How to Mix Patterned Paper

Do you ever struggle with how to mix patterned paper?

Have you heard a few rules here and there, but still find it a bit confusing?

The fact is, there aren’t any real rules for mixing patterns. There are lots of different methods, and people like to call them rules. Unfortunately, it’s the myth of the “rules” that leave scrapbookers feeling like they can’t do it.

Here’s the good news…

You don’t really need to learn all those “rules.” There’s just one single concept that will help you mix patterns well, and it’s extremely simple.

I’ve pulled a video out of the Paperclipping Library to share with you so you can see for yourself how those “rules” aren’t, in fact, rules. You’ll see how that one single concept leads to every wonderful patterned paper combination that exists.

With this concept you can become an expert, yourself.

Go ahead and watch the video. When you’re done you’ll be able to take all your leftover patterns from older collections — the ones you’re not sure what to do with — and start mixing them with each other.

And after that…?

Well, if you like this video, you might want to see more Paperclipping tutorials. We have well over 200.

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Shine On,

  • Sorry about that! Thanks for letting me know — it should be working now.

  • teddi

    i knew about color, scale, contrast, and density, but i didn’t know about the floral, geometric text “rule.” i like how you created the inserts in the smaller sizes in each layout. the eye swooping and reading them as one idea, fascinates me too.

    now let’s talk about how pretty you look in every video dear noell, with your fantastic accessories, clothes, and make-up. yes. i pay attention to that type of thing. rock on!

  • Ahhh, you’re so sweet! Thank you! :)

  • Briony

    Your pages are really lovely. What kind of album do you put the finished pages into.

  • Thank you! I use the American Crafts albums — corduroy and cloth. I excited to see what the new Project Life album covers are like, though!