Inside an Album – Paperclipping 271


What if your scrapbooks could create an experience?

For you. For someone else. For anyone looking through the pages?

I used to resist scrapbooking with a color scheme for a whole album — always looking for variety and freedom in everything. That’s now changed.

I’ve come to feel that with a hint (or more) of a whole story and bit of design unity inside our albums, the entire experience of viewing them can be greater than the sum of individual, randomly designed layouts.

Maybe you have these questions, though…

  1. What about the fact that photos come in a variety of colors?
  2. Don’t you get bored having the same colors?
  3. What do you do about layouts you already made before choosing a color scheme?

Let me show you inside one of my own albums and see if those still seem like barriers. You’ll see that some of these problems are not the beasts they seem, and you’ll get lots of tips for how to fix the ones that are.

It’s all in the newest video for Paperclipping members.

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  • Great video! Thanks :D

  • purple_sparkles

    I really loved this video. I’m beginning to get a good grasp of how to make my album more homogenous. Your layouts are really nice too, Noell.

  • Terry

    Thank you SO much Noell for this video. I had asked you to consider showing us one of your albums so we could see your process and it is brilliant! I love it! You are truly gifted in design and I could look at your pages for hours. So many things you said made perfect sense but would not have occurred to me. I will watch this video again and again as it is so inspiring. Seeing the way you blend traditional pages with pocket pages and size differences was also very helpful. I struggle with mixing things up (maybe a Virgo trait deep set) but you really make it work beautifully. I am so grateful to you (and Izzy of course) for doing such a wonderful job on this video – it was exactly what I asked for and you delivered! Kudos and Huge Thanks!!

  • KatieK.

    Always inspiring! I made a tribute album for a friend spanning birth to present. Before starting, I researched the color schemes and popular colors for each decade and age grouping. It really helped unify the B/W & color photos & hopefully suggest the “when” of the layouts and album. Your ideas remind me also of how book publishers plan the cover, title, font, etc of books knowing that a lot of us get drawn to the book by what is suggested by the design. Thanks again!

  • Bookworm9798

    Really enjoyed this episode. Getting to see the album from start to finish really helped illustrate what you were discussing.

  • Tina Campbell

    Wow cool video and scrapbook concept :) Love your layouts and your storytelling of Arizona and I agree you don’t see the things in our city when you lived here all your life that others have. Now you got me thinking to do an album about our city so much rich history here with the lumber era years and years ago, history of Little League, mountains and streams and Millionaire’s row (This provided our school with their emblem and name) Thank you for a wonderful insight of what you can do with an album like this and how to make it all tie together :)

  • Cyndi

    Great album Noell. I had no idea Arizona had a monsoon season. Those were awesome photos you were able to find on the web. I also notice differences in areas while travelling and love the textures in the Arizonian landscape. So very different from the Pacific Northwest region. Great idea to add the pp as mosaic pieces to the stamped sun. Love!

    I have a couple of questions: 1. Is that a fabric piece alongside the pictures in the Sonoran Eating layout? 2. Did you use clear acrylic packaging to create the journalling pieces for the Metro Lite Rail pages? Or? Love!

  • Thank you, Cyndi. Yes, for the Sonoran Eating layout I used a piece of fabric that I had cut from one of Trinity’s old dance costumes, I attached it with glue dots. I put that together in a recent episode not long before this one. I don’t remember if I said anything more than, “this is fabric,” or not, but if you’re interested in seeing, watch the 3 videos or so that I made right before this one.
    The acrylic journaling pages — a couple friends of mine had made those and sent them to me. They had dabbled in making digi scrapbooking products and printed some of their stuff out and sent it to me. I think that was actually transparency — like the kind you project in classes. You can get it at office supply stores and print digi designs on to it.

  • Cyndi

    I watch all your videos!