How Your Grandma Can Help You With Your Old Products

Do you have old products wasting away and burdening you?

Wish you could still love and use them?

Many of us had grandmothers who lived through the Great Depression. Your grammy probably learned how to use her stuff to its fullest potential. You can just think of her to remember four methods of stash-busting whenever you need to find new inspiration in your old products. Here’s an acronym to help you out…



  • Gather
  • Re-purpose
  • Alter
  • Match with something new

Need some examples?


There is power in numbers and that applies to design, too! You can make ho-hum products look stunning by gathering a whole bunch of them together!

Believe me when I say that I absolutely did not like the square and rectangle tags that are now my favorite part of this layout. They had blue velum insides and some of those shapes just seemed odd for a tag. But when I gathered them into a collection and covered them up with papers I liked, I fell in love!

I would buy now more of those tags if I could find them!

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Tags are for sharing information right? Not in the case of this layout. I re-purposed my tags to be holding places for my cute little mushrooms, which I cut from a busy piece of patterned paper.

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The black fence with pumpkins on this mini-book cover are just a small part of an entire 12×12 die cut paper that also featured a haunted house and a large tree. It was too intricate to use as-is. It also had a strange visual texture to it that made it look almost dark grey instead of black. Halloween is supposed to be black, not dark grey!

To make the piece usable, I cut one part away from the rest — the gate with the pumpkins. Separated from the rest of the paper, it forms an L-frame for my mini-book cover. Then I embossed it in true black.

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Match with Something New

Love US Together
Everything on this page is old now, but at the time that I made it, that ribbon that bridges the picture and the patterned paper squares were new. The squares were from my old stash. The word stickers and the transparency were old, too, if I remember right.

All it takes is one new item you’re excited about to refresh something else that’s gone stale. I saw the red and the aqua in the ribbon and then picked out older pieces that had reds and aquas. They don’t have to be exact matches! Then I added some neutrals to the mix and it all fit together!

Decide Now to Refresh and Use Your Older Scrapbook Supplies

When it comes to older items you’re no longer excited about, the first thing you need to do is make a decision that you’re going to use them. Pull some older items out, and then think of GRAM to help you conjure the possibilities. You’ll find that stash-busting with the old can be just as fun as using something brand new!

I have a lot more video tutorials to help you use up your stash, your scraps, and your leftover kit pieces. If you learn the design concepts in these videos you might be able to save more money than what you spent to purchase your membership!

If you’re a member, you can watch these tutorials after you watch the ones above:

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No membership yet for you? It’s so easy to join us! Click here to learn more.

  • vintageplaid

    This information is going right into my Push journal!  Thanks for putting it together with the “coordinating” videos.  It is a good feeling to use things up, especially in a creative way.  It’s the really good sales that are my downfall — I buy because it’s such a great deal, then wonder, what will I do with this??  Now I know!

  • Lzepponi

    Thanks!  I appreciate the specific references to the appropriate video tutorials!  Inspiring blog/email piece.

  • Cool! Love that you’re putting it in your Push! journal!

    These videos should give you lots of help!

  • Gab

    Great ideas, thanks so much Noell! I’ve just started watching the older Paperclipping episodes that I’ve kept and still love them!!

  • KatieK.

    Ditto in agreement to the comments. Now I can just look at this list instead of searching the big list of videos. Thanks for cataloging it for us Noell.