Embellish With Lines – Paperclipping 204

paperclipping 204

What is the most important thing to pay attention to in terms of design?

Well, I won’t say there is one, but I will say that a top one on the list is your lines.

This includes the obvious lines, but also the implied lines, as well as invisible lines.

Yes, there are invisible lines to keep in mind and they’re practically as magical in their power to help us as Wonder Woman’s invisible jet was to her!

And what is one of our favorite parts of scrapbooking?

Embellishments, of course!

If your placement of embellishments isn’t satisfying you 100%, you might need to pay more attention to your lines. The lines on your pages make wonderful homes for embellishments.

What kinds of lines am I talking about?

Edges of photos, edges of papers, and edges of circles, to name just a few.

Chad Was Born (closeup)

It’s all about how your make your items interact with lines.

Give it a try!

Shine On,

P.S.> In the Q&A portion of True Scrap some ladies in the audience asked me to explain the use of lines since they hadn’t heard this discussed in scrapbooking before.

That’s why I decided to make this week’s video a demonstration of lots of ways to use lines to place embellishments, including how to use those awesome invisible lines.

The video is for Paperclipping Members, so if that’s you, you can watch it now!

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  • DeeAnn Cummins

    I love this video -the photo placement, the lines, and that I finally know now how to use that (exact same) paper that I have had Forever!!! Thanks, Noell.