two pages — both full of layers. You’ll learn more about the design principles that go into them, too.

This scrapbooking video tutorial is available for members in the Member’s Area and on iTunes.

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  • SmallJohn2

    What has a man dying for mankind got to do with Eggs and Fertility, as after watching some of your video’s i find your comments strange (easter) is the Value of what people are buying more important than life?

  • Iceteeeeee

    I love your flexible templates. You are the best at explaining your reasoning, design principles, and all of the details of your processes. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: this membership is worth every penny and then some! Thanks for being YOU, Noell!

  • Ahhh — thank you!! :)

  • Shannon

    Hi Noel,
    I am not sure where is put this, but i would like to know how to setup my membership to my iphone. Let me know if you can help.

  • Hi, Shannon! When you watch the videos do you watch them from the Member’s Area or on iTunes? If you watch them on iTunes then you just need to sync your phone to your iTunes account via your computer. Then the videos will all be on your phone under the Music button I think. When you click on Music, iTunes will open up for you and you can then click on Podcasts.
    There are instructions in the Members Area on how to get the member videos on iTunes. Just login to your account and you’ll find them near the top in the instructions. :)