Journal Your Photos

Sometimes I just write a quick journal note into my photo metatadata, but then write something different for the actual scrapbook layout. More and more, though, I find myself really thinking through my journaling while on my computer, as if I were scrapbooking. Then my journaling is ready for me to use on a page when I sit down to scrap if I choose to.

This way, I capture my thoughts and feelings ahead of time so I don’t forget. But it also makes it easy for me to print my journaling without breaking my paper-crafting flow because I’ve already typed it.

Here’s an example of what I did last Monday with photos from the weekend:

Trinity’s First Dance Competition
Dance Costumes

Dance Shoes

Costumes and Shoes

Preparing for Trinity’s first competition.

With six dances, I wanted to be sure Trinity had everything organized so she wouldn’t have to worry about what she needed next. I put her costumes in order, tucked the accessories in one of her costume hats, put the shoes in a small bag, and her hair and makeup pieces in a pocket. Last, I added a checklist of all her numbers and important items.

We were all so excited, including Trinity herself. We were so proud of how hard she worked and how amazing she was.

I love watching her dance — she is such a joy. But I also enjoyed the mother-daughter bonding that developed from having spent an entire day with her: watching her dance numbers and feeling so, so proud; running back after the first few to make sure she didn’t need my help with her hair changes; scrounging up change for the vending machines when we realized there would be no break for food, and helping her make the best possible decisions from the unhealthy options in order to sustain her energy.

This day made my Top Favorite Mom Memories list.

I don’t think I found the words to accurately express the level of emotion that I feel about this day with Trinity. I hope I’ll be able to use design to make up for what is lacking in my words.

  • Reading this makes me look forward to whatever my baby girl chooses to do. I remember how excited I used to get before my orchestra performances back in the day. (I played violin through school.) I wonder what my parents felt going to my concerts. Wait…my mom was often at my sister’s gymnastics practices the nights of my concerts, at least in high school. My dad…used to fall asleep waiting for me to come on stage. My grandma recorded every minute on cassette tape, though!

  • KatieK.

    I struggle with finding all the words to describe my emotions when watching my son take care of all his pre-competition stuff with his costumes, eating, makeup, nerves, etc. In some ways I am an audience there even before the real one begins. Then at the shows, I sit in wonder as all the dancers & performers do their ‘thing’ – all of them are so poised, so full of talent, doing at a young age what took me a long time to do. Face their uncertainities with bravery and go boldly out to meet the world. Kudos to all children who perform for an audience at any level and thank you to all parents and coaches and teachers who bring them there to that point for us to watch and enjoy.

  • I love the violin!

    It really is amazing to watch your kids discover their thing. One of the
    best things in life!

  • I love hearing about your own similar experiences with your son’s dancing! I
    don’t know where you guys live — any chance he’ll be competing at Tremaine
    in Las Vegas this summer?


  • KatieK.

    We are in New England :( but if they both keep dancing and competing – who knows? Yesterday his birthday present came. He choose the portable tap dance floor over a flipvideo camera. He had choreographed a routine to show his homeschool class and the only floor surface we had was a trimmed plastic protector used in office for swivel chairs on carpet. It was very slippery but he did it!
    Have you thought of getting one for Trinity? ( I just learned about them) I could see a cool scrap page about either of them practising at home.

  • Mmdeignan

    I understand the emotions too as my daughter took ballet classes, competed for positions in summer programs and auditioned for major companies. She danced professionally with the Cleveland Ballet for several years. It was always ballet for her over dance forms, but she had to have class everyday and it took a family commitment to “get it done.” I always enjoyed the comraderie of helping her and other young talent over the yearsDance is such a beautiful, emotion filled art form.

  • KatieK.

    Who would imagine that us dance parents can share via a photo/scrapbooking site! With the rush of dropping off, picking up and not always getting a chance to talk re: ‘deep’ stuff with other parents at my son’s dance studio, I am relishing hearing about yours and Noel’s thoughts and feelings.