I Want to Chat with YOU!

Did you watch all the CHA videos and listen to the Paperclipping Roundtable?

All of the videos are uploaded now. As Izzy and I drove home I had one main thought: I want to chat with everyone at home who has been following our coverage!

I want to know what you think, what you observed, what you’re wondering about. Of course, I’m talking mainly about CHA but we don’t have to restrict it to just that.

I just really want to hang out with you. :)

So I set up an event for tomorrow where I can live broadcast myself on video and you can ask me questions and share you own thoughts. We’ll be able to post a video of this event immediately after it’s over for anyone who can’t make it.

When: Friday, Jan. 17, 2014
Time: 9:30am PST
Where: At this URL >


You will need a Google Plus account to see communicate with me. It’s free and you can sign up for it here:


Can’t wait to chat with you!

Shine On,

P.S.> Here’s that link to the event again >>


  • Inge

    Hello Noel,

    I think i have seen almost all of you CHA videos!

    I want to thank you and Izzy a lot for doing this and sharing it on the internet !!

    Since a few years i search the internet as soon as Cha starts for your videos, because i know you are one of the first to post, favorites are for me the demos, but when you show a booth, you also show projects with them so this gives an idea how they could look. Your videos have a good content, they don’t make me seasick, so a big thumb up for Izzy( who films i guess)!!

    I will never attend CHA but you give me the feeling I was there and i’m sooooo good informed about the newest stuff in craftland:)

    So, big thanks and lots of greetings from Belgium


  • Marina Delgado

    What a fun idea! I’ll definitely be joining in!

  • Sadly, I will not be able to join the chat tomorrow, but if I was there, here is what I would ask. Companies like Cosmo Cricket and My Mind’s Eye that have gone in such a different direction: should I be worried that this is an attempt by them to stay in business? Or are they healthy companies truly trying to forge a new path?

  • I love that you left your question here since you won’t be able to attend!!!! Thank you!
    If any other want to do the same, please do!

  • fancyscrapper

    Oh, I hope I can be there! I’m eastern time, so I think that separates us by 3 hours. 9:30 for you should be 12:30 for me, unless Daylight Savings Time messes that up? I know they don’t DO DST in Arizona though.

    I’m so excited! I’m on my second time listening through this year’s CHA PRT. . .so fun! Off now to finish the vids from CHA. See y’all tomorrow!

  • That looks right to me: 9:30 PST should be 12:30 on eastern. :)

  • Terri Torrez

    Funny, when I was listening to the episode, I was wishing you could do it live so we could send in questions. The CHA episode is always my favorite and I love the videos. I wish I didn’t have to work tomorrow.

    My question is about color trends: any big colors or combos this year (besides orchid)? Any other trends – muted, brights, grungy, softer? It seemed to me like a lot of the papers seemed softer but TH’s paints and inks got brighter. Would love to hear your overall impressions.

  • Nice!

  • Maribeth Robison

    I just found out about you from a Two Peas post, I loved your CHA videos. Of course I have a different style than most of the places you visited, I would have liked to see DCWV, My Besties, HOTP, to name a few. But I thought your coverage of the booths you choose to visit was very professionally done and provided the viewer excellent information. I am going to have to investigate what you offer here and see if I am able to support you to keep your efforts in the scrapbooking industry going forward.


  • Binty

    Ty for the videos. Really fun. The effort u and Izzy have put doing this is phenomenal. TY once again. CHA this year seemed like all vellum and die-cut-stamp. And GOLD which i love. Also lots of wood veneer. And lots and lots of pocket page scrapping products. I wish there were more collections for 12×12 scrapbooking, most of them seemed too themey — is 12×12 scrapbooking dying ? :(

  • michelle t

    I hope not! Traditional scrapbooking combines for me my love of my pictures and providing me a creative outlet, if that makes any sense. I like the idea of pocket scrapbooking, it’s fast and you can be real creative with that too. But I just love paper too much. Thanks for making the videos. I’m new to scrapbooking and enjoyed your previews very much. Michelle t.

  • Tracey

    I’ll try to listen covertly while I’m at work, but I’ll definitely watch it later if it doesn’t work out! Thanks for making that option available.

    My biggest question is this: Were any manufacturers/vendors discussing whether or not they will be hurt by not having Archiver’s as one of their buyers anymore? I do feel that the industry will survive without them, however I know that they were an important buyer for a lot of manufacturers. Just curious what the tone of the discussion (if any) was surrounding their closing.

    Thanks SO MUCH for the CHA videos and PRT coverage! These last few years, I really feel like I’ve known what’s been going on in the industry thanks to you!

  • Amanda

    Great idea!

  • Jennifer Campbell

    Boo! So wish I wasn’t working tomorrow! LOL Friday’s are usually my day off, but I took yesterday off to Play! with the Big Picture gang :-) Loved all your CHA coverage and the CHA PRT, of course!

    I’ll have to think about questions…nothing coming to mind right away. I’ll definitely listen later tomorrow though!

  • Well, you are such a positive joy! Thank you! :)

  • Thank you, Tracey! :)

  • :)

    Hope you had fun!

  • Debbie

    All the videos that i have watched are awesome. I am going to try and participate tomorrow. I was wondering what you thought of Ali’s stuff at Technique Tuesday, i didn’t see any footage of that? Also, i get overwhelmed watching, there is so much that you can want!!! Do you come away a little overwhelmed?

  • Witchypoos

    Hello Noell

    I agree with Inge (my art sister) that I wait for the CHA videos to come out from you both. The quality of the filming makes watching a pleasure. Your knowledge and engagement with the vendors and artist adds to the content.

    I wondered while watching if there could be an option for 2015, where we could provide questions in advance?

    The video about the Scan’n’Cut was interesting but would have been great to ask more about how that worked ? What can I scan and how well does it draw ?
    During the video with Stephanie Barnard she quickly picked up a product she called it the “stamper secret weapon” which I understood came with a pokey tool but no idea what the product did/how it helped get a better stamped image??

    Keep up the amazing work guys.

    Zoe in UK

  • Blupixy

    Wish I could join in! Really bummed I can’t join in on the chat.
    Love your videos from CHA!
    One of my questions is: how do you decide which booths to film at CHA? I know there are many and you can’t do every one, so how do you decide.

  • Heather Dubarry

    The stampers secret weapon is simply a foam mat you put under your paper when you stamp. It really helps unmounted stamps give a cleaner, crisper image. They’ve been around for ages, her’s is just a newer model.

  • vintageplaid

    Don’t think I will be able to make it today, but do have a question about the Rebekah Meier stencils for The Crafters Workshop. These were amazing and I am wondering if you heard or noticed when they will be available. I can’t find them anyplace online to order or pre-order. Any clues? I will also contact TCW to ask about it, but wondered if you heard at CHA when you were talking with Rebekah. Thanks! Will look forward to watching the chat later!

  • Lee

    Noell – thank you so much for the work that you did to bring us these videos during CHA, you and the team make it possible for those of us living in other countries to experience a little of the fun that is CHA. I found your videos really useful in terms of showing new product ranges and project ideas, but also the demonstrator techniques and hearing explanation about ways in which various products can be used together along with the design inspiration behind some of the product ranges. A big thumbs up from me here in the UK.

  • JoRoFan

    Thank you for the videos and chat. You and Izzy do a great job covering CHA! I look forward to your videos every year!

  • Witchypoos

    Thank you

  • Gwen

    What a great CHA coverage, loved the demos, loved seeing the DT samples, loved the chance for a live Q & A Thank you both for sharing this with us!!

  • Manual Sam

    I haven’t watched all the CHA videos nor the
    discussions, but I would like to comment on the INDUSTRY. I find many of
    the products irritating & substandard. I just bought a spellbinders
    flourish die. To begin with the “instructions” are vague,don’t
    work and are so small as to be unreadable. I’m also SICK of having
    instructions on all products rinted in 7k different languages making them
    ALL unreadable. The SB dies slip around & the paper comes off the
    die. The other half of the time part of them don’t cut thru. I
    guess this wouldn’t happen if I bought the $34 magnetic plate with no idea if
    even THAT would work. Also, shopping online @ sites like Joanns is
    beyond frustrating with a different site problem about every day. The
    one-day “deals” are also tiring and often misleading. I don’t
    know how online sites expect to sell products when there’s no picture at all,
    like many products on the Joanns site. Most sites have inadequate product
    descriptions and there’s NEVER illustrations of ALL the papers in the
    siight-unseen pads they’re hawking. Personally I wish I’d never invested a single cent in
    this industry

  • je

    Hi there