• Allie.DuckieNZ

    I didn’t realise how superstitious I was until i saw this vid. I can’t believe she is wearing a hat inside! It is such bad manners. Gosh I feel about 80 right now…

  • I’ve never heard of it being bad manners for ladies to wear decorative hats indoors. In the south (U.S.) I think women wear their flowered up hats into some churches. And in England women often wear them to traditional weddings, right? Over here in the states I think men and women wear even casual hats indoors all the time, everywhere. Never even think about it. Do people not wear hats indoors in NZ?

  • Helfrost

    As far as I know, it is men who shouldn’t wear hats indoors.  If you watch old movies you will always see men removing their hats as they enter a home.  This has never applied to women.  On the contrary until recently it was considered compulsory for women to wear hats to church.

  • Fact-Checker-historian

     Mr Hellfrost should practice remaining silent and only being thought a fool, than to speak (or write) and remove all doubt. “On the contrary it was considered compulsory for women to wear hats to church.”? Are you serious? Not only is that completely and absolutely incorrect, it’s absurd.  Forgetting religion and reverence to Our Heavenly Father… and HIS House…for just a moment, wearing a hat indoors is inappropriate, ill-mannered, and quite simply put… rude. It has ALWAYS been proper etiquette to remove one’s cover… MAN or WOMAN… when entering any building.  This has not changed. Just because the present generation of parents (mainly children themselves) have woefully dropped the ball on such things as appropriate table manners, how to speak appropriately, and to wear pants properly… and yes, when and where it is and is not proper to wear a hat indoors…. does not intimate that the Rule of Appropriate Dress and Demeanor has changed.  So without involving religion.. it’s simply rude and ill-mannered.  Speaking to the Church… please, for your own spiritual sake… educate yourself before making statements.  The practice of hat wearing has it’s origins in Paganism.  No detail here…but head decorations for the living, for the dead, for “Mother Earth?”, for honoring the spirits of the fun, beauty, sex, fertility, and amazingly as a sacrifice of sorts… A Woman wearing a huge decorative hat in church is causing attention to herself, glory to herself… In the HOUSE of the Living Elohim!  When we go to CHURCH it is to WORSHIP Yahua, give Him glory… not seek attention to ourselves.  I venture a guess that you (and I hope I am incorrect) think or believe that the Decalog (Ten Commandments) did not exist until they were given at Mount Sinai… or that they only apply to the Jews.  I sincerely hope not.  I am one who is silent 99.9999 to the 9th power, percent of the time.  Yet, when I read or see the propagation of lies, misrepresentation of the Father, incorrect statements presented as fact… I cannot be silent.

  • fact-checker-historian

     Ms Allie.DuckieNZ (interesting name.. I like it!)
    Please DO NOT confuse your sense of that which is right and that which is wrong, appropriate or inappropriate… with superstition.  Also… don’t feel 80… just practice the values that you might now only find in an 80 y/o saint.
    You are correct… and you should well be amazed and offended.  Please…if you can even see it…if the powers that be, have not deleted it because it speaks Truth rather than compromise… my reply to Mr HellFrost below.  Poor Mr. Hellfrost actually reveals his knowledge and value system in his name… Hell Frost…  Allie… it IS bad manners, and its actually sinful (with regard to wearing them in church).  Wearing hats is fine and fun and creative in the proper setting and proper places.  In case it may seem so… I’ll just say it here… I was tough on Hellfrost because he made some very strong affirmations about things he considers or believes correct… which he is sincerely incorrect.  Yet, I do not dislike the individual and he might be a she.  I do not know.  I just want it clear that I am not trying to insult hellfrost, just clear the wheat… from the tares.
    Allie, today is the day of salvation. Now is the hour.  if you do not know Yehushua or the Father and yet you feel a tugging at your heart for something more rich in this life… Seek Him while He may be found.  Don’t listen to those who tell you “God allowed my son do die in that horrible storm” or ” Why does God ‘make’ bad things happen to good people?” and various things like that… because those who teach that… are liars, they work for the father of lies.  Here is a very short but powerful glimpse of the One and Only True and Living Elohim that I serve and Love… “I have come that you might have life and have it more abundantly.”  “In this world you shall have tribulation. But be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.” and when the parable of the Wheat and the tares is told, Yehushua (making the same Truth clear) responds when asked how the Tares got among the wheat… He said.. “an enemy has done this!”  now… Do you see?  So who caused little Tommy or Susy to die in the car wreck or storm, or the lost lives in the Twin Towers or anything like that?
    “The THIEF… comes to STEAL… KILL,… and DESTROY.”  “He is a liar from the beginning and is the father of it.”
    Remember, we live in a fallen world.  Yet our Father has mercy. Read Isaiah 57 Verse 1.