Here are Embellishments to Match Any Scrapbook Paper

Sous Chef (closeup)

Ever have a hard time finding the embellishments that match your paper choices AND your story?

These Artisan Hearts by Pink Paislee are a great item to have in your stash for times like that. You can match them to whatever color you need as long as you have some color mediums.

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But what if your color mediums don’t match your papers either? You can make them match by mixing a few colors together.

I first painted one of my hearts with a blue Glimmer Mist that seemed the closest match to my paper (using a paintbrush). Turned out it was way too bright and too blue. I painted over it with a different blue mist that was slightly greener, but it wasn’t enough. So I found an opaque light yellow. Because it contained a lot of white, and because of its opaque quality, the yellow lightened the tone of the blue, made it less vibrant, and gave it just the right amount of warmth to match my paper.

Perfect match.

Tip: I painted instead of sprayed the mist to give it an even coating and to prevent spray unnecessarily going everywhere except onto the embellishment.

Sous Chef

The best thing I ever did for myself to better understand color and all its nuanced differences was to learn to mix my own paint colors from basic primaries. It taught me to see a lot more subtle variations in color than I could ever see before. It also taught me to better see tone, temperature, and vibrancy differences.

I made a video tutorial a long time ago that demonstrates this. If you’re not fully comfortable with your ability to see the nuances of colors and how similar hues are slightly different so you can mix or match them, the video might help you.

It’s part of the Member’s Archives of videos — Paperclipping 106 – Mix Your Own Paint Colors. Click here for information about our videos.

  • Dale Rose Stream

    Noell, so you handpainted each one (the stripes) and then you must have stamped the black type over them??????????

  • Dale Rose Stream

    NOW I see…they are resist items!!!!!

  • Teddi Honeybee

    you guys are super cute and so are your pages! great idea to paint the embellishments with the spray. :)

  • Oh no, no – I guess I should have clarified. They have a resist and black text. You add the color and the stripes are from the resist. If you click on the links you can see how they look pre-colored.

  • sandrabunch

    I reading about your awesome relationship. I’ve never met or heard of any two people who are so in sync with each other.
    Love how you’ve used different ‘boxes’ to fill the page with journaling.
    I took at classes from about 10 to 14, so I guess I learned about colour there without even realising it. I didn’t know people had trouble with mixing them, but now that you mention it, I can see what you mean. The difference between mixing warm versus cool red would certainly give you a very different looking purple!

  • tbartkey

    Love how you used this paper! Great story!

  • Gab

    Great blog post and great LO Noell. I too love hearing about yours and Izzy’s relationship. It gives me faith!