Giveaway – Stacy Julian’s Expert Class: Twelve!

Hey, Paperclipping Roundtable listeners! We’re super lucky!

Because the amazingly awesome Stacy Julian is part of the Roundtable family, she decided to give away an entry into her new expert class at Big Picture Classes, called Twelve!

She’s also giving us 10% off the purchase of this class!

You can purchase this class through our affiliate link to support the show, and if you win the giveaway, BPC will reimburse you the cost of the class!

So don’t wait! Ensure that you get your discount, just in case you don’t win. To get your discount:

  1. Please use this link.
  2. Then click > Online Classes > All Workshops > Twelve.

Promo code: prttwelve
Expires January 5th, 2012 at 10pm PT. Can not be combined with any other offer. Discount only valid for the Twelve workshop. Not valid on previous purchases. One time use per-person.

To Enter the Giveaway:
Since this is a class about being inspired and sharing inspired stories, please leave a short comment that tells us what has inspired your scrapbooking, either lately or in the past.

Note: this is not a random drawing. We’re going to choose a comment that inspires US!

Good luck!

Giveaway closes: Sunday, Nov. 27.

  • Saner4

    Two things are inspiring me to want to scrap lately: One is my son going off to college (with my daughter not far behind him). I want to record more details about him, her, us…from things I want them to remember,  to how I feel about them in their journey in life. I like to send my college boy happy mail – maybe a card or mini bk about how I feel about him, maybe highlight a quality I see in  him, to just some happy time we shared together.
    Two my dh being deployed. Our family moved across the country this summer, so we decided to drive and have the best road trip ever – on last hurrah before dh deploys and our son goes off to college. The trip was amazing and I want each of them to have a mini book with them to look back on, but I also want a 12×12 book of layouts for me. Maybe even focus on what this trip meant to me or even each one of us. I also like to make LO’s about what’s going on in our life and send a pic of it to dh. He likes to see what life back home is like when he’s away from us.

  • Carla Ironside

    My scrapbooking is inspired by my desire to document our family’s stories for my kids and future generations.  My own childhood home was lost in a fire when I was in highschool.  As a result  – we lost all of our photos, memorabilia, and stories.  This included a journal my mom had kept during the 2 years that I was undergoing treatment for cancer as a child.  All these things were lost forever and I still feel a huge hole not having those ‘pieces’ of my own story.   Thus I’m inspired to document as much as I can now so my kids will never feel like any of the pieces of their story are missing!

  • M Urteaga

    My inspiration for scrapbooking comes from looking at the old pictures of my granny and so wishing that I had journaling to go with those pictures to really know about her life.  I just had twin boys that now complete my family of 6 and I want to make sure to document and photograph the life of all of us.  This class would be great to inspire me even in the tiredest, craziest of times with four kids age 5 and under to keep going and document.

  • What inspires me…
    When I am in a total rut and can’t get myself going, I will look at a product in my scraproom and then do a search on youtube for a video using whatever I searched.  for example.  I was looking at my smash book yesterday and decided to see if anyone had made a video about their book.  I found a great video about making your own “stash book” and that was just the mojo I needed to get going again.  I made a book just using paper from my scrap stash and after completing it decided these would be great christmas gifts for my teenage daughter’s friends and I am going to do another with a little girl theme for my 3 year old grand daughter. It took me maybe thirty minutes to completely finish this project.
    I have done these many times…Search for projects made using “xxxx” stamp set, search for projects using “xxx” cricut cartridge, etc…
    this gets me motivated and I can go for another few weeks with great projects coming out of a simple starter idea I saw on a video.

  • Dotter4

    Years ago when I started scrapbooking, little did I know that this hobby which I loved for its creative outlet would also be a therapy for me. Years ago when I started this hobby, little did I realize that raising a teenager could be so challenging but scrapbooking let me remember the good days and good things about this child.  Years ago when I started this hobby, little did I ever imagine I would have to deal with the loss of a loved one, or even consider that that loved one would be a young child but scrapbooking has helped me and continues to help me through this loss.  Years ago when I started this hobby, I would never have thought to list 365 things that make me happy, take pictures of them, scrap them and realize how lucky I am.

  • Jolivieri

    My children always inspire me to scrap but it started with losing my mother at a young age and the rubbermaid bin of photos she left behind.

  • STACY JULIAN inspires me! ROUNDTABLE inspires me. BIG PICTURE inspires me. I am so inspired by all the awesome things in this wonderful world of scrapbooking. Every layout inspires me – from examples for classes or pages in magazines & books! I have way to much inspiration and not enough time to create it all.
    I know that with Stacy’s class Twelve I will be inspired, but I want to take the class to be motivated to make scrapbooking the priority that it should be.

    This class is on my Christmas list, but I might end up getting a present for myself! Why not, I deserve it :)

  • PattiP

    Even though I’ve already enrolled for the class, I’m going for the give away! With gusto!

    My scraping is currently mostly inspired by my four grandchildren. They are amazing.

    I’m also constantly inspired by online classes. I think I’m a bit addicted, to tell you the truth. :) in a happy way.

  • Gina Torres

    Preserving my family memories is my biggest inspiration! I’m the family photographer, record-keeper, scrapbooker and just all around memory-keeper! My family is rich in history and stories, so it’s important that I capture them all before we lose those who have those stories to tell! Thank you so much for the chance to win a seat in Stacy’s class! She is truly an inspiration to us all! 

  • Heather Beasley

    What inspires me in my scrapbooking is… Paperclipping, Big Picture Classes AND crafty blogs. Also, just looking at graphics, the world around me and even art can inspire me. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Melissa

    I am inspired when I can get out and craft with my friends. In the past I have had monthly appointments to meet with friends monthly. For me this works out perfect. I put it on the calendar and then plan accordingly.
    I would love to win a spot in this class. I love SJ and am always inspired by her no nonsense approach to scrapbooking meaningful books and layouts for my family.

  • Tammy B

    Not trying to be a brown-noser or anything, but Stacy Julian has really inspired me to change the way I think about scrapbooking. I have never thought any other way than chronologically when scrapbooking but after reading Stacy’s books, blog and watching her videos, I come up with ideas to scrap outside the box, if you will. Her ideas and passion for scrapbooking have made me think differently and see my pictures in a whole other light. I truly appreciate Stacy and her colourful outlook on life!

  • JessicaM

    I feel most inspired in scrapbooking by my friends!  I love to get together with friends for a few hours of scrapbooking and chatting.  It’s nice to have someone there to tell you if it looks “right” and toss out some suggestions.  We have recently moved to a new state and I miss getting together with my friends to scrapbook… I can’t wait to meet some new friends and new inspiration!

  • I recently made the decision to leave my job for the moment, scary in this economy but as a family having mom stressed out, tired and crabby was not helping any of us.  My MIL has health issues and a lot of doctor appointments and doesn’t drive, so I stepped up to help in that regard.  We have never been super close but all this time together has really increased our bond.  She has told me stories about her parents, her childhood, my husband as a child, many many things that I never knew before and probably would not have known otherwise.  I’m really inspired to scrap some of these stories for her and for the rest of my family.

  • Candy Clay

    I am inspired by life–if you keep your eyes and heart open you can see it everywhere—children’s smiles at Christmas, the laughter of a little baby, the twinkling lights of the holidays, the smell of Thanksgiving dinner and sharing time with family. Too often we get wrapped up in the day to day and lose sight of the beauty around us. Even when times are tough the inspiration is there just waiting for you to see it. Would love to win this class and learn more about what inspires others.

  • Adrienne in Hong Kong

    I am an American who has lived in Hong Kong for the past 11 years. Like many people, I started to scrapbook when my son (now 12 year old) was born. When I arrived in Hong Kong, I was the only person I knew that scrapbooked and there were no supplies available. One of the highlights of our summer holidays in the USA is to buy some supplies – at the moment I am seriously low blue card stock so the summer can’t come soon enough!

    Technology has really changed during the last 11 years and it is amazing what scrapbooking resources are now available on the Internet. So what really inspires me is your podcast (and the Paperclipping membership of course). The podcast downloads in Hong Kong on Friday morning and I listen to it by the end of the weekend. Your guests are brilliant and I get tons of new ideas. I love learning about on-line resources and I am now an on-line class junkie. I have taken several classes with  Big Picture Classes and signed up for Shimelle Laine’s December journaling class. And I can’t thank Nancy enough for her Fisker’s paper trimmer “pick of the week”.

    I am sure there are many international scrappers like me who are isolated. Paperclipping helps me feel connected with other like minded peopleand inspires me to continue the hobby.

    Kindest regards,


    PS – I didn’t mention that Hong Kong is the “sewing notions” capital of the world. Whilst I can’t get traditional scrapbooking supplies…ribbon, buttons, patches, metal embellishments, and flowers are available in the markets of Sham Shui Po. Little wholesale shops dot a 4 block area and It’s an incredible shopping experience!

  • Beth R = jbuffan

    My inspiration changes as my mood changes…..which seems to be happening more these days ? hmmm
    Anyway, lately I am inspired by color combinations that are unsual for me. Color and layering simple elements seem to be my thing right now.
    But who knows what next week will bring !

  • Beth R = Jbuffan

    On a more serious note, I recently started working at an assisted living center. Ever since then I have been much more reflective in my thinking.I’m not sure if it has to do with getting older (51) and this is simply a natural progression, as I have never been a “deep thinker” or working with the seniors has prompted this change. Many of our residents have dementia /alzheimers and no longer have the words to communicate their wants-needs or feelings. With that being said, I am much more aware of time passing and what I want the people in my life to know about me, or how I felt about them. I recently felt compelled to start writing in a journal (never managed to do this for more than a couple days ) I simply wrote this from my viewpoint of today. I write to my future caregivers. I make sure to include things I like & dislike that would make it easier to care for me if my words are no longer there. Dementia runs rampant on my fathers side, so this seems to be a very ugly possibility for me.  Simple things that no one will remember unless I can tell them. I have watched how the most simple thing can calm or aggitate a senior. To have no way to communicate that need seems the cruelest insult.
    So I am trying to write it now, while I still have words , lots of them if you haven’t noticed :)
    P.S.  With the help of another staff member I am also making shadow boxes for all of the residents in the memory care unit, using photos of the family provides. We are hanging them outside their door. It is amazing to watch a man who doesn’t speak, smile, say thank you and tell me his dogs name was Sandy. It was the first time, in 8 months, that I have heard his voice.
    I left the hall and cried.

  • kimberly ann

    I am inspired this holiday weekend. We spend a lot of time in the car traveling, and that isn’t in our scrapbooks yet. I need to make this layout!

  • Vicki in Toronto

    Lately, I’ve been very inspired to scrapbook and I have to thank PRT for this inspiration. After your show discussing genealogy I began researching my family tree. In the hour and fifteen minutes I spend waiting at my daughter’s ballet class last week I was able to trace one branch back to the early 1700s and another to the 1600s. It’s been amazing. Since that day I’ve been quizzing my Mom and Dad endlessly about their relatives and even a found a long lost birth certificate of my grandmother’s online (from Ana Cabrera’s recommended genealogy site). I’ve now been inspired to scrap the detail of my family tree that I know so it may be preserved for generations to com. Also, I find myself wanting to know about these people, many who have the same names as myself and family members, so I’m now going to take the time to write about our stories so maybe someone in the future can get to know us.
    Thank you.

  • Shauna

    Lately I’ve been recording the pictures and stories from the past. I have a couple of pre-adult sons who are going through a confusing time in their lives and I want them to REMEMBER who they are and what they’ve been taught. I want them to REMEMBER how good their lives are and have been. I want them to REMEMBER how great our family is and how much fun we’ve had through the years. I want them to REMEMBER that friends will come and go, but our family is forever. And so I’m inspired to tell more of the stories of the past so that the present will feel more stable. I have a wall in our kitchen and I hang all my scrapbook pages on that wall after I finish them. It will hold about 8 pages. I put the pages on the wall so that my family can see what I’ve been working on. When I finish a new page I take down the oldest page and put it into an album, so the pages are always rotating. Depending on how busy I am, a page can be on the wall for a week or two months! I love to see my family stop and intently look at the pictures and read what I’ve written. My hope is that invisible bonds are reaching into the hearts of my children and helping them REMEMBER the goodness of life and it will give them more peace so that they can figure out their own life a little better.

  • KiMD

    Lately I’ve been ispired by older photos. I don’t know why, I just have. Maybe it’s because there were stories left untold and the photos were prompting me to get them told.

  • Norma

    I’m inspired by so many things…especially by listening to the paperclipping roundtable!  Another big source of inspiration came from going through a huge box of pictures we found after my mother passed away, many of which were more than 50 years old, that were not labelled in any way and now there is noone left who can identify these photos.  I desperately want to get my stories down before they are forgotten and lost, but life is so terribly busy, and when I actually manage to find a few minutes that I could scrap, I realize that it would take many, many hours to sort thru my digital photo files to find the photos I want and I give up.  I even signed up for Stacy’s library of memories class, but haven’t yet managed to complete the first couple of lessons!  Twelve sounds like it could help me (I hope?!)  Thanks for all the inspiration and great ideas you and all the roundtable guests provide!

  • LauraM

    Deep down I have always had a love of paper and a creative desire, but I have gotten lost. I started creating chronological memory albums about 10 years ago but quickly fell behind with the birth of my first son, 5 1/2 years ago, and my second son a couple of years later. Over the summer, I started to get back into scrapbooking and have three sources of inspiration right now.

    First, my son has recently been diagnosed on the autism spectrum. I’ve know for a while that something wasn’t “typically” developing. Through the years, though, I have struggled to try to capture that perfect “typical” shot of him looking at the camera and smiling, instead of just getting the essence of him. I have come to realize I want to  tell the story of his life and triumphs rather than trying to create albums of a perfect looking child. He is an amazing kid and I have only recently realized what a rich source of inspiration he could be. Instead of trying to duplicate all of the many boy pages that are out there, I am focusing on him and his unique qualities (funny, insightful, routined, loving).

    Another source of inspirtation is coming from a technique we use with him called social stories and story boarding, which he loves. We use a series of “scences” to help him learn appropriate behaviors and habits. So I had a lightbulb moment about using this as a starting point for my scrapbooking. I am now thinking ahead about the stories I want to tell about and to him in the past and in the future. I am actually starting pages where my journaling, the story, is what is inspiring my layout. (For example, me describing what I loved to do as a child and why, such as things he loves to do too — play games and be outside — and then also capture his comments about why he loves it.) I can’t believe I am attempting pages where I have journaled first and am looking for pictures or graphics to support my story instead of the more typical struggle to think of a title and some “required” notes/journaling about the scrapbooked photos.

    A third source of inspiration is Stacy Julian. Over the summer I borrowed from the local library her book, “Photo Freedom” and felt transformed. It started this whole process to help me realize I needed to focus on the stories about life and relationships!! Her class Library of Memories was already underway so I was sad to have missed that opportuntiy. I want to learn about color and how to use it as a source of inspiration in my albums — how can it support my stories? My son has strong connections to colors, and numbers!, so I think it would be incredibly inspiring for me to learn more about how to use the color wheel to my advantage through the Twelve class.

  • Amy Ulen

    The act of living…truly living and being present in the moment…is what inspires me to scrapbook.  I want to capture the moments that mean the most to me through photos and words.  I love that I get to relive those memories as I scrapbook and then am able to celebrate my blessings as I share my scrapbooks with others.  Thank you for the chance at winning a spot in Stacy’s class!  I’m a long time member of BPC and am thankful for all the inspiration Stacy and her teachers have provided over the years.

  • Schatz

    One of the things that made me really sad was when my siblings and I went through my mom’s many pictures we found in the basement.  Mom and dad travelled quite a bit for the farming folks they were.  We had envelopes of exotic looking places that usually featured one or the other  but we did have tons that were just scenery.  Beautiful, interesting scenery but we didn’t have a clue where most of the images were from. This moment we had motivated me to take that leap, take Stacy Julian’s class on Photo Freedom and start telling my families stories.  I so wish mom or dad had taken the time to jot some of their thought and stories from these places… why did they choose to go there.  What influenced them once they came home fromt that location. I can’t go back and I don’t have those stories. But I will make sure my family has mine!  I know I need to keep pushing on and so I would love to take the workshop entitled twelve.  Love everything Stacey and the really cool thing is the end celebration concludes on my birthday 12/12/12!! Thanks Mary

  • Pat Lyn

    I took a little class called Write Now! and I realized how much I love to write.  When I was in high school, my 11th grade English teacher pretty much squelched my inspiration for writing with all the red ink corrections and negative comments she always put on my papers.  I thought for a long time I was a horrid writer so I didn’t write.  As the years passed, I slowly began to write a little here and there and became more confident in my writing.  But, when I took the class Write Now! I truly enjoyed the writing experience.  I think of the material from that class often to help inspire me to write the stories of my youth, of my grandchildren, as well as my everyday life.  I loved the journaling prompts we received each day and I now have several stories from these prompts that I can add to my scrapbook pages.  These prompts helped me bring out stories I had forgotten about or didn’t know how to express the true essence of the story.  I now feel more confident in my writing and I truly enjoy the process of telling my stories when I sit down to write.

  • Leslie G.

    My biggest inspiration has always been limiting my materials. I know that might sound strange, but I get overwhelmed by choice, and the fewer things that I have to work with, the more my creative side has to take over and figure out how I want to make my small stash work for me. In fact, whenever I hit a lull in inspiration, the first thing I do is purge my craft room and narrow down my choices.


  • Kim

    A fresh new batch of photos, beautiful new papers, or a fun new technique always jump-start my creative juices. I also love just thinking about my favorite hobby, and learning about the way others do it often inspires me to go create. When I first started scrapbooking, I was greatly inspired by magazines – especially Simple Scrapbooks and BHG Scrapbooks, etc. Now I’m inspired by online content, and in particular the PRT! I love listening to you guys… you make me want to scrapbook, no matter what I was doing while listening! Thanks for doing what you do!

  • Melinda Wilson

    The day before Thanksgiving last year, my family was with my dad at the doctor’s office to hear some options about surgery for a growth in his bile duct that was making his liver not function. We were totally caught off guard when we were told that my dad only had about nine months to live from the onset of his diagnoses and he was now in his fifth month. After many tears and prayers, my dad felt God leading him to a prayer service that was held in his honor. . . and a year later my father is healed and the growth can not be found!
    So what is inspires me is the thankfulness and ability to share the history and stories of my family.

  • Lzepponi

    I have been inspired by all the incredible scrapbooking instruction on the Internet!! This summer and fall, I have had the opportunity to be inspired by new techniques, ideas and creativity from so many instructors and on line classes: Ella Publishing ebooks and Boot camp, Jennifer McGuire’s Inspiration cards and Christmas Card class, May Flaum and Nic Howard, Big Picture, Shimelle, Paperclipping, Lain Ehman’s MotherLOAD and so many scrapbooking Blog posts! Thank you!! to all the on line instructors for their classes, videos and free blog tips!!
    P.s. thanks for the discount and chance to win!

  • TWynard

    Without a doubt my college students are inspiring to be more open in my scrapbook journaling. I have taught in Higher Ed for 7 years but this year I moved to a new college and I am back teaching a basic wellness course. The assignments are intended to bring students out of their comfort zone as to what wellness really means.  I have been brought to tears, shivers and general awe with some of their reflection papers. I figure if they can be this open and honest with knowing me as their instructor for only a few weeks or months then I can definitely be more open and honest in my scrapbook journaling, since it is my story just as their reflection papers are parts of their stories.

  • I work at my LSS and get so inspired by helping my customers. Unfortunatly I´m so exhausted when I come home that I have little energy to scrap. Lately I´ve been doing more altered art and shadow boxes, but I want to do more LOs! In 2010 I made albums to my sister and my two brothers for Christmas, and having such a project made me focused. I´ve been less focused in 2011, but I hope I´ll get it back in 2012, and Stacy always inspire me!

  • Keitha

    Thanks to a class long ago titled ‘U R2 Cre8ive!’  at a fledgling site called Big Picture Scrapbooking by
    someone I was vaguely familiar with named Stacy Julian, I learned not only that
    I really

    am creative, but that inspiration can be found everywhere. Just
    this week I was inspired by a book jacket at the library (font/title
    inspiration), reminiscing with a colleague (scrapbook page topic), and the song
    title from a choral workshop for an art journal page (What Hath Night To Do
    With Sleep?)

    My newest source of inspiration is Pinterest, and for
    someone who is most inspired visually it is a virtual treasure trove of more
    ideas than I could possibly explore in this lifetime. Not to mention a
    wonderfully simple way to organize it all.

    It would make me twelve kinds of happy to win a seat in Stacy’s
    class; thanks for offering such a great giveaway on  the Roundtable!

  • Allie Duckienz

    What inspires me to scrapbook?
    Telling MY story. growing up in households where my story was not important  led me to believe that I wasn’t important. I have been through the wringer.I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, an illness where you’re basically a chameleon, fitting in with whatever situation you need to, to survivie. After a suicide attempt I realised that I needed to get my life on track, to GET a life. I was introduced to scrapbooking not long after. I have always used scrapbooking as a way to process my feelings, to go deeper, to find out what makes me tick. It has enabled me to find a personality. Something which most people take for granted. That their young children even have! Being allowed to do what makes me happy is amazing. At 30 I am still blown away by that freedom! I love that scrapbooking has allowed me to realise my potential, to realise that I LOVE colour and design. That I need photos in my life. But most of all that I have a story to tell and that that story is a worthy one. Thank you for the opportunity to win Twelve, I really appreciate the chance!

  • Allie Duckienz

    My gran-in love passed away last week aged 92. It really does have an impact! Sending you love in this difficult time. After getting through a really difficult car accident myself where a woman was paralysed I understand that it can be traumatic. Just wanted to send you hugs and let you know that there really are people who understand x

  • Karen Bierdeman

    Tapping into my inner happiness/joy. Being in that state of “flow” that Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (yikes–spelling?) talks about where you lose all sense of time and are at that threshold where what you are doing is challenging enough to be interesting yet not so difficult that you can’t lose yourself in it.

    As someone who can easily flirt with anxiety and depression, I know that it is vital to my well-being to create, to play, to write, to scrapbook. In the midst of anxiety and worrying about the future, there is something powerful (maybe spiritual?) that gently, slowly, sweeps me up into a current of creating. It is in the midst of scrapbooking that I feel myself energized just by being around certain colors and textures. The process, itself, is key for me. That said, inspiration strikes when I think about the stories of our lives, and my how scrapbooking and art journaling can do that. Instead of thinking about all the things that are going wrong in our lives, how I wish things were turning out differently, how this person wronged me, I find my focus on the good, what IS working. For some reason, scrapbooking allows me to be in that place. I think it’s the slowing down, focusing, playing with color, texture and design, and realizing that the scrapbook page is another way to find my voice and to share it.

    I am a more centered, patient mother, wife and friend when I am focusing on the good and have made time for myself to play. I love modeling that for my two girls.

  • Sometimes I feel I can be inspired by just about anything and everything. Since I started scrapping in 2006, I felt I suddenly started noticing everything differently. I moved quickly through various phases of scrap-growth (chronological, event-based, product-obsessed and driven, style surfing, etc) until I found my own style and way of scrapping, and now rarely a day goes by when I don’t think, at least a handful of times, “I want to scrap that!” or “ooh, that’s a scrappable moment” or “I need to make a mini about…” and on and on. 

    Many times I have these fits of inspiration in entirely “inappropriate” moments. I can’t just drop everything and scrap. How do I keep the inspiration alive until the time comes when I can scrap?Thanks to the LOM system, which I’ve had up and running for a few years now, I can (usually) find what I am looking for in the photo department when I feel a burst of inspiration that makes me want to scrap a certain photo or a certain type of photo. Thanks to the fact that we move every few years, I am forced to cull through my stash and constantly reevaluate how I store and display it (it gets more functional and fabulous with every move). But…But what do I do with all the ideas? How do I rein in all of the overflowing inspiration? I am assuming that Twelve will provide a ton of inspiration, but I am also hoping Twelve will help me learn how to turn at least some of this marvelous stuff into productive scrapping.

  • Sometimes I feel I can be inspired by just about anything and everything. Since I started scrapping in 2006, I felt I suddenly started noticing everything differently. I moved quickly through various phases of scrap-growth (chronological, event-based, product-obsessed and driven, style surfing, etc) until I found my own style and way of scrapping, and now rarely a day goes by when I don’t think, at least a handful of times, “I want to scrap that!” or “ooh, that’s a scrappable moment” or “I need to make a mini about…” and on and on. 

    Many times I have these fits of inspiration in entirely “inappropriate” moments. I can’t just drop everything and scrap. How do I keep the inspiration alive until the time comes when I can scrap?Thanks to the LOM system, which I’ve had up and running for a few years now, I can (usually) find what I am looking for in the photo department when I feel a burst of inspiration that makes me want to scrap a certain photo or a certain type of photo. Thanks to the fact that we move every few years, I am forced to cull through my stash and constantly reevaluate how I store and display it (it gets more functional and fabulous with every move). But…But what do I do with all the ideas? How do I rein in all of the overflowing inspiration? I am assuming that Twelve will provide a ton of inspiration, but I am also hoping Twelve will help me learn how to turn at least some of this marvelous stuff into productive scrapping.

  • Laurie K.

    I have been newly inspired to create, through scrapbooking, my life – in short, to make it BETTER – because of some recent, life-saving treatment that I received last month at the UCSD Medical Center in San Diego over a 3 week period.  I am grateful to have my life back, and determined now, more than ever before, that I will create and record my life stories, and those of my family and close friends, because I am grateful to be alive and I want to share my stories and the journeys I have been through these last 50 years.  I am worth it.
    Thank you, BPC, for helping to inspire me to create joy for myself and others.  

  • Yikes — just a couple of hours left before this giveaway closes!! I would LOVE to take this, having listened to Stacy describe it in the roundtable. Stories are what most often inspire my scrapbook pages — well, the story and an angle that amuses/intrigues me, like my daughter discovering chocolate bunnies on her 2nd Easter and then meeting a real bunny later that day and trying to bite down on its head (the spread is called “I’m Gonna Bite Your Head Off” and has a sticker of a scared looking chocolate bunny that I put onto a stamped target). I think that’s the journalist coming out in me — I need an angle for my story, or I have a hard time getting really engaged in documenting it. But I also get inspired by challenges, like “scrapbook your favorite nursery rhyme” (I used Mary Had a Little Lamb as the jumping off point for a layout about my daughter and her toy lamb), or “use the word ‘believe’ in your title and use a photo that you normally wouldn’t scrapbook” (my layout had a poor-quality photo of me looking at a ‘Get Smart’ poster — I titled it ‘Would You Believe…” and made a shoe phone for the background, and I journaled about odd things that someone likely wouldn’t know about me), or “use this jacket as your inspiration for a Christmas card”. I enjoy taking a “spark” like that and seeing how I can interpret it in a way that is meaningful for me.

  • Andrea Jones

    *Ok, so I tried to post this last night, but for some reason it wouldn’t let me so I am trying again now – I’m sorry this is late, I really didn’t mean to post this past the deadline!*

    In the last couple of months I have realized that along the way I have allowed myself to be defined by negative situations and hurtful words that I have encountered over my life time. These situations and conversations so often were so nuanced that I never picked up on the fact that they were shaping my paradigm of myself.

    These last months have been really hard as one by one I’ve been pulling out these false personal beliefs and examining them with a microscope. It has been a very exhausting process, but as I have started to heal these old wounds I am finding peace.

    Scrapbooking has been integral to this process because it is allowing me to redefine my personal history – and that is HUGE. I am able to edit out the parts that have torn me down all my life and shine the spotlight on the areas of my history that build me up. My scrapbooks are becoming a place of solace that I can go to physically show my self-worth.

    It is also affording me the opportunity to give my children a lasting chronicle of their story, so they know with out a doubt how incredible they are. Wanting to get those stories written has been so incredibly inspiring, and it is an inspiration that feels completely different from anything else that I’ve encountered.

  • Snapsandsnippets

    I am inspired to scrap when I hear my kids talk about a memory they have.  There is nothing that sends me to find old pictures quicker than that.

  • Hey, Karen — I’ve been thinking about you, hoping you’re okay. Glad to see your comment here — it means you’re doing alright! :)

  • Karen

    Hey, thanks Noell! I’m doing great! It’s kinda interesting but one of the reasons for that is that I downsized into a home 1/2 the size of my previous one (moving to CA can do that!) and have either sold or given away about 60% of my stuff–scrapbooking items included. I feel so free and unencumbered—this from a hardcore, sentimental pack rat! Anyway, it’s been a very positive change that has affected every area of my life.

    Hope you’re well!

  • That’s awesome! I’ve been feeling the urge to do some major off-loading!! Hearing you talk about how free and unencumbered you feel (which has always been the #1 need of my life in all aspects, both conscious and sub-conscious!) makes me even more motivated.

    Glad you’re doing well!!

  • Arimacias

    wow! what a loaded question.
    my biggest inspiration to scrapbook had most definitely been my grandmother (mami). i was raised my grandmother and she lovingly kept a BIG chest of pictures of my extended family that traveled with us through many, many moves and travels. when i met my husband one of the things we had in common was that he was also raised by his grandmother. unfortunately, our families are both severely dysfunctional, so we are basically our own little island family unit separate from the rest of our kin. my grandmother passed away about 7 years ago, but i was lucky in that my children were all able to have time with her. they may not remember her, but the pictures and stories are a constant reminder of the strong, independent woman that i want them to be like. right now i am using a combination of BH’s project life, CZ’s designyourlife and SJ’s library of memories to record all the little tidbits that make up our lives. it is AWESOME and so very much worth it.

  • Well, I’d be tickled pink and a million other colors to win this!  ;)  I’m completely inspired by my beautiful little boys, by nature and lately by sketches!  Thanks for the chance to win.  ?

  • Stacey D

    By the time I was 30, both of my parents and all but 1 of my grandparents had passed away, but my desire to create inspired scrapbooks started before this. My mother died when I was eleven years old and as I have gotten older, my memories of her have faded over time. Several years before my father died, he gave me his entire photo collection — I was thrilled, but there was a catch. Because of his ongoing health issues, he was legally blind. So in spite of the fact that I had inherited a wonderful collection of stories, with my mother gone and my dad unable to see, many stories were simply lost forever. This is what inspired me to scrapbook. Scrapbooking allows me to save and share stories with my children and their children. Scrapbooking provides a creative outlet for me and some “mommy time.” Scrapbooking allows me to embrace my memories and accept the losses I’ve dealt with during my lifetime. Scrapbooking assures me that someday when I am long gone my family will have a piece of me to cherish and a venue through which they can discover my values, quirks, likes, and dislikes.