Five Ways to Mix Pocket Pages with Standard Scrapbook Pages

Fairy 1 (1)

Do you lament the day 2-page layouts disappeared from publication?

Not only do I still do 2-pagers, but I do 3-, 4-, and even 5-pagers sometimes. But I do them by mixing pocket pages with standard scrapbook pages.

I absolutely love the way they look, in addition to the ease of them!

Here are five different ways to put together a scrapbook story with a mix of standard and pocket pages.

1. The Basic Standard with Pockets

We’ll start with the most obvious…

Sure, I could have fit three photos on one page, but that can get kind of squishy. Plus, I had lots of micro-stories to go with these photos. When you have small separate, but related stories, pockets are a great way to distinguish between them.

Naglalaba  (closeup)

The pocketed page protector above — Project Life Design G — is one of my favorites to use alongside a 12×12.

2. Sandwich Phone Photos Between Two Standard Pages

My 3rd Birthday

Okay, obviously we didn’t have phone cameras when I turned three in the 70’s. I cropped our standard photos to 3×4 so I could fit seven of them and some cute papers into a baseball card style page.

I love that the pocket page is smaller than the 12×12 so all the pages feel like one single story with a beginning and an end.

My 3rd Birthday

My 3rd Birthday

My 3rd Birthday

Look how I was able to fit a paper crown, two birthday cards, all those photos, some journaling, AND lots of page decorating.

3. Fit 15 Photos Without Cropping a Single One

…and still have plenty of room to write the stories.

Philippines 4

Even I am all over the idea using fewer photos in scrapbooking, certain times require lots of photos. And if you ever have photos of a special place and time you can never get photos of again, you cherish every single detail of every single imperfect picture.

Extra special events deserve a standard page to introduce the story. I used two types of pocket pages to fit all my photos and stories of this amazing adventure at the Underground River in the Philippines.

Philippines 5

Philippines 6

For this page I used both Project Life Design G and Design A for my pocket pages.

4. Use Pockets for Lots of Journaling

Bridge to a Badjao Village

This set of photos had two major stories and lots of smaller separate ones. I made two standard pages as singles that work together. In between them I added a narrow pocket page, each pocket filled with its own story.

Philippines 2

Mga Badgao

The narrow pocket page is Project Life Design H.

5. Open With the Pockets and End With the Standard

Woodland Fairy

Sometimes your main photo is facing left. So if you make your standard page your intro page on the left, your photo will be facing away from the pockets. Not good.

To solve that I decided to make the standard page a finale, instead. And I love it that way!

Woodland Fairy

Again, I used a smaller page protector (10×12) for the first page so you get a glimpse of the second page behind it. This is my number one very favorite pocketed page to use with a standard page. It’s just like the first one, but where the other one had two 3×4 slots at the top, this one is 4×6.

Another great pocket page protector to mix with standard pages is We R Memory Keeper’s with a 6×8 pocket. I like the bigger space for more scrapbooky decorating. I just made a combo page with it in the new video that we’ll release this week to Paperclipping Members, so watch for that in the next day or two!

In the meantime, if you’re a member and would like to watch a bunch of videos on assembling with pocket pages, here are a list of most of the tutorials in the Paperclipping library that deal with pocket pages in some way. You can see many of the layouts above being assembled in the tutorials, along with other Project Life pages and a mini-book I disassembled.

  • Paperclipping 222 – Changing Directions with Failed Mini-books
  • Paperclipping 218 – A Vacation Scrapbook with Project Life
  • Paperclipping 213 – Create an Everyday Life Scrapbook
  • Paperclipping 203 – A Process for Project Life
  • Paperclipping 199 – Composition for Grids and Pocketed Pages
  • Paperclipping 187 – Scrapbooking Outside the Page Protector

What?! Not a member? Well, CLICK HERE for info! ;)

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  • Stephanie K

    Hi Noell and her husband Izzy. I have to say I’ve always been in the camp of Project Life or pocket scrapbooking is killing scrapbooking. It seems as if everyone (but me) has jumped on the PL bandwagon. Until this post, and the recent episode about mixing in pocket scrapbooking with your 12×12 layouts. I have a theme album that I need to complete, but was struggling because I know that I’m not going to scrap the 500 photos that I have. Using pocket pages is PERFECT! I can mix and match. So today, I ordered my first ever non-(company that will not be named)-album, and a PL Blush Kit. I’m so excited to get started. Thanks, I think, for the enabling. ps: love the podcast, keep it up.

  • Welcome to the dark side! Thank you for the kind words! :)

  • julie

    thanks Noell for doing this post to go along with the podcast. I’ve listened to the podcast twice now bc of all the great ideas. But being a visual learner – this post is very helpful. Thanks