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I’m assuming you’re a scrapbooker, since you’re on my blog. Are you also a storyteller?

My favorite kinds scrapbookers are also storytellers, and not just through words but also the design.

It’s amazing how one piece of paper can set the entire mood of your story. I’m getting ready to scrapbook a dance number my daughter and I did — the snow scene in the Nutcracker — and I found a beautiful white glitter paper that would look gorgeous behind my photo.

On the other hand, it also looked very calm, like a sunny morning when you wake up to find that snow had fallen while you were asleep and blanketed the world.

That is not what our dance was about.

Our dance was about that exciting night when the snow is still flying through the sky. So a little lower in my pile of papers I found a white paper with silver glittered flurries and swirls. That paper feels just like our dance to me.

Snow (closeup)

Do you look at your products this way? Look at them in terms of whether they feel like your memory?

Not only will this help you share your story in ways other than words, it can make the process of scrapbooking simpler because it helps you to narrow down your product choices. Many of us need help narrowing down our choices. :)

Give it a try!

Shine On,

P.S. To help you out I made a video where I assembled four different layouts, beginning to end, so you can see the whole process!

You’ll see products that match the photos but not the story. You’ll see what a difference it makes when you choose the products that do tell the story! And you’ll see those products all come together with lots of layering and scrapbooking fun to make complete pages.

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  • When you layer those big pieces of paper, do you cut out some of the covered part of the paper so you don’t “waste” that much “not-to-be-seen” paper layers?

  • For me it depends on the paper. If I love the paper or if it’s more expensive, then yes. I cut out the middles of the glittered papers in the Marzipan page you saw in the video because the peppermint paper is my favorite (and every year for the past few years I find the Christmas papers to be less Christmasy so I didn’t even buy any this year!). And that background glittered paper by My Mind’s Eye is so pretty with a glittered area in the middle, so I cut that out too. Then I backed it with a sheet of card stock I’m not likely to use because it’s an ugly color.
    But I didn’t do that with the Nutcracker Tea party page. The bottom page was just okay to me and not worth the hassle of cutting it apart and layering yet another sheet of card stock behind the page to make the page sturdy.
    Often times I’ll put the paper I’m not so in love with behind other layers – so I benefit from the bit of color, but the pattern I don’t care for isn’t really visible. I don’t worry about wasting that. And when I’m layering 6×6, there are usually enough copies of a paper that I don’t mind “wasting” that either. I’d rather waste the paper than my time in those instances. ;)

  • Jenn V

    I love seeing you make so many fun pages! I noticed that none of your pages have any journaling. On these pages do you intend to maybe add some journaling on a 6×12 sheet? Just curious. They are fine w/o any journaling of course. :) Your ballet album looks like its turning out GORGEOUS! I love that you have many opportunities to use glitter. :)

  • Yes, I love the glitter season (December!). :)

    I added the journaling to the page about our homemade Christmases after the video was over. I did that before I photographed it — you should have received an email from me with a link to photos from this episode. If you don’t get those emails from me when we release a new video, let me know and I’ll make sure you start getting them. Email me at
    As for the other pages — they are all intro pages for sections of an album. One thing I will be sharing more on this year is how I’ve grown into a certain way of creating albums and “album stories” over the years. My Nutcracker album will have many pages that won’t have journaling, or at least not much journaling, because it’s an entire album of one event (along with some sub-events, like rehearsals and the Tea Party).
    I have another album where the page titles in the album tell a lot of the story on their own, so many of the pages don’t have much journaling. It’s my album about the things we love about visiting my parent’s farm home. Rather than do one single page on this with a list of the things we love there, I’m doing an entire album, each page being something we love. So I don’t feel like I have to journal as much, although some pages do warrant their own written stories.

  • Krystal Arnot

    Loved this episode.