Ideas for Radiant Orchid, Part 2 – Paperclipping 232

paperclipping 232

What’s the big deal about Pantone’s Radiant Orchid?

It’s just lavender, right?

Well, not really. From what I understand of lavender, it is a whiter version of pure purple. Pure purple is a balanced mix of blue and red. Lavender is a simple color.

Orchid, on the other hand, is more complex. What does that mean? Somewhere along the way, either during the mixing of purple, or after the purple was already mixed, pink and fuchsia are blended into it.

Complex colors draw us in more because there is so much to discover about them. It takes longer for the eye to see and register their nuances. They’re also more interesting to combine with other colors because each color you pair with a complex color will enhance and emphasize a different “ingredient” of that color.

In terms of trends, Radiant Orchid is styling this year! Before Pantone announced its color choice to represent the current thought, ideas, and desires of our culture, fashion experts predicted pink as a hot trendy color for 2014. Orchid, with its infusion of pink and fuchsia, is just the right type of purple to hit the scene.

Radiant Orchid and Color Temperature

Complex colors can be easier to mix and match with different color temperatures because there is bigger mix of warm and cool within them.

In Ideas for Radiant Orchid, Part 1 I shared a cool color combination, and then showed how you can take that same group of colors, but go darker and more vibrant with it.

In today’s episode, Ideas for Radiant Orchid, Part 2, we go warm with orchid. I share one combination that is darker and vibrant and on the cooler spectrum of warms. Then we move into a softer muted palette that is far warmer.

Watching both episodes should help you see how many directions you can take a single color. Especially when you consider all the other colors I DIDN’T use that we could still pair with Radiant Orchid.

In Part 2 I also share some super fun techniques that will give you brilliant results! If you’re a Paperclipping Member you can watch this video now in the Member’s Area or on iTunes.

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  • teddi

    noell, you are rocking that color! yes i mean the layouts in the past 2 episodes, and that outfit. i adore it. i’ve been hunting for the perfect crochet vest, looks like you’ve found one. ;)

  • Thank you! The crochet piece is a tank top/tunic. It’s nice and long, hangs just longer than my hips. I love it and it was very inexpensive from Body Central I think. I ordered it in their online store.

    — I just searched their store for it and it looks like they don’t have it anymore.

  • Katherine Kelley

    Love the alcohol ink embellishment pieces you made. Remind of stained glass a bit. I made a pinterest mood board starring Radiant Orchid to help me with an art project I’m making and your angel wings and the etoh inked paper are just perfect additions. Thanks for posting both videos/posts full of ideas, techniques, and explanations.

  • Thank you!

  • Bethany Rielage

    I just got back from Lowe’s this morning, and they had a big display all about the new Pantone color of the year! They had little cans of paint for sale and color swatches for free. I took a couple swatches – one for future reference and one to put in my Project Life album. When I saw it, I immediately thought of you, Noell, and wanted to let you know!