Elements and Shape – Paperclipping 284


After two injuries took me off my feet for a combined total of 12 months, my clothes fit me differently now. A few pieces, thankfully, fit me better and give me a decent shape. Many of my favorite pieces no longer fit so well and make my shape look…bulgy. =)

So I’ve been having a shape-adventure, learning which styles of clothing give me a nice shape now.

Shape works exactly like this in design and scrapbooking.

Yes, we add shapes to our pages in the supplies we use, we sometimes divide our pages into shapes such as rectangles, but do we intentionally think in terms of creating shape on the page, the way our clothing creates and changes the way our shape looks?

Shape seems like a simple subject — rectangles, triangles, circles, etc.

We know that as scrapbookers we use supplies that are in these and other shapes.

But there is an additional way to use shape, and that other way, for me, is the key for getting most of my compositions to work. I’m always thinking in terms of creating shape with the items I’m adding to my pages.

Not adding shapes, but creating shape.

Two separate things.

Creating Shape

There are at least three different times while making layouts that we want to be thinking in terms of creating shape on the page…

  1. When creating the overall, underlying composition — in other words, the design foundation.
  2. When creating layered embellishment gatherings.
  3. When designing our title work.

When I am working on one of the above areas, I usually have a point I’m starting from and I grow or build outward gradually to create the shape I’m going for, or a shape that is pleasing.

Why is this important for good design?

  • It’s what helps the design “make sense” visually for the viewer.
  • It ensures your page has balance, as well as tension.

And perhaps this is best of all…

  • The shape gives you direction so you more easily know what items will be good to use, and where you can place them so they’ll look great.

It makes designing so much easier!
So Izzy and I decided to do something different this past week. Instead of making a video the way we usually do, we decided to go back to some of the layouts I’ve made over the past several months — layouts you’ve seen me assemble on video if you’re a member — and together, Izzy and I discussed how shape comes into play on these layouts.

We also introduced all of the main elements of design and talk about how they are relevant to scrapbookers.

Basically, we recorded a conversation that I hope you’ll find educational, and while you’re listening you’ll also get to see the layouts we’re discussing and what the shapes are that I built into the design of those pages.

This is the second video for February for the Paperclipping Members and it’s ready for you now.

If you’re not a member, please CLICK HERE for information about a membership!

**TIP – Create Your Own Shape Adventure**

After you watch this newest tutorial, Paperclipping 284, I recommend you go back to the episodes in which I put the layouts together so you can see it in action and notice how all those pieces create the shape I show you today.

In-between watching some of those episodes, you should give shape-building a try on your own page or two. Then you can watch more of the tutorials and see even more ways shape-building happens.

And then, of course, practice some more.

This is a great way to learn and improve your design skills.

It’ll be your own Shape Adventure class (without the sudden weight gain)!

To make it easy, here are the names and numbers of the videos so you can see all of the different pages come together…

  • Paperclipping 282 – The Glimpse Concept
  • Paperclipping 264 – Keep Their Eyes on the Page
  • Paperclipping 283 – Simplifying Color
  • Paperclipping 278 – Tie It Together
  • Paperclipping 276 – Scrap the Back
  • Paperclipping 275 – Scrap Yourself Without Photos
  • Paperclipping 274 – Fabric On Your Pages

I hope you enjoy your adventure!

  • Gabrielle McCann

    thanks for referencing those past episodes – looking forward to watching the new one!

  • Janet Johnson

    I enjoyed the new video but still missed seeing live video. Great ideas in all the elements and shapes.

  • Good to know. Thanks for your feedback!

  • Leslie McLaughlin

    I also missed the live video. I would prefer you show me the shapes rather than describe them and I have to hope I see it.

  • I thought this was good because I could show the shapes more easily with the slide show, and I thought that showing it on every other layout would be enough. Was it actually hard for you to make out the shape on the layouts that didn’t get the drawn shape overlay?

  • Leslie McLaughlin

    No because I have practiced this but I think for someone not as experienced it could have. I love Izzy also but came across as very stilted in this episode. So not like him.

  • Leslie McLaughlin

    I liked the show but would still prefer your other method of doing them.

  • Okay, thanks for your feedback!

  • Good content, as always, but I missed the “hands on” aspect ;)

  • Terry

    I enjoyed listening to this episode although I will admit that it seemed odd not to see you Noell introducing the episode and what its about. Having said that, I appreciated the concept and it made sense to me that you would do it that way. One thing that was apparent to me throughout this one was your knowledge of design and now I can see as I watch your other videos what you do so naturally and why I love your layouts so much. That was a definite plus for me because I will now watch your videos with that in mind. Also, it made me want to pick up a book on the elements of design to learn more. Do you recommend anything in particular? Something basic, not too complicated or dry. I wouldnt give up on the concept altogether; I think doing videos and this would be very good. And I think it was smart to have Izzy there as he asked the questions some of us would be thinking. I liked it! Thanks

  • I prefer the other kind of vídeos :)

  • I missed seeing live video too! Seeing you put pages together always makes me want to scrapbook. :)

  • Christine

    I know this was simply trying out a new format as you and Izzy never just phone it in but, if I’m honest in my feedback, that was my first impression/first thought. It just didn’t feel like a Paperclipping video. I certainly gained info from it but i think the flow was off for me. I’m guessing seeing the page come together helps it gel for me.

  • Thank you, Terry! I appreciate it!

  • Thanks, Christine — I appreciate that you gave us the benefit of the doubt. :)
    We’ll be getting right back to our usual format, for sure!

  • Mari

    I am sorry to be so negative, but I felt the grey text with voice over seemed a bit harsh and somehow…unlike paperclipping spirit! Colour, energy and the warmth of both Noell and Izzy’ s personality did not come through in the way I am used to. With voice over there should always be something to look at. This was the first paperclipping video I have fast forwarded and then skipped, even though there is probably good solid information and beautiful layouts. This being said, I think the concept with conversation is not at all bad per se, it’ s just the visual side that did not work for me at all this time. I do appreciate your courage to try out new things.

  • Thanks, Mari. We thought the idea of the conversation was a good one, but I don’t think it translated the way we expected. We’re going back to our usual format, and in fact we’re starting the shoot for March’s first video today! Yay!

  • Mosbaskets

    I loved the info, but it was different and harder to stay focused, I guess I am used to watching you build layouts. I have learned a lot about design and incorporating design into my layouts from you. I even understand now what sometimes everything flows and other times I feel stuck. When I feel stuck I now try to step back and look more at the basics of design and see if I can use that to get things flowing again. Thanks.

  • Marla Gallagher

    I truly loved this one ! I liked seeing the theory of the diamond shape as it played out in various layouts. Putting the shape over the layout helped. Please don’t be discouraged by the negative comments — sometimes people just like and expect what they’ve come to expect. I guess you could have put together a layout as usual using the diamond shape principle (and maybe you will) but I liked hearing the explanation for the various layouts and the variation of how you implemented the shape on the various layouts. I watch your videos to get your creative expression of new ideas and this is my first exposure to diamonds — I like it ever so much more than the simple traditional triangle ! Keep innovating, woman, it helps us all :)

  • Cyndi

    This process of talking and bringing in illustrations worked for me. I enjoyed it. I think I even listened better. I was not distracted by other elements that would show in a live video. I’m a wanderer. I’m also looking forward to going back to watch the episodes you recommended. Thanks!