Get Organized Before the Holiday Chaos


Things will get crazy real soon, now that the holidays are approaching. Before your routines change and your obligations increase, you might want to get things clean and organized. Here are some craft/scrapbook related tasks you can take care of before all the craziness starts…

  • Declutter.
  • Instead of shopping to replace items, use your technique-oriented supplies to make your own (ie. use sprays to make backgrounds or heat emboss letter stickers into a color you need).
  • Finish old incomplete pages and projects.
  • Clean up your photo manager – identify the important photos and add your journaling to them via the metadata.
  • Reorganize.

I’ve been doing all of these things. Members saw me make my own background paper recently because I was out of organic papers. I’m so glad I did this, because I could not have found a piece of patterned paper that made me more happy than this one.

I finished an old page that’s been sitting in my scraproom for at least a year.

And now I’m focusing on updating my Project Life album. I don’t complete my pages week to week. Instead, I fill the pockets with ephemera, some journaling, and then photos once they’re printed. Then when I’m feeling inspired I complete the details of the pages, often a few weeks at a time.

The next video tutorial for Paperclipping Members will share that process.

So how much time do you have before life as you know it changes for the rest of the 2012? A few weeks? Just this week?

Nov2010 1529

Take what time you have left to get organized so your mind will be clear and your space will be ready!

As a side note, Paperclipping Members who want a bit of video inspiration on organizing can watch these videos in the archives:

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Not a member? CLICK HERE to learn about a membership!

Shine On,

  • Krystal

    Thanks for this reminder, Noell. I am attending my first scrapbooking inspired retreat at the beggining of November and am using the time leading up to it to get caught up so when I return, it won’t be a chaotic mess. Excited to go back and re-watch some of the videos. Just a thought: some of my favorite videos are the ones where you do a page start to finish…. & Your scraproom tour…and your flexable templates… ahhh…so many! However- I do miss your blogging. You have such beautiful pictures and words to share! Thank you!!

  • Tambur

    I find that when my space is cluttered and chaotic I can not be creative. That’s when I know it is time to put on Netflix and get busy reorging and decluttering. The process is so satisfying. When I walk away I feel I have accomplished so much. And the joy I feel when I reenter my space later really gets my creative juices flowing. Thanks for inspiring us get ahead of the crazies (times that is, not people – ha!)


  • Thanks for the nice email! I am doing 2 pages start to finish for True Scrap this weekend. I’ll share it through photos, not video, though.
    I love getting feedback from the members on what their favorite videos are. I’ll keep yours in mind! Thanks!!

  • hee hee!

  • Julie

    Hey Noell, Thanks for the reminder to get ready for the Holidays. Especially if I’m REALLY going to participate in Ali’s December Daily!

    I enjoy the podcasts and never tire of the questions, guests or suggestions. Makes the drive home much more inspiring.

    Take care

  • Emily_Montreuil

    I love this post!! It motivates me to get organized! It is always needed in my scrap space! I would love to know where the stamp that says “beautiful” is from. LOVE it!!