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It’s Finally Here: Romantic Scrapbooking Course

Such a Romantic (closeup)
It’s now live!

I can’t tell you how excited I am for this. I think you’ll love it.

We’ve launched it with a deep discount for the next three days!

CLICK HERE to find out about the course and the promotion discount. :)

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  • Jennifer G.

    I just want to know if I was first?

  • sandie conry

    Noell, I wonder, do you feel there is enough content in terms of design and techniques to make this worthwhile for someone without a romantic relationship to document? Thanks!

  • Hi, Sandie. Thanks for your interest!

    You probably wouldn’t be able to use the story ideas (unless you were scrapbooking your parents’ stories), but you would be able to use most, if not all, of the design ideas and techniques. I don’t share any secret design principles that I haven’t shared in the member videos, but the layout designs themselves are all new.
    You’d get more out of the course if you have a relationship you’re documenting, and I can’t guarantee everyone will feel it’s worth it, but I do think many scrapbookers who like how I do things would find the course worthwhile, even without a significant other. At least I hope so!
    I hope that helps! :)

  • Great question! as I’m on the same boat :)

  • ROFL – I love it.

    I think either Anika or Gina were first, but you were AMONG the first! I definitely appreciate the enthusiasm!! :)

  • Jennifer G.

    I just like to be first, but I guess I will take top five.

  • sandie conry

    Thanks, Noell, that does help. It’s funny, while I was waiting for your reply (I knew it wouldn’t take long), I thought of my parents and a great photo I have of their 35th anniversary, and the fact that they got married in their minister’s bedroom because he had the flu and they didn’t want to wait for him to get well! Now, if only you would cover a romance that ended in divorce! (Just kidding!) Thanks for your quick reply!!

  • Ha ha! You’re competitive like me. :)

  • Wow, what a story!

    P.S.> Let’s not hope for that outcome as a future course from me and Izzy. ;)

  • Katherine Kelley

    Noelle, I’m assuming then that it helps one discover the themes or stories about or within your relationship one wants to scrapbook. Not a chronological-based story to tell, right?

  • Krystal Arnot

    Lovvvve this so excited to get home and download it to my computer. I just purchased with my phone. Love your content ways so strong and worth every penny. You and izzy are great relationship role models too :))

  • Right. Each video segment tackles a subject related to romantic relationships. Then I share different story ideas within that subject. Some of those subjects are geared toward the beginning of the relationship, some are current, and some spam the entire length of the relationship.

  • Thank you!! :)

  • geezee

    I hit purchase as soon as it came up and I came over here to find out the same thing.- gina

  • geezee

    I haven’t gotten all the videos downloaded, but the content I have seen so far looks like it is worth the purchase price as we all know how well Noell presents thoughtful instruction, I am excited to tell others it looks GREAT! My hubby has even agreed to go through this process with me. Lucky Me! -gina

  • Wow! Tell your husband he’s awesome!! Thank you for the kind words! :)

  • Ha! :)

  • Jennifer G.

    Someone walked into my office and interrupted me. Darn work!

  • geezee

    Rotten work!

  • Katherine Kelley

    So timed for Valentine’s Day, thanks!

  • Sandi Elizabeth James

    I am so glad I found you (through your CHA youtube videos). I joined the website a few weeks ago and have done more layouts from being inspired by your video lessons in that time period than I have done in the last few years! And now I am very excited to do this course as well. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Welcome to Paperclipping! Thank you for your membership and for purchasing this course. I hope you love this too.
    You recently sent me an email similar to this comment and Izzy read it on the Paperclipping Roundtable episode for this week. :)

  • Sandi Elizabeth James

    Oh that’s sweet! I haven’t figured out all of the things available on the site and roundtable must be one of them!

  • Krystal Arnot

    Sandi- roundtable podcast is the best!! start listening now- you have a lot to catch up on! I am really excited for you to listen ’cause you’re in for a treat!!!!

  • Sandi Elizabeth James

    Good to know! Thanks! And it seems like there’s a whole community here? ? Yay!

  • Marie-Pierre Capistran

    Awesome class Noell. :)

  • If you scroll through the blog you will see blog posts for the Roundtable episodes. Or you can click on “Roundtable” in the menu to see only those posts. You can also search for the Paperclipping Roundtable on iTunes and find it there (that’s the best way to listen to it). It’s an audio talk show that you will LOVE!!!

  • Thx, Krystal!

  • Yay, thank you!!! :)

  • Sandi Elizabeth James

    great, thanks!!

  • Jenn Lynn

    Ok, I’m in! Just purchased the class and am anxiously awaiting for the videos to download. :-)

  • Jenn Lynn

    oops I mean’t ‘excitedly’ awaiting…

  • ha ha! Thank you for that correction, LOL! :)

    And thank you for joining us!

  • Bought the course and looking forward to digging in… haven’t had a chance to watch the videos yet, LOL!