Gathering to Make Lines – Paperclipping 227

paperclipping 227

Want another fresh design idea that you can use in a whole bunch of new ways?

Well, we do embellishment gatherings all the time, where we cluster embellishments into a spot. Let’s take the idea of gathering items together, but instead, we’ll gather with the purpose of forming lines.

Lines are amazing elements of design because you can use them to anchor your photos and embellishments, and prevent them from appearing like they’re floating. You can also use lines to lead the eye to important spots, such as your main photo.

What kinds of things can you gather into lines? Almost anything…

  • scraps
  • embellishments of all kinds
  • border strips
  • tags
  • labels
  • frames
  • ribbons
  • rub-on’s
  • flowers

I think I’ve gathered all of these at one time or another.

Gathering a whole bunch of a single type of item makes a big statement. It has a lot of impact.

So instead of taking that sheet of labels and using them one by one on various pages, try using all of them in a line gathering on one page in a line that intersects with your focal point photo. It can look really cool, while anchoring your photo at the same time.

Need to see it in action?

I just released a video where I made line gatherings out of the first three items in the list above. In this video you get to see me assemble three different scrapbook layouts, each with its own line gathering.

This video is now available in the Member’s Area and on iTunes. You must be a Paperclipping Member to get the video.

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Shine On,

  • Love it! A great way to build gatherings with some bits and pieces I can’t figure out where to put sometimes :) Thanks again!

  • Gina

    Thanks for this video Noell. I love how using this, you can use up bits and pieces. It’s interesting that two of the three layouts are on white background. The look beautiful. Is there a “cheat sheet” on which videos focus more on design principles? I know you talk about them in all your videos.

  • Cheri Stine

    Just loved this video. Since subscribing, I’ve become so much more comfortable adding “bits and pieces” to my layouts which does increase their visual interest. But, what I’m also discovering is that I am quickly depleting my stash of all these “pretties” (still have way too much cardstock and patterned paper!!). Do you subscribe to a monthly kit that contains all those matching pieces, or just purchase randomly from a craft store?

  • I don’t subscribe to a kit club. Some papers I purchase randomly from the store — the ones I just love. I also purchase collections pads from a single manufacturer. Most of the little bits I use are the random little scraps after I’ve cut into paper. If I think they’re really pretty I keep them. If they’re just okay I throw them away.
    The easiest way to gather random scraps is to go monochromatic where you’re using one color. You can mix together a big variety of versions of one color — dark, light, cool, warm, etc. This is what I did for the first page.
    But some of my matching bits and pieces are from a single collection, like most of the long strips you saw on the second and third page I assembled. On the second page I used a banner from a banner package, banners and brads from a brad package, and chipboard from a chipboard package, and a cut out journal box — all from the Teresa Collins He Said/She Said collection that I bought at the same time from an online store.
    Does that help?

  • Cheri Stine

    Yes, it does; thanks!
    I’ve been concentrating too much on “just” buying paper and have avoided even looking at the accessory-type pieces from a collection. I think I’m going to go shopping :)

  • I had a point in my scrapbooking life that was exactly the same! For many years I had an extremely limited scrapbooking budget, but at some point I realized I needed more than just paper to get the look I want. Maybe by using smaller bits of your paper like this, you can devote some of the money you spend on paper to a few accessories.

  • Bethany Rielage

    Thanks so much for another great video! And I really love being able to see the completed pages with the journaling :-) You always manage to pack so many good ideas into a relatively short video, so I never feel like I wasted any time watching. I’m excited to go use up some scraps now! And I may have to branch out and try making a page on a white background – never done that before!