How to Balance Color Across the Page – Paperclipping 226

paperclipping 226

There are so many reasons a layout might feel off.

A common one is that the color is not balanced across the page.

Any time you add an item to your page, you need to repeat that color in a couple different ways:

  1. across the page
  2. up-and-down the layers

How do you do that?

Well, let’s say you have aqua on the side of your page. You need to add aqua somewhere across the page at least once, though often twice. And if you add multiple layers of other colors on top of the aqua, then your aqua is in that bottom layer and you’ll need to add more aqua somewhere in a top layer.

If the various colors aren’t spread out in multiple places, then items look random and call way too much attention to themselves. When you find yourself continuously drawn to an item and you feel the slightest hint of discomfort, then you know that the item isn’t fitting in with the rest of the page in a balanced way.

Want to see how it all works in action? Want to see how to tell when it’s all balanced, and when it’s not?

I made a single page layout and a two-page layout step-by-step in a video. You’ll get to see how color can get off-balance and then balanced again with every additional item. You’ll see ways to fix a color balance problem. You’ll see the difference between getting it and not getting it, and you’ll be better able to spot the problems next time.

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  • Carol Eason

    Noell, You never, ever disappoint and once again you’ve hit the nail on the head with using clusters of pastel embellishments and the subtleties of colour harmony with a masterfully designed page ! Plus your daughter Trinity has the cutest smile ever !
    Blessings on your day ! P.S. Loved your guest post on Lain Ehmann’s blog.

  • Thanks for another great video :D

  • Bethany Rielage

    I really, really loved this episode – one of my favorites! What I found the most interesting (and exciting) was that I was trying to think of where you would place things or what you would do before you did it, and I was pretty close most of the time. I guess that means I’m learning! I’ve really learned so much from your videos, and they always make me excited to go scrapbook! Thanks!

  • That’s great!! Thanks so much!

  • Crafty

    Stunning! I enjoyed the post and the video very much. Walking and talking us through the design process a d choices is extremely helpful. Your color sense is right on. Wish mine were. Maybe it just takes time. Again thanks to you Noell, your talented hubby Izzy and all your guests. I am in the early days of my first renewal and just beginning to watch your member videos. Ive watched a couple early videos and a couple more recent ones. All are stellar yet it is clear they just keep getting better and better. You deliver a fantastic package of learning, laughter, insight and inspiration for a price any paper crafter can afford even this of us on retirement incomes. Heartfelt Appreciation, Simona MacAngus. (As in a Big Mac of Angus beef). Whoops!! Just remembered your vegan. ????

  • delightful :)

  • LOL — Thank you so much for your membership and kind words!