Handmade Summer Themes

My favorite detail of this layout is the sun, which is, in part, the result of a happy little accident. I used foam dots to raised my sun off the paper but the beads weighed its edges down so it actually has a rounded puffiness to it that I just adore–perfectly child-like. I wish the photos showed it better.

Take Advantage Of All Angles

Notice the totally different effects between laying beads flat and lying them on their side. You can get two different looks with one product.


Stickles have proven themselves to be 100% versatile, from the glitter of Christmas time to the glistening reflection of the summer sun. I love products like this that provide multiple uses for multiple purposes, making a huge impact from just a small amount.

I bet the designer of greenish-blue paper never thought of water while creating it, but look how wave-like it is?

A Wet Look

Add Glossy Effects or Diamond Glaze to the top of an element on your page for a wet look. It takes a steady hand to do long, thin lines like this, though, so you may want to practice beforehand. I had a little trouble with mine.

The economy is tight right now, at least for Americans. You don’t have to hit the scrapbook store, though, to find just the right summer products for your layouts. Search through your current stash to find items that emulate aspects of summer on this year’s pages.

* * *

115 Degree Summers
8.5×11 Layout

Journaling reads: The benefits of 115 degree summers: 1) amazingly warm pool water…feels good! 2) No need for towels! It’s not cold when we get out and the sun dries us immediately.

Album: This layout could fit into a lot of my albums. I could put it in my Things We Do album for summer swimming, my People We Love album, since we were in my friend’s pool, or a seasons album in a summer section. But for now I’ve chosen to put it in an album about living in Arizona, since the story I chose to tell is about the uniquely hot Arizona summers and what it’s like to live through them. (Thanks to Stacy Julian for this wonderful philosophy!).

Supplies used: Cardstock (Bazzill); Patterned paper (Creative Imaginations); Glitter (Stickles by Ranger); Clear glue (Glossy Accents by Range); Letter stickers (Creative Memories); Beads (from own stash).

  • eightisenough

    My favorite part of the layout is the stickle waves! I love how you used something from your stash and made it fit your theme! The sun is great too. How did you adhere the beads? Did you stitch them on the round part of the sun? Love the layout Noell!

    I had a chance to see/hear Stacy Julian speak in Utah at a scrapbooking retreat last weekend. I have read all her books and totally subscribe to her philosophy of organzation and story telling. After hearing her speak I can't believe anyone would do it any differently! Have you ever had a chance to hear her speak? If you get the chance, do it!! :) Kari

  • I am so glad you posted this. Love seeing the layout up close and your handiwork. Cool stuff… I can't believe it gets to 115 degrees there! Whoa! ;)

  • I adore Stacy Julian. I've had the pleasure of talking with her one-on-one on the phone and almost went to Memory Trends last year to hear her speak but can't remember why I didn't.

    Congrats on your opportunity to meet her. She is a really cool lady.

    Her Library Of Memory system makes the pages and the albums and the entire process so much more meaningful to me. I love reading notes about which album she puts each page in and so, when I think it's relevant, I like to share that info, too.

  • Oh, the beads…

    They came pre-wired so I kept them on the wire and then turned the ends in so they don't fall off. If you look closely you can see the looped ends on the sun. Other times I like to stitch them. It takes longer to stitch beads, but it's fun, too. I just do what I feel like at the moment.

    To adhere the beads, I used Glossy Accents. First, I made a line of glue and then added the beads. With a wire of beads like that, you have to really hold it down for a minute before you let go. Both Glossy Accents and Diamond Glaze are amazing and making those beads stick. They will really stay there.

  • Oh, Terri, 115 is just a normal temp for our summers. It actually gets higher but I wanted to use the common everyday summer temperature to tell the story of what a normal summer is here.

    We've been lucky that this year it has so far stayed closer to 110 degrees for the most part.

  • That is is awesome and of course, the stickles are too….
    You're right the diamond glaze or glossy accents create a “wet look”…

    Love this layout….

  • jeninmontreal

    My favorite part of your layout is the papers that you chose, as well as how you used them to fit in with a water theme. I LOVE the Narratives collection of papers from Creative Imaginations, but never would have thought of using them on such a fun layout. For some odd reason, these papers always seem so formal to me. I really enjoy your sense of style, and admire your layouts very much. I “tune in” everyday so I can improve my own scrapbooking style, with your help!!! Thanks so much, Jen.

  • CindyS

    Wow! I love the sun and the wet look you achieved with the diamond glaze. Did you go over a pattern in the paper with the diamond glaze or is it just a freehand flourish? The look is terrific! I will use it on my next pool/beach page.

  • Thank you, Cindy. That flourish was already there in white on the patterned paper. The paper is made by Creative Imaginations.

  • mariangeles_spain

    Just love Glossy Accents!!!!

    That Lo is awesome! As you wrote, I also like to buy stuff that can be used for any theme.

    Thanks again!

  • mariangeles_spain

    Just love Glossy Accents!!!!

    That Lo is awesome! As you wrote, I also like to buy stuff that can be used for any theme.

    Thanks again!