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Do you have more Project Life cards than you could ever manage to put into an album?

Or maybe you fell in love with a set and bought it, even though you don’t do Project Life. Either way, I’ve been hearing that a lot of scrapbookers are looking for ways to incorporate those cute cards into traditional pages. Here’s an idea…

Pull out three of the same card and line them up in various ways to create borders or anchoring lines.

I usually do a bit of cropping, depending on how I’m lining them up. It’s a great way to use repetition in your design while giving structure to the page.

I shared this and five other additional ways to use 3×4 cards on traditional scrapbooking layouts in this week’s episode of Paperclipping.

As a bonus I also shared some design tips for when you are using pocket pages and all you have are 3×4 photos, since those are the hardest pages to make look good, in my opinion.

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  • Teresa S

    Loved all the wonderful tips and ideas in this video! Thanks!

  • Tina Campbell

    Super cool tip !

  • tape

    Is there ever a danger of trapped white space on Project Life spreads? I suppose within individual cards, yes, but how about lighter/emptier cards in the midst of more content-full cards? If we define trapped white space as something like white space without a direct relationship to a page edge.

  • I do not think think trapped white space is an issue with Project Life, except on the individual cards. For example, if you had colored cards and photos in all the spaces, and then one journaling card in a middle space, I would see that as a contrasting pop of white. Trapped white space has more to do with the empty space having free-flow through and not getting trapped in one awkward spot. Those grids lines between each card changes the dynamics so there isn’t really an overall feeling of free-flowing space that can get trapped somewhere.
    I’d say the bigger threat would be placing a white card in an edge pocket and then having all the other pockets be filled with dark cards. It seems like that would create a weird off-balance. In fact, that poor white card might even look trapped over there by its lonesome, surrounded by lots of dark. That’s not exactly what we mean by trapped white space, though, so I would call that a balance problem.

  • Cyndi

    Before Project Life cards there were cards/Journalling spots to purchase individually. They were often located near the cash register and I would pick up a few to add to my stash. I don’t do PL so I love to see how you use these types of cards on your other layouts. I think they are great embellishment pieces. I love how you cut them up to make them work. In my neck of the woods we don’t see much PL. I love the ones you used in your Philippines album. Beautiful,