I Fought Sorting By Color – PRT041

In this episode of the Paperclipping Roundtable, we answer your organizational questions…

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  • Jdaloisio

    Totally unrelated comment but I thought of Izzy when I saw this: http://www.vimeo.com/15091562
    – someone launched an iphone into space- totally amazing! And yet just one more reason for Izzy to keep picking the iphone/ipad and related apps for his pics :) I’ve gotten some of my best apps from listening to this show and the digi show, and am now knowing I need an ipad for the pdf reader.
    Thanks! Love the show – such interesting topics and I feel like I’m right there with you guys each week!

  • Organizing classes. That is a real issue for me. Not at BPC where I’ve taken 115 classes. There I print out what I may need at the time I’m working with the class.. HOWEVER, other places insist you download classes or they are gone. Mine from those sites are scattered all over my computer. I’ll try a class folder but even this will probably be too overwhelming because of sorting. So, I just hope I get back to them. (I must confess, today I did research i-pad. Izzy, it maybe the way to go.) I keep asking myself WHY do I take classes from any place other than BPC, Paperclipping and Renee Pearson? So far, I think these are the only sites that give me lifetime access to my classes. Plus the quality of the classes is so good. Of course, other sites find the storage issues too great which is why they do not offer this service. Pros and cons there, the return to your site can generate more business justifying the storage costs, I think. If you are only offering classes for a short period of time and do not feel you are going to be a part of the institution of on-line education maybe it’s not worth the return traffic and investment. I did enjoy the classes I’ve tried at Get It Scrapped. However, I do not like having to download the classes. There was a little sarcastic rant over there about “lifetime” download availability that I did NOT appreciate. We all know “lifetime” refers to the life of the site. I just see some sites really planning for the long haul as I mentioned above.
    I like the organization discussion and hope to hear more on the topic. I tend to bring a lot of stuff to crops but am getting much better at organizing what I need to pack. Like Molly says, Basic Grey (and may I add Carol Wingert) kits are so easy to take to crops. It’s fun to get a lot done.
    Having stuff pre-packed in scrapbook totes has been helpful for me but not everyone can make this work. I’ve found this helpful since I do not scrap in my “scrap room” because room is a misnomer There’s no “room” in there!. Having some mobile scrap supplies makes me more efficient and less messy at home, too. Though mess is relative. When I really get into projects no horizontal surface in my home is safe!
    Kits are a challenge. I just love getting new updated stuff – but this does create STASH! It’s an addiction!
    The comments have been very interesting this week. I’m not sure why there is so much passion about styles of scrapbooking. My style is heavily influence by the May Flaum philosophy “Have fun doing your scrapbooking”! Indeed, May is even tolerant of folk who see their scrapbooking as work! Those folk drive me crazy and are usually who I used to get seated beside at crops. I am much more fortunate to have scrapbook friends to crop with these days who like having fun! I tend to doze off when folk get too heavily into deep philosophical discussions about the meaning of their approach to the hobby. Not that I do not appreciate insights into journaling, art, variety of styles, approaches, etc. I just do not like it when I think they are preaching that their way is the only right way. Of course, I’m guilty of thinking that every way is OK, AS LONG AS you have fun; while my friend, May, thinks any way you choose to scrap is fine; though, she ENCOURAGES fun. I wish I could be that tolerant.
    You know I’m a big fan of your products. Paperclipping has given me so many useful ideas for this hobby from lessons, challenges, camaraderie and great hints on cool new “stuff” and how to organize it. Keep up the good work. I’ll keep listening.
    BTW, a lot of folk do make work scrapbooks though they tend to be retirement scrapbooks. My first really big jump into the hobby was doing one of those for a friend years ago. I think scrapbooking is an escape from work for many of us. I felt so clever doing the book design in sections like a medical history. Chief Complaint: Retirement. I then used past medical history, family history, social history, and review of “systems” was review of current job situation then a conclusion and plans. I collaborated with his wife and folks at work to get pictures and stories of his life. Lots of work; but, great fun! I even design some scrapbook paper using the image from a pathologist photo of a pap smear as the design. After all, there are pretty pinks and blues in those stained slides.

  • Sherrie I live outside of Boston and feel the same way as you – I’m a “closet” scrapper and most of my friends are online – I so wish I had friends to scrap with in person! I do work full time, have two kids and people give me strange looks when I tell them about my hobby.
    I actually have been creating more a of a “me” album in addition to my kids’ albums, and recently created a mini-book about some of the cool work-related travel I’ve been doing. I’ve even been going to conferences about clean energy lately, and have included some of the agendas – it will be so cool in 5 or 10 years to look back and think about how we were trying to solve our energy issues…

  • Peggy

    For the most part, it does work, BUT I often am just jumbling thru the brads, then the buttons, then the flowers… all while trying to figure out exactly what embellishment is the one that the layout is in need of. I think with Molly’s color method, having all the embellishments regardless of what kind they are together in one spot, can help to narrow down the “what” you need more quickly.

    However, I’m also not sure I want to invest the time in rearranging all my embellishments either. I do like the methods I am using to store them. Changing would actually require some investment in another storage method. Then I need to consider how much more additional space it would take or how portable will it be for crops, even if I do “kit” my things together. (I do preplan my pages before a crop to maximize my productivity when going away whether it is a 4 hr or 3 day crop. The worst that can happen is that I’ll have to add something when I get home. More often than not, I have to add journalling now.)

  • Yay!!!

  • Oh, yeah — that’ll be very cool!

  • Mamascrapalota

    Loved your post Karen, just a quick note that any class you take at Jessica Sprague are also “Lifetime”

    Noell and Izzy, what about doing a month long series of podcasts? One series could be on organizing, etc. I’m sure you have many other topics you want to cover, but this seems to be such an overall theme that comes up a lot. (Just to put a bug in your ear (Ha, I just typed rear!! oops!) I know, I’ve already been on here asking for more organizing stuff, but thought I’d say it again. Love you guys!!!!

  • Please don’t put a bug in our rears, Mamscrapalota.


    I promise we will come back to this topic and since it’s so popular, and
    you’re demanding it, we’ll try not to wait too long! I’ve noticed that
    whenever we have one topic, though, and then we respond to email the next
    episode that is regarding the same topic, and then respond to another
    response the third week on that same topic — just in the mail, even — we
    get people who are tired of hearing about the same topic. So I do think we
    might want to space the subject out. ???

  • Good to know, Mamascrapalota. I’m very slowly dipping my toes in. I know those classes are wonderful so I’ll probably take some in the near future.

  • Peggy, I sort by type of item and then by color or theme as that works for me. It is easier to store things that way for me.

  • Thank you for the Paperclipping compliments, Karen!

    Your retirement scrapbook you made for a friend — awesome! I’m a little weirded out by the pap smear part lol, but the creativity of the medical history theme is awesome!!

    It doesn’t matter to me whether a class I buy is lifetime access on the site or one that I download. I enjoy them all. I’m not the techie person here (that would be Izzy) but from what I understand, it’s not about costs to have the info on the website. It’s actually expensive to create something that people download, I think. So I don’t think the websites that require you to download your class content are saving any money by not keeping the class on the site. Even if a business that offers a class is extremely dedicated and there for the long haul, you really never know when your business crashes (we’ve seen a lot of that). I really do believe that it’s a benefit to be able to download all of your class material. That’s why we make ours downloadable, even though you can still return to it on the site as well.

    The other benefit is that you can access your class material any time, even when the internet is out. I had that problem with a class I was taking recently. I couldn’t do my class a couple of times when I wanted to because the internet wasn’t available. (a tragedy, I know!) ;)

  • GELA

    Anyway Molly can take a picture of her scrapbook area? I never heard of Scraponizer.

  • ErinK

    I used to think that this is what sort by color was too. I read Wendy’s book, plus did the organizational challenge on 2ps…and realized by writing down my process as I scrapped that I wasted alot of time and became frustrated by knowing that I wanted a specific color…not sure what type of embellishment I really wanted. I did the fastest reorganization ever. I bought large jars at a thrift store and dumped all like colored embellishments in each jar. I now have a tray (about 6x10inches) and dumb the embellishments in the dish and dig around until I find something I love…it has made my scrapping so much faster for me.

    This wouldn’t work for everyone. My bff about lost it when her type A self saw what I did! lol

    I LOVED the organizational conversation…I LOVED Molly and Wendy…LOVE Paperclipping!!!

  • Mamascrapalota

    You’re right! I just guess I am so excited about this show! Sheesh. I think I listen to probably 2 a day! Ok, leaving you alone now. Seriously, I’m going away now. Right now. Bye….

  • Okay, I have to say something. Your system — store it in a jar + dump into
    a tray when to find something — is awesome! I love that! I’m assuming you
    don’t toss tiny little brads and eyelets in with big stuff? Or delicate
    flowers that could get trashed by the harder pieces?

    Anyway, that’s a cool system. I like.

  • Peggy

    I like this jar idea – but what do you do when you travel to a crop? pre-plan (or kit) the pages you plan on doing? I could totally see this as working – except of course for a type A person!

  • LauraBean

    Just want to say a huge thank you to Nancy for pointing me to Gazelle.com! This is exactly what I needed to get my butt in gear and sell a lens I’ve had sitting unused since June when I got a new lens that pretty much replaced it. I may have been able to sell my lens for a bit more through other outlets (eBay, Amazon, photo forums), but the effort and angst had me paralyzed. Gazelle is easy, and in a few weeks I’ll be $150 richer. (And, happy to realize, if you opt for payment in the form of an Amazon.com gift card, you get a 5% bonus? For a frequent Amazon shopper like me, that was a no-brainer.)

  • Anonymous

    Thought that all the paper scrappers with iPhones might be interested in this app called Scrapbooker. It looks really neat and could help you keep track of your supplies and tools, especially while shopping for more! I do not have this app because I am a digi girl and use ACDSee to keep track of my supplies. You can read about the app here: http://www.freshapps.com/scrapbooker/ and there is a video demonstrating it here: http://www.blueshiftsoftware.net/2010/08/03/scrabooker-walkthrough/

  • Thanks for sharing!

  • The Bibliophiles

    One potential panelist for this subject would be Leah Fung. She’s a chemist by trade, a mom of two, and she does work for ScrapbooksEtc. She has a channel on YouTube called LeahJohanna that she did with two of her friends which is good, although I believe due to personal constraints for all there won’t be any new shows.

  • I’ve fallen a little behind on this podcast, so I just listened to it today. I have to comment before I’m even through with the mail section.

    I love what you’re saying about packing for crops! I think it was Wendy who said, “What’s the worst thing that can happen if you don’t have the polka dot ribbon? You just put it on at home!” (or something like that). SO TRUE! Take along a pad of sticky notes, and leave one hanging off the edge of your page if you have something you need to add when you leave. Usually you can borrow or buy things at a crop if you need to (if you’re with friends and/or at a store or event cropping)…somebody mentioned this, too…maybe Molly?

    For me there are four key elements for a good crop: 1) a bag with pockets and sections that lets me organize and find my stuff; 2) a plan, which includes packing ONLY the stuff I’m really going to use; 3) a good space, preferably with the bigger tools like trimmers and punches available so I don’t have to tote mine in with me–all my favorite cropping spots have tools available; and 4) great people to crop with!

    I like album kits for quick, portable album materials, and that’s what I crop best with if I’m trying to get things done quickly without having to paw through everything I own for every page I make. I love Creative Memories’ “Power Palette” kits because you can get the whole kit with ideas, and then if you use up a few of your favorites (for me, it’s paper flowers…I’m addicted), you can buy the individual elements without rebuying the whole kit. :)

  • I’m going to comment on my own post because I somehow missed the fact that the whole episode was responses to mail…so I guess I was further into the episode than I realized when I comment. Ha ha…NICE.

  • Thank you! I never thought about Leah! We actually have two guests lined up
    for this topic already. I do appreciate the suggestion, though. Thank you!