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Want to get more out of your die cuts?

Whether you use a Cameo, a Cricut, a Sizzix, or any other die cutting tool, you might be able to get more uses from your cuts than you realize.

Every project pictured in this post used something that was leftover from the cuts I made for other projects.

You know that old Great Depression quote?

Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without.

Well, I don’t know if we have to go quite that far, but there just might be a lot more you can do with the pieces you’ve cut than you realize.

The funny thing is, I usually like what I do with my leftovers even more than what I did with the original cuts!

We Are the Tooth Fairy (closeup)

Sweet Idealist (closeup)

So while you’re making your cuts, whether it be from an electronic cutter or a manual die cut machine, think about how you can use your negative “throw-aways,” as well as your positive pieces. Or vice-versa!

BTW, we just released a video tutorial where I share a number of different ways you can get more of your die cuts. You’ll see those favorite pieces of mine that came from my leftover cuts and a step-by-step demo of a super awesome (but easy) technique, pictured below.

You & Me (closeup)

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Why We Don't Pay Our Kids to Do Their Chores (closeup)

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  • Katie K.

    Thanks Noell for adding another tutorial on die-cutting uses and machines. As I posted in January, I got a Sissix for Christmas but haven’t used it too much as I have a craft budget that I try to stick to and I am rather hesitant to let go of my hard-earned $ for dies I may not use a lot. I try to apply my shoe purchasing mentality to craft supplies – shoes I wear almost every day are NOT expensive so I have no problem justifying purchasing well-made sneakers,boots, etc that fit with all my feet issues.
    I am hoping that you and the web audience will share thoughts on which dies they are glad they bought and why and which ones they have only used a few times. Obviously we all scrap differently but insight and ideas from others exposes me to new ideas, techniques, approaches I may have not thought of or understood. How & why do you choose the die shapes you do? Are letter dies a good investment vs stickers? Dies vs punches?
    I always enjoy looking AND reading your scrap pages – your everyday life is filled with fun and a seemingly “this is OUR life so we might as well have fun” approach. I also like to find out how others doing same things I do manage their everyday (things like scrapping, home business, homeschooling, and being a dance parent). Thanks again.